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Well, you found me.

Welcome to my AFF account. I do hope you enjoy my fics. Comments, subscriptions and upvotes are very much appreciated.

About Me

Name's Bella. Isabella Louise. But in this place, I'm known as flow19

I'm originally from LiveJournal, under the same penname/username, and I've made a second home here. Not going to spill too much details about my personal life but this is what you can know:

I'm an ENFJ 93-liner

I'm an ELF, married to those 15 idiots, but I consider one Park Jungsoo as number one, the love of my life who will always come first to me for as long as I'm in this fandom.

I'm a Cassiopeia, in love with all 5 and keeping the faith, but in this Pepsi-colored heart of mine, HoMin reigns supreme among the 5 gods.

I adore Girls' Generation and EXO but no, I'm not a S<3NE. I'm neither an EXO stan. But I do proclaim Kris as my soulmate.

I love to write. It's the only thing I do best and the only thing I've loved to do most since 3rd grade.

I manage the Sooyoung-HET Harbor, which you will learn more of if you do read onward

And of course, it's nice meeting you :)

This account houses more than 100 works of mine, which you may or may not like depending on your tastes. Even as a writer, I'm not overly proud of all of them. I like some more than others for reasons that vary depending on the work. But if I do have to pick 10 that I would recommend for you to read, it'll be these:

Forty Four Sunsets


Margaret's Hope

Files of The Dead

Sunlight Dancing

Bus Stop



Someone Else's Cinderella


The Sooyoung-HET Harbor is the home of all the SooyoungxMale Idol ships in the fandom. I and a few friends coined the term Harbor because of the many ships and well, many ships make up a Harbor. Residents of the Harbor who ship Sooyoung with more than one person are called Sailors; a term that I and bamthegreat (aka Queen Sage or Queen ChangSoo shipper, which you'd know she is if you were already present in Soshified back in 2009) likewise coined.

Many ships in the Harbor, have their own names so to speak, and these are:

Sooyoung and Changmin shippers are Sages

Sooyoung and Kyuhyun shippers are Knights

Sooyoung and Siwon shippers are called Guardians

Sooyoung and Kris shippers are called Ninjas

Sooyoung and Donghae shippers are called Shadows

Sooyoung and Eunhyuk shippers are called Reflections

Sooyoung and Key shippers are called Sheriffs

There are many more ships in the Harbor, which do not have their own shipper names; the lack of which will be addressed in proper time.

I guess I have the right to claim the distinction of managing the Harbor, spearheading the ship naming efforts and creating Tumblr, Twitter and Blogspot pages for all Sailors out there.

To the new Sailors, welcome aboard!