Moments with Her


A sinrin collection, may contain oneshots to multishots. Updates only when Esra Unnie begs me for it and I feel like doing it. :D


FYI the ratings of these chapters can go mature. If you have a particular request, let me know, I'll see if it tickles my interest and credit you at the top.

p.s. the chapter length can be from 250 words to just over 1k. Im not very good with consistency

Oh, I guess that autosave at the bottom already put it up....oops well, it's completed now...haha


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Qazxsw12 0 points #1
Chapter 43: HuhuhuHuHuaussujekhhhhuhuhu i had ro read it twice to understand the story. My brain wasnt working :(( haha. I loved thissssss so muchhhh. I missed your updates and i want more :(
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Chapter 43: I'm crying, I don't know why but I feel that their situation is too real, not just because of the Airplane Mode, but also about SinB's insecurities/emotions. Like...she hide many emotions behind her eyes and dork personalities. I can't help myself to think that while reading this.

And I want to say my gratitude towards Airplane Mode who serving us a high quality SinRin content, and Angkko who cheer SinB up and makes these couple made up. Also for you. Thank you for writing this beautiful story, I really love this. You did a good job! ^^)d
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Chapter 43: Ahhhh so cute
sinrinjensooyulsic08 411 streak 0 points #4
Chapter 43: This is sweet and cute! Airplane mode? Uuuhmm what's that? Hahahah i'm not updated(。•́︿•̀。)
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Chapter 43: Thank youuuu airplane mode and Author-nim!!!
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Chapter 43: Kyaaaa... Sinb and Yerin say thanks to Angkko hahaha... They're open up about their feelings.. Uwu!
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Chapter 43: inspired..
thanks airplane mode ❤️
Qazxsw12 0 points #8
Chapter 38: Hmm i dont remember reading this hmm or i did
Qazxsw12 #9
Chapter 42: AAAaaahaakkkksszjsis huhuhu :""""
sinrinjensooyulsic08 411 streak #10
Chapter 42: It was sooooo cute ≧ω≦