Love Amongst Elites

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Four Elites. Three Best Friends. Two People That Can't Stand Each Other. One Crazy Arranged Marriage.


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Many of you have waited for me to write a story about him again.


So let's begin this crazy love story!

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You: *Fee free to use first person! Put your name where you see ~~~~~

An immature 24 years old woman whose childish behavior makes her sometimes annoying but mostly cute. Sweet. Pure. Wealthy. Spoiled but not in a bad way. Playful. Fashionable. Loves to go on trips but doesn't like to party with alcohol. The daughter of a renowned hotel CEO. Best friends with Hyun Bin and Dongwook. Has been friends with them since childhood. Always says, "Aish! It's annoying!"

Kim Jaejoong: A 27 year old that can be just as immature as you. Filthy rich. His family owns the car company Hyundai and manufactures cars. 2nd in command of the company. Smart. Witty. Sarcastic. Funny. ed. Cool. Has a first love he can't forget.

Lee Dongwook: 27 years old. Very wealthy. Son of Line Tour. 2nd in command. Also a VP director. Smart. Blunt. Ditzy at times. Loves to tease. One of the best ppl that know you, being your bff.

Hyunbin: 27 years old. One of your bffs. Very wealthy. Son of Oska Shopping Mall. 2nd in command. VP director. Not afraid to speak his mind. When Dongwook would at least be polite, Hyunbin won't care if he hurts other people's feelings. As long as his point is across, he's good. Devilish and sly in a way. You think he would get along with Jaejoong great since they're both cocky s who try to act suave all the time. Tends to speak your mind before you say it. Combined with Dongwook, they make a devilish duo who loves to play tricks and tease you all the time.

Park Yoochun: 27 years old. Son of Kia car company. Also very wealthy. VP director. Sweet. Charming. Polite. Mannerly. Jaejoong's best friend. Has another best friend named Yoo Ahyoung who is also friends with Jaejoong. Together, they make up a close trio like you, Hyunbin, and Dongwook. Ahyoung loves him but he doesn't see her as anything but a childhood friend.



Every day is nothing but happiness for you.

Why wouldn't you be?

You're beautiful.

You are spoiled much by your doting parents.

You can have anything you want.

You can go anywhere you want.

You have two gorgeous best friends.

But it all comes crashing and burning when there's a sudden announcement of your engagement?

To who?

The rich arrogant hot bastard Kim Jaejoong of Hyundai Company.

Any girl would love to marry him.

Not you. You hated his guts ever since day one. On top of that, he has eyes for someone else.

Will your crazy, handsome friends be able to get you out of this sticky situation or are you doomed to marry the Kim Jaejoong you love to hate?

Or maybe deep really just hate to love him...



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