Boys, Boys, Boys II: Boy vs. Friend

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A boy is lucky if he is the first love of a girl.
A girl is even luckier if she is the last love of a boy.


Hello, readers!

This is the sequel to Boys, Boys, Boys.

Enjoy reading!

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Seo Yoonjung

Im Jaebum, aka JB

Mark Tuan



This new year will bring a lot of changes for Yoonjung, her boyfriend JB, and their crew Got7. Everyone is going on different paths, and nothing may never be the same again. When things start to fall apart, will JB continue to be there for Yoonjung as he has promised? Or will Mark be able to take his place and steal Yoonjung's heart for good?

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Chapter 17: The last gif is superb!! XD anw thanks for sharing your great story!
Sugasweetie #2
Chapter 17: Your gif choices and songs are really WoW and also your story too *thumb up* authornim
reginelycious #3
Chapter 17: my heart ?
Chapter 17: OMGG i love this story so so so damn much your humour are all just on point i would just start cracking up and people around me will look at me strangely (but no regretsssss) thank you so much! i had an enjoyable time reading it!!
lynmzln #5
Chapter 16: I actually cried when janggeum died and honestly im not the type who easily cries. This fic is too good authornim 화이팅 !!!
Afrinaa #6
Chapter 17: kyaaaa ok i take that back Mark and Yoonjung is the ultimate bomb
stephanie1138 #7
Chapter 17: Btw, chanyeol's reaction to markjung is THE REAL BOMB
stephanie1138 #8
Chapter 17: Btw, chanyeol's reaction to markjung is THE REAL BOMB
stephanie1138 #9
Chapter 16: Anyone else cried when janggeun die?