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Alas sais na ng gabi at papunta pa lang siya sa org ng Ate niya. Madalas sumabay si Rina sa ate niya kapag ginagabi ang klase niya. Normally, hanggang 3 PM lang ang klase niya pero every Friday, 6 pm ang tapos ng class niya.


Seven pm pa ang uwi ng ate niya pero mas pinipili ni Rina na pumunta muna sa club nito. Her Ate’s club write papers for their school and isa sa mga writer ang ate niya. Welcome naman siya sa club at halos ka-close na ni Rina ang mga members—well, except for one. Si Winter.


Sa pagkakaalam ni Rina, illustrator ang role ni Winter sa club. Magaling ito sa mga graphic designing at minsang ipinakita ng ate niya ang mga sketches ni Winter.


Both Winter and Rina were freshmen—they didn’t have the same group of friends, but they definitely knew each other, kahit pa sa mukha lang. Marami rin silang subjects na magkaklase sila. Although Rina couldn’t remember the time na nag-usap sila nang matagal ni Winter.


She couldn’t even remember the time Winter addressed her by her name. Rina had always found it funny considering that she’s very close to Ryujin, Winter’s cousin. Minsan iniisip niya kung ayaw ba sa kanya ng kaklase. Okay naman kasi ito kay Giselle and Lia.


But thinking about it, it’s also partly her fault. She never approached Winter either. Hindi alam ni Rina kung bakit pero gusto niyang si Winter ang unang lumapit at kumausap sa kanya. Petty, yes, but she’s also scared Winter wouldn’t even spare her a glance, let alone talk to her kapag siya ang unang gumalaw.


Although she admits it was a bit presumptuous of her to already conclude how Winter will treat her knowing the latter was anything but a snob.


If anything, Winter has always been nice even though she was very quiet. Her Ate Irene kept on gushing about Winer. Very mabait na kid daw. Masunurin and polite. Winter is smart, too. Probably one of the smartest ones in class.


They’re halfway through the first semester and yet, it still felt like six degrees of separation ang drama nila.


Something happe

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Chapter 76: This has been a great read. I love the characters and how they were expressed in each of the chapters. Wished there were more chapters about RJ and Yeji as well as Ate Irene and her future Jowa. Still this is 10/10 would reread again.

Huge thanks to the author for allowing us readers to indulge in this story. Hope there would be a book 2 because you can never know 🤞
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Chapter 68: Love Ate Irene. She is such a caring and supportive sister to both Rina and Win. Hope she gets the happy ending she deserves.
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Chapter 35: Rina again with the wordings 😭
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Chapter 33: Win is coming home!!!
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Chapter 32: It's really great that we get to read Rina's whole POV. We get to feel her inner thoughts as well as get to know true feelings on all things related to Win. Great chapter!
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Chapter 22: 🥺😭 This chapter hurts. Hope Win gets to sort out her thoughts and feelings so she can finally move forward.
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