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They were six when Winter and Isa first met each other. Isa’s family moved into Winter’s neighborhood. Isa and Winter’s parents have always been the best of friends and it’s only natural that they became playmates, too. After all, they were only a door away from each other.


Ever since then, they became inseparable—or Isa refused to be away from Winter. Isa just found it funny how both of them were just the definition of opposites when it comes to personality and lifestyle, but they made it work.


Isa was also the type who refuses to settle for less. Whatever she wants, she makes sure she gets it—no matter how hard and no matter how it may seem impossible. Winter mentioned once that she liked that about Isa.


“But as long as you’re doing or trying to get something you want in a nice way and by not hurting other people, then it’s okay—you're good,” Winter said it to her once. Ever since, tumatak na sa isip niya iyon.


Winter was such a good person and keeps her grounded. Isa was spoiled—she's aware—and she can be a bit of a brat, but Winter was always there to calm to her and call her out when needed and she appreciated that a lot.


In return, Isa wanted to be the same kay Winter—not that Winter needed to be kept on the ground—but maybe, just be there for her friend whenever.


Masaya si Isa kapag napapatawa niya ang kaibigan. Minsan lang magbigay nang malawak na ngiti si Winter sa kahit na sino, and she liked the feeling of being the only person who can make Winter come out of her shell.


Isa was extremely extroverted, while Winter never really liked hanging out with such big groups.


Naaalala pa ni Isa how Winter had always been this quiet kid that just followed her wherever she went to—and did whatever she asked of her.


Simple lang naman ang mga request ni Isa.


They were seven years old when Isa asked Winter to take swimming lessons with her. Winter agreed and they enjoyed swimming together most of the time.


Mas lumalawak rin ang ngiti ni Winter at mas nagkaka-interes ito sa mga bagay-bagay.


They were nine when Isa suggested to Winter to take music lessons together. Pinili ni Winter ang guitar instrument while Isa played piano. They had been to recitals and they’ve been that ‘duo’ ever since. They were no professionals or prodigies, but they get to perform into decent small theatres in town.


Nagtuloy-tuloy sila sa music until they were in their teens. Winter had to stop. Pero occasionally, they would play together just for fun.


Ayaw na ni rin Winter magperform sa recitals, may bago kasi itong nagustuhan.


Nahilig si Winter sa arts. It was the first time that they both had different hobbies. Isa wanted to try it, too when Winter enrolled in an art school for her extracurricular activity one summer.


Winter leaned on sketches and drew by hand while Isa discovered she liked to paint. Isa wasn’t very good at first, but she tried hard. Winter had to stop her art lessons while Isa continued.


Sabi kasi ni Winter, hindi pa siya sigurado kung gusto niya itong kunin professionally, pero walang araw rin naman na hindi binitawan ni Winter ang sketchpad at lapis nito. When Winter finally decided what she wanted to do after high school, Isa was ecstatic to learn that Winter would like to continue pursuing arts again.


Naging plano na rin nila to get into the same arts school sa college. At some point, naisip ni Isa if she was just being influenced by Winter’s decision because she likes Winter too much...


Winter had to talk to her about it.


Ang alam ni Winter, susunod si Isa sa yapak ng kaniyang ama na pumasok sa law school and practice law sa US. Winter was supportive, but it was also Winter who made Isa realize that there was more than just taking the path her parents wanted her to.


Isa was so thankful for Winter for that. She realized her love for paintings. Alam niya na hindi siya napipipilitan because of all the things that she and Winter tried to do, the painting was one thing she couldn’t give up—kahit pa nga Winter almost gave up when she stopped doing arts as her activity every summer.


Sobrang saya ni Winter para sa kaniya.


“Hey, you submitted your application, right?” Isa asked Winter after pulling her from their group of friends for privacy.


They were at a friend’s house, having a party.


“Yeah,” Winter smiled and nodded at her.


Lumawak ang ngiti ni Isa. “I can’t wait to be with you in LA.”


“Nothing’s certain for now, Isa. Of course, I’d like to go with you, but I don’t want to expect that much,” Winter shrugged.


Isa slapped Winter on the arm, “you’re too pessimistic. We should claim it. We’re going to the same school, live in the same apartment, graduate together, then live happily ever after...” Biro ni Isa.


Winter smiled and shook her head. Isa was an avid fan of fairy tales. “We don’t know that.”


Isa knew Winter wasn’t one to get ahead of things. But that was Winter’s dream school. She fought for it so much dahil she’ll be away from her parents if she was accepted.


They were living in Chicago while the school was in LA.


But Isa had her plans. She will make sure she will live that plan together with Winter. Isa was the one to convince Winter’s parents na payagan ito na mag-apply sa LA. After all, it was just an application. Nothing’s certain yet and she promised they’ll look after each other.


When Winter excused herself to get back to the group, one of their friends—Sumin—came in.


“Did you confess?” Sumin asked.


Isa rolled her eyes. Their friends knew about what she felt for Winter. She has always been so obvi

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