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Taeyeon meet Jiyong a playboy to take revenge in behalf of her childhood friend died. Taeyeon felt her friend died in vain after Taeyeon has to know Jiyong is the reasons make her friend suffer and died like that. She's trying to hurt him but turn out she starts to have feeling for him after knowing him. What will Taeyeon do? Would she continue her revenge, or would she let go her grudge?



Jiyong is a playboy rich boy that likes to waste his time playing girls' heart. However, he starts to change after knowing Taeyeon. He chases her until feel deep love for her. Yet, that love hurt him until change him into the cold-hearted. What make him change? Will he love her again after knowing the truth?






If you never love someone, how will you know the feelings when you lost them? – Taeyeon


Does my behavior make you doubt my sincere? – Jiyong

I'm thankful for those that enjoying reading this story... and the way you're immersed with it, it's cool! Thank ^^v


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tyeam0309 #1
Chapter 55: Finally. A great author. Can't wait for another story... Fighting
309818 #2
Chapter 55: Wow... Epilogue pls hihi
MelTT08 #3
Amazing! You make really good stories keep it up :)
309818 #4
Chapter 53: Yippiieee happy..
309818 #5
Chapter 49: Finally... The truth... Im happy
Chapter 45: omg , then how does it go??
Can't they be together again like before??
it really hurts to see them like this, especially seeing Jiyong
Chapter 44: Really hope she gets the strength to confront him sooner!
Chapter 41: Exposed at last!!
309818 #9
Chapter 41: Finally.... grrrrr ahahhah
shecretasha #10
Chapter 41: Finally!