please, feel my love

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Working as a helper is not easy for Jiyong, but he's doing his best to learn the process. Even so, it's change after the daughter of the owner, Taeyeon is back. At first, both of them didn't start so well, but it's still pleasant to each other. The problems happen after both of them start to develop the feelings to each other. In fact, the cause of the problem is from Jiyong's own family. To solve the problem, Jiyong and Taeyeon had to plan marriage. How they're going to live together if they have doubt between them? Will their families are happy to hear about the marriage?



There is nothing that I wouldn't do, to make you feel my love

+Bob Dylan+



Kwon Jiyong is one of the heirs to the Kwon real estate. He ran away from his wealthy family to live as a normal person. He does all jobs to support his life. While he's running away, he applied the job at Kim farm as a farmer. He's hiding his identity and stayed at Kim as GD.


“I know I'm not perfect, but... I'm trying here to matches as you” – Jiyong


Kim Taeyeon an accounting graduate who has just graduated. After she's graduate, she helps her family at the farm. However, after the death of his father, his family had to bear the debt of the farm. She with her brother, Jiwoong and her little sister, Hayeon, share the work of managing the farm.


“We're in a different world, but I'm willing to tolerate it and be there with you.” – Taeyeon

Happy new year to everyone...!!! New story for new year... hope all of you will enjoy this story...! (^^)v


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GtaeforeverRoyalistD #1
Chapter 50: make more new gtae stories please authornim....
also i just realize hehehe gd wasn't active during taeyeon's concert though hehehehe
MelTT08 #2
You make really good stories i hope you'll making more :)
309818 #3
Chapter 50: Wow, great story.. Waiting for new stoey to come... :)
tyeam0309 #4
Chapter 50: As expected 1 of my fav. I think I will read it again. Thank you. Can't wait for new story. FIGHTING !!!
no_face #5
Chapter 47: This is so sad, the pain of losing someone precious is really hard 😔 poor tae2
309818 #6
Chapter 47: A sad chapter, i do feel their pain... 😢
tyeam0309 #7
Chapter 46: Reading a story with good vibes is helping your reader emotionally to ease our stress. Its ok a little negative coz its part of the story but making them strong to fight the bad vibes is good to reader emotionally. GOOD JOB. Hoping for update and new story. I know you will end it soon at 50.
309818 #8
Chapter 46: Omg the baby 😭 from the title alone, i know what's coming 🥺
no_face #9
Chapter 46: Noooooo 😭 the baby 🥺
shecretasha #10
Chapter 37: Way to go, Taeyeon! 👏👏👏