wonderful wife

please, feel my love
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“Jiyong…” Mrs. Kwon calls his name with stuttered.

“Oppa…you can trust us, I’m with imo at the hotel and see her with that guy,” suddenly Grace said to defend Mrs. Kwon.

Jiyong look at both of them with furious.

“Enough…!” suddenly Jiyong raise his voice.

All of them startled when Jiyong shout like that.

“Enough of this drama...” Jiyong continue with furious.

“Jiyong…! I’m telling you the truth! I saw her at the hotel…! Don’t you see the pictures? Or… you want to see the video? I’ve record it,” Mrs. Kwon said try to make Jiyong believe her.

“Omma…please stop this nonsense! You're too much this time...” Jiyong replied with furious.

Taeyeon that saw Jiyong fierce against his mother, make her feel sadder.

“You hurt her... you accused her... and you make her bear everything what you've done to her...but now, you're trying to play with her dignity, I can't take it anymore...” Jiyong continue to defend his wife.

After that, Jiyong went to approach Taeyeon and look at her face. He saw her cheek still red after get slapped before.

“How dare you slap my wife? You think I don't dare to fight you just because you are my omma? That's why you treat my wife like this?” Jiyong continue furiously.

Jiyong pull Taeyeon to stand behind him before Jiyong look at his mother with furious.

“I don't hit women, but please don't test my patience, or I can be rude toward you.” Jiyong said while looking at his mother.

“Are you threatening me now? Just because of her?” suddenly Mrs. Kwon asked with irate.

Jiyong didn’t respond her afterward. Mrs. Kwon looks at Jiyong and Taeyeon behind him with angry eyes.

“Are you happy now to see my son talk to me like this, aren’t you?” Mrs. Kwon asked while staring at Taeyeon.

“Don't blame her...! You're the one to make me behave like this... You didn't even care of me, but now you're hurting my beloved. I won't be silent anymore. If anyone tries to hurt or harm Taeyeon...I won't let them go easily. Mind my words...!” Jiyong replied while looking at them one by one.

“Oppa…” Grace tries to say something but Hyuk stop her.

He shakes his head to signal her not to say anything.

Grace grunt with gloomy face after she saw that.

“Let’s go…” Jiyong said while he pull Taeyeon hand and walk out from the living room.

After Jiyong and Taeyeon leave, Mrs. Kwon sits on the couch and crying. Grace wants to approach her but Hyuk stop by grabbing her arm.

“We need to talk” Hyuk said slowly.

Afterward, he pulls Grace out from the house with him. Outside the house, Hyuk take Grace toward the garden.

“What are you trying to do?” Hyuk asked firm.

“You saw it…” Grace replied with irate.

“You think that plan succeeds?” Hyuk asked sarcastic.

“Hey, that’s imo plan…! She’s the one that print out the pictures… she’s the one that took the video…I’m with her at that time… what can I do? I’m just follow her plan…” Grace replied to defend herself.

Hyuk silent after Grace tell her reasons.

“By the way, why you look so concern toward her? You know she's Jiyong oppa wife...” suddenly Grace said with jealous.

“I know…” Hyuk replied shortly.

Grace look at him with confused after he said that.

“What’s going on here?” Grace asked while frown.

Hyuk look at her before he sighs deeply.

“I don't know what happened to me lately... inside me...something strange is happening.” Suddenly Hyuk said try to be honest with Grace.

Grace start to feel uneasy when he’s said that.

“What kind of strange?” Grace asked with nervous.

Hyuk is silent for a while before he turns to look at Grace with dim eyes.

“I think... I'm not interested to ruin their marriage anymore... I want to save my appa... and leave this country,” Hyuk said slowly.

Grace look at him with mixed feeling before she asks

“You want to leave? What about me?”

Hyuk look at her with guilty and then he went to touch her both shoulder.

“You have your own life, family, and wealth. Don't ruin it just for me. Not worth.” Hyuk replied try to persuade her.

“Easy as that? Leave me after what we have been through together? You’re such a bastard!” Grace said with upset.

Hyuk smirk slightly after she said that.

“Hyuk... look at me... you really want to leave me, aren't you? Don't you love me anymore?” Grace continue asked try to persuade Hyuk.

“Because I loved you, I'm doing this... I don't want your grudge to ruin your life. Please, this is not the real you. You're a wonderful person, Grace. You become like this because you choose it. I don't want to make it worse, anymore.” Hyuk replied while his hand touches her cheek gently.

Out of sudden, Grace tears flow on her both cheeks. She's crying after Hyuk said that. At the same time, inside, her feel hurt when Hyuk decided to leave her. Then, she went to hugs Hyuk tightly.




After he took Taeyeon into the room, Jiyong saw Taeyeon sobbing more than before. Jiyong feel uneasy to see her like that, and he went to hugs her. He comforts her by her hair softly while the other hand rubs her back. His lips keep kissing her head while his eyes closed. Meanwhile, Taeyeon feel mixed feeling while her tears cannot stop from flowing. When Jiyong hugs her, she's continue crying in his embrace. What have Jiyong done and said to her mother make her heart touched. Yet, she felt guilty to see them fought because of her.

“Jiyong, if this make hard to you... let's move out from here. I can't bear it anymore. I hate to see you like this. Let's move out from here... we live our way.” Taeyeon said while sobbing.

Jiyong open his eyes after Taeyeon said that. He lifts his head and stares at Taeyeon crying face.

“I know you're promise to abeoji, but look... look at us now...it's hurt me to see you argue with your parents. Especially, it's related to me... Jiyong... they're your parents...” Taeyeon continue before she wipes her tears with hand.

Jiyong continue looking at her, and then he moves his hand and holds her face softly.

“… but you’re my wife…” Jiyong replied softly while his both thumb wipes her tears gently.

“Don't you feel tired to keep arguing like this? This is not family, Jiyong. Because of me, omma behave like that. I can't blame her... but how long we're going to bear it. You know I do love you... I'm scared if one day I can't bear it anymore and leave...” Taeyeon said but her words stops after Jiyong kiss her lips.

The kiss is lasting for so long as if he never wants to leave Taeyeon.

“Do not have that thought in your mind... never. I won't let that happen...” Jiyong said after they broke the kiss.

Taeyeon tears flow again after Jiyong said that.

“Come here…” Jiyong said and he continues hugging her after he saw her tears.

Moment later, when Taeyeon already calming, Jiyong asks

“Did you know omma is there with Grace?”

Taeyeon shake her head slowly to answer him.

After that, Jiyong didn’t asked anything.

“Don't you want to know what happened between me and Wonshik?” suddenly Taeyeon asked when Jiyong didn’t ask her to explain about the situation.

Jiyong look at Taeyeon while wait or her to continue her words.

“You know it's not just me and him at the hotel, aren't you?” Taeyeon continue asked.

Jiyong nodded.

“I know Yoona is there too,” Jiyong replied still looking at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon smiles slightly after Jiyong said that. For a moment, she felt ease to know that Jiyong is really trust her. Those make her feel deep in love with him. Taeyeon move her hands and then touch Jiyong face.

“Yes, you're right. Yoona and me decided to meet Wonshik at the hotel because we want that meeting is private. We make an offer for him to become a witness, but he asked for few days to think... Also, about that hugs...that out of my control. I didn't expect he will do that to me. I'm trying to release from him, but you know my strength. Perhaps, at that time, eomeoni took those pictures.” Taeyeon said try to explain.

“How dare he hug my wife!” Jiyong said with furious.

“But... I already give him a lesson...” Taeyeon replied with awkward.

“What did you do?” Jiyong asked while frown.

“I slapped him...” Taeyeon replied before she’s biting her lower lips.

Jiyong startled after he heard that before he chuckles with Taeyeon answer.

“He deserved that slap... but not you...” Jiyong said while he touches Taeyeon cheek that Mrs. Kwon slapped before.

Taeyeon smiles slightly before she says

“I’m fine… besides, my husband makes me touched tonight with his react. I think I want to give him a token gift.”

Jiyong smiles widely after he heard that.

“It's been a long time I didn't get it...” Jiyong said with smiles.

Then, he closed his eyes and he moves his face close to Taeyeon. Taeyeon know what Jiyong want when he behaved like that. Then, she went to kiss his cheek.

“Done!” Taeyeon said teasingly.

Jiyong open his eyes and look at Taeyeon with frown.

“That's it?” Jiyong asked with unsatisfied.

“Then, what you wanna me to do?” Taeyeon asked jokingly.

Jiyong narrow his eyes and he noticed his wife is trying to . In the end, Jiyong pull her closer before he kisses her lips passionately.






Jiyong went to Hyuk office to confront him. However, Hyuk is not at his office. His secretary said that Hyuk would not come on that day. Jiyong

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