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Dami has to wait outside because they're not allowed to meet more than one person. Meanwhile, Taeyeon wait for Jiyong presence in the waiting room. For few minutes, Jiyong enter the room with one of the officer.

Taeyeon that saw Jiyong, hurriedly went to approach him. She hugs him tightly before she slowly ask

“Are you okay, dear?”

“Yes, I’m fine…” Jiyong replied while hugging her.

“You have 15 minutes to meet...” suddenly the officer said.

Both of them look at the officer before Jiyong signal Taeyeon to have a seat.

“So… did you find out who's reporting me?” Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon nodded before she says

“Dami unnie said it's Mr. Wong, one of the board members. Also, the evidence that they give it's still can't prove you're guilty. It's just an old ledger that has been manipulated. Thank god, we already give the ledgers to Seunghyun before, now he's trying to get you out from here...”

“Mr. Wong… isn't he is good friend of samchon?” suddenly Jiyong asked.

“Perhaps…” Taeyeon replied unsure.

Jiyong frown while thinking of something.

“Jiyong…” suddenly Taeyeon call his name softly.

Jiyong look at her and then Taeyeon went to hold his hands.

“You know I'll do anything to get you out from here?” Taeyeon asked.

Jiyong nodded while smiles slightly.

“Will you trust me?” Taeyeon continue asked.

Jiyong nodded slowly.

“Then, don't worry. Me and Dami unnie will get you out from here... as soon as, please be patience.” Taeyeon said try to comfort Jiyong.

“Arasso… how long it will take?” Jiyong asked.

“I'm not sure... but... I believe we can do this in this week. I'll try my best...” Taeyeon replied while she moves her hand to touch Jiyong face.

Jiyong smiles but at the same time he feel uneasy.

“Did they already find Hyuk?” Jiyong asked with uneasy.

Taeyeon hesitated before she shakes her head slowly.

“By the way, the lawyer will come today. He'll help you with these processes. Okay?” Taeyeon asked with worried tone.

Jiyong nodded while smiles, sadly.

“After all these end, I'll promise you... we leave from here... live our way... far from here...” Jiyong said while touch Taeyeon cheek gently.

Taeyeon chuckles before she asks

“Is that the heirs will do? I don't think so...”

“Have you had faith on me?” suddenly Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon look into Jiyong eyes deeply before she nodded to answer him.

“Great. Trust me... I have my own plan...” Jiyong continue while he touches Taeyeon hair gently.

Taeyeon look at Jiyong with mixed feeling after he said that.




Dami saw Seunghyun walks toward her while carrying something in his hand.

“Noona… I think we need that witness, tomorrow. If he's not coming, I don't think we can make Jiyong out on this week. We have to wait for next schedule...” Seunghyun said with uneasy.

“Oh God… what should we do now… I hope Taeyeon can persuade the witness to come tomorrow…” Dami replied with worried.

“Did Fany or the others update anything to you?” Seunghyun asked.

“Not yet, they still try to trace the fraud ledgers. But, Seohyun said they’re almost get it,” Dami replied.

“I hope the ledgers are still in there or… we have no choice except the witness,” Seunghyun said.

Then, they saw Taeyeon is already walking out after meeting Jiyong. Dami rashly went to them. Jiyong saw his sister coming and then he says

“Noona, take care of my wife,”

Afterward, the officer takes Jiyong away from there. Dami hugs Taeyeon shoulder while looking Jiyong leave that area. 

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine,” Taeyeon said slowly while try to comfort her own feelings.

Dami look at her before she says

“Come… Seunghyun want to discuss something with us.”

Later, both of them went to the nearby café with Seunghyun.





Tiffany and Seohyun are still in the security room while looking back the old video to trace the ledgers. They already look almost dozens of videos there, but empty. Meanwhile, Yoona that just come back from overseas also went to help them. The staff in there couldn't help them because of company rules. What they can offer just an old video and the little help.

“My eyes it’s so tired…” Seohyun said while blinking her eyes.

“You can go get some rest… Yoona is here with me,” Tiffany replied.

“No… we need it as soon as possible… or Taeyeon unnie will in trouble,” Seohyun said.

“I don’t understand… why he’s attacking his cousin?” suddenly Yoona asked while her eyes on the screen.

“That's what we call family matter... if the one is the real heirs, so the other one want it the same...” Tiffany replied.

“Poor Tae, why she has to face all of this... I hope sunbae decided to help us. By the way, did Seunghyun say anything about following Wonshik?” Yoona asked.

“He just went his routines... go to work, hang out with friend... and most of the time he's at home.” Seohyun replied.

“Nothing’s suspicious?”Yoona asked again.

Seohyun shake her head slowly.

Suddenly, Tiffany saw something from the screen.

“Yah…! Go back….go back…” Tiffany said while ask Yoona to back forward the video.

“Why? You see something?” Seohyun asked while approaching them.

“Here… Look…” Tiffany said while pointing toward the screen.

In the video, they saw Grace suspicious action. Grace holds a black file while walking toward Jiyong office.

“What date this video?” Tiffany asked.

“28 May…” Yoona replied.

“Okay, we should look between the date,” suddenly Tiffany said.

Seohyun went back to the video box, and then she brought out all the video nearby the date.

“Here…” Seohyun said.

Afterward, all of them are focusing on the screen while try to find out what actually happened during that time.

“Stop…stops…” Yoona suddenly shouts.

“Yah…! That's the ledgers... so, Hyuk give it to her, and she's hide it in file room?” Seohyun asked with surprised.

“Let's look if she takes the ledgers out from there...” Tiffany asked while they continue to watch the video.

Later, they saw Grace has taken out the ledgers from the file room. But, she's went to photocopy room. Inside the room, they saw Grace make the copy of the ledgers.

“Okay, let’s see where she’s hiding the copy…” Tiffany said while forwarding the video.

For a few minutes, the ledgers are in her bag. It's still in her bag when she handed the original copy to Hyuk.

“I think I want to see what Hyuk do with the ledgers...” Seohyun said before she takes another video to trace Hyuk actions.

Meanwhile, Tiffany and Yoona are focusing on Grace.

“What will she do…?” Yoona muttered while looking at the screen.

Suddenly, Yoona phone is ringing and it’s jerks them. Yoona saw Taeyeon name appear on her screen before she picks up the call.

“Yes, Tae…” Yoona greet.

“Where are you?” Taeyeon asked.

“I’m with Fany and Seohyun…looking at security video…” Yoona replied.

“Could you help me? We need to go to Wonshik home...” Taeyeon said.

“Now?” Yoona asked.

“Yes, now… we have to persuade him to come to the police station tomorrow for testimony.” Taeyeon replied.

“Arasso… send me the address… I’ll be there soon…” Yoona said before ended the calls.

“What happen?” Tiffany asked.

“I need to go accompany Taeyeon to meet the witness. Inform me if you saw any update.” Yoona replied while she take her bag and phone from the table.

“Okay… take care… tell Taeyeon, she don’t have to worry… we’re here with her,” Tiffany said.

“Nae…” Yoona replied before she walks out from the room.

“Oh God…” suddenly Seohyun said after Yoona leave.

“What? What happen?” Tiffany asked while approaching her.

“He's bringing the ledgers out from here... So, that means the ledgers are not in this building...” Seohyun replied with disappointed.

“Then, our hope is her...” Tiffany said while look at the screen where Grace still at her desk doing her works.





“Are you sure you want to go there?” Seunghyun asked worried.

“We have no choice right now… if that can help Jiyong, we should take it,” Taeyeon replied.

“Let me go with you,” Dami said.

“No unnie, you have to go to the company… the board meeting will be held soon. Also, halabeoji need you...” Taeyeon replied.

“But… Tae…” Dami try to refused, however Taeyeon stop her by saying

“Don't worry. I already ask Yoona. She'll be there soon. Also, Hyuk and Jiyong are not here... so it's your responsibility to manage the company right now.”

“She’s right… beside my man is still there, watching him.” Seunghyun replied to agree with Taeyeon.

Dami sigh deeply before she nodded.

“Arasso… but take care… call me if anything happen,” Dami said with worried.

“By the way oppa… I think you should be aware of Grace too... I think she knows where to find Hyuk and his father.” Suddenl

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