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After the news Taeyeon pregnant has been told by the doctor, halabeoji is the one that happily with the news. Dami also felt thankful when Taeyeon get pregnant at that time. However, it’s different reaction from Mr. and Mrs. Kwon. Mr. Kwon felt happy to know that he'll be got his new heirs, meanwhile Mrs. Kwon feel mixed feeling about the pregnancy news. At first, after what happen before, she felt guilty to behave like that toward them. At the same time, she felt sad to know that she can't separate them anymore. For baby sake, she doesn't want to hurt the baby, but she still can't easily accept Taeyeon.

“I can’t wait to meet my great-grandchild,” halabeoji said with smiling.

“Halabeoji… me too. I can’t wait to become an aunty…” Dami replied.

“You two… I hope this news can stop the argued that happened before. From now, I don't want to heard anything bad happen to Taeyeon anymore.  She's carrying our heirs, and I'll make sure she's fine under my care. Also, I have to warn... if anything could happen to her and hurt her... I won't let it ease. Mind my words!” halabeoji said with firm while his eyes on Mr. and Mrs. Kwon.

“You sound so scared, halabeoji...” Dami said teasingly.

Halabeoji smirks while nodded.

“Yes, I am…” halabeoji replied.

“Appa, don’t worry. I’ll make sure she’s fine…” Mr. Kwon said.

Mrs. Kwon looks at her husband after he said that. Then, she looks at Dami and halabeoji. She can see them waiting for her to say something but in the end, she just get up and leave the living room without saying anything.

“Your wife is so stubborn…” halaboeji muttered slowly.

“She is…” Dami replied to agree with her grandfather.




“Bro, I can’t meet you today…sorry,” Jiyong said after he called his friend, Youngbae.

“It’s okay. But, you still want me to search a house for you?” Youngbae asked.

Jiyong look at Taeyeon that lay on the bed before he reply

“Yeah… I see you at the office,”

“Got it… by the way… Is everything is fine?” Youngbae asked uneasy.

“Yeah… I think your baby is going to have his friend...” Jiyong replied while chuckles.

Youngbae frown before he gets what Jiyong is trying to tell him.

“Wow… what great news… congrats! Now you can join me a daddy club,” Youngbae said while chuckles.

“Yeah…count me too…” Jiyong replied while chuckles.

“Okay, I’ll try to manage my time to visit you and Taeyeon. Besides, my wife already asked me when I tell her that you’ll come…” Youngbae said.

“Really? Then, we should meet… and celebrate the good news…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

“Great… then, see you later…” Youngbae replied before they ended the conversation.

Jiyong went to approach his wife on the bed after the call ended. He sat on the bed, before his hand reaches her face. Taeyeon smiles and says

“Your face so glowing...”

“Of course... you have to see this face throughout pregnancy. I want baby look glowing same as me...” Jiyong replied while wink his eyes.

Taeyeon laughs after he said that.

“You really hope this baby has looked same to you, huh?” Taeyeon asked while smiling.

“Yup… and the baby gets your good manners... so, it's perfect!” Jiyong replied before he bows to kiss her forehead.

“Jiyong... it's still in early stage... we have a lot more to learn and to do...” Taeyeon said softly.

“I know… but, before that…” suddenly Jiyong said while he went to lie next to her.

“What?” Taeyeon asked while looking at him.

“I want to take you for holiday… we already skips our honeymoon, so... I won't skip for this holiday,” Jiyong replied while hugging her waist.

Taeyeon chuckles and then she turn to face him.

“Where are we going?” Taeyeon asked.

“Hurm…I’m still thinking. You have any place you want to go?” Jiyong asked.

“I don’t mind…As long we’re together,” Taeyeon replied.

Jiyong smiles before he kisses her forehead again.

“Then, let me plan this holiday... but, we will leave after your head bandage being open. Okay?” Jiyong asked.

“Sure…” Taeyeon replied.

“We should tell your family about this news too…” Jiyong said while he took his phone.

“Wait…” Taeyeon suddenly stop him.

Jiyong frown before he asks


“Can we tell them by going there? I want to see their reaction...” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

“Sure… I wish their reaction is sincerer than my family...” Jiyong suddenly blurt out with honest.

“Why? Didn't they're happy with this news?” Taeyeon asked with uneasy.

Jiyong hesitated before he says

“Of course halabeoji and noona happy but… I’m not sure with my parents,”

Taeyeon look at her husband face before she went to cuddle him. She is rubs his back softly, try to comfort his feelings.

“Don't worry... I know they're happy with the news. They just don't want to show it...” Taeyeon said softly to comfort Jiyong.

Jiyong smiles and then he went to pecks her lips.

“I don't care anymore. From now, my priority is you... my wife. I'll make sure nothing bad is going to happen again.” Jiyong said before he went to pecks her lips again.

Taeyeon smiles with mixed feelings.







Hyuk stop his steps after he saw Grace is the one that visit him that day. Before this, the one that come to visit him, it's just his halabeoji.

Grace waves her hand after she saw Hyuk entering the room with the officer.

“Why are you here?” Hyuk asked after approaching her.

“I’m coming to meet you… and miss you…” Grace said with sad face.

Hyuk sigh after he heard that.

“You shouldn’t be here…” Hyuk replied with worried.

“Don’t worry… I just want to see you…” Grace said while looking at Hyuk miserable face.

Hyuk look at her before he asks

“Still no news about my appa?”

Grace shakes her head slowly.

“Did you go the place I told you before… he’s not there?” Hyuk asked curious.

Grace nodded before she reply

“He didn’t go there… I already ask someone to inform me if he’s coming,”

Hyuk nodded.

“Oppa… ” Grace calls him softly.

Hyuk look at her and saw her sad face.

“I miss you…” Grace said with sad.

“After what happen to me… you still think we can be together?” Hyuk asked uneasy.

“As long I want it… no one can replace you,” Grace replied determined.

“It’s not worth. Your parents will not be happy to know about us. Besides, what’s my appa doing… ” Hyuk said with upset.

Grace didn’t respond him after he said that.

Hyuk look at Grace and saw her disappointed face ad then he continues says

“You should let go of me… I won’t blame or accused you…”

“It's that easy for you to leave me? You think I can get you to go just like that?” suddenly Grace asked with irate.

“Look… I don’t want you to put some hope for me anymore. You know… I won't get out from here sooner. It’s takes more years…” Hyuk replied try to make her understand him.

“I’ll wait…” Grace said while her eyes in tears.

Hyuk saw her face and her teary eyes. He sighs deeply before he says

“Don’t act stupidly. I don’t want you to wait for me…please go!”

“Why? It’s that because of her again? You really have feelings for her, aren't you?” suddenly Grace burst out with honest.

“I don’t have to answer that,” Hyuk replied slowly.

Grace scoff before she firmly says

“She's pregnant.”

Hyuk look at her after she said that.

“Yes, Jiyong oppa will have a baby...” Grace said try to make Hyuk feel irate.

However, after she said that, Hyuk get up and walks away from there without saying anything.

“Oppa…!” Grace calls him, but Hyuk didn’t bother to turn to see her anymore.

Grace feels upset when Hyuk behave like that. Suddenly, her hate rise again to Taeyeon. Before this, she wanted to hurt Taeyeon, but this time, she insisted on making her suffer. She felt like Taeyeon takes what she loves, and that makes Grace hate her even more.

“Kim Taeyeon…I’ll make sure you will feel what I feel right now.” Grace said with hatred.

Grace leaves the police station with mixed feelings. She decided to approach the Kwon family again, but with the bad intention.





On that week, both of them went to the farm to inform Taeyeon pregnancy news. Taeyeon and Jiyong decided to surprise Mrs. Kwon by giving her a gift.

“What is in the box?” Mrs. Kim asked after Taeyeon give her the gift box.

“Open it, omma….” Hayeon said with impatient.

Jiyong chuckles while his hand hugs his wife shoulder.

“Wait up…” Mrs. Kim opens the box carefully.

“Omma, be careful… I think Taeyeon want do a prank to you,” Jiwoong said jokingly.

“Yah! You think I same as you?” Taeyeon asked while pout.

“Who know…?” Jiwoong replied to .

Taeyeon narrow her eyes while looking at her brother.

“Don’t…” Jiyong said while he shake his head after Taeyeon make that face.

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