please, feel my love
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Inside the bathroom, Jiyong place Taeyeon on the sink cabinet before he continues to kiss her passionately.

“Ji…yong…” Taeyeon call his name during the kiss.

However, Jiyong ignore it when he went to pull out her shirt from her body. Next, Jiyong continue his kiss again while his hands are busy opening his shirt buttons. Taeyeon broke the kiss before she helps him open his shirt.

After he pulled out from his pant, Jiyong kiss Taeyeon again before he carried her toward the shower room. Jiyong hand open the shower, but suddenly both of them yell as the cold water hit them.

“It's cold...” Taeyeon said while the water falls on her head.

Both of them laugh after the scene. Jiyong went to fix the water temperature and then he asks

“You okay with this?”

Taeyeon nodded.

Then, Jiyong went back to hold the back of her head, his body pressing against her, and continue to kiss her again. The shower water keep flow above them, but that didn't bother them. The kiss turns into hot kiss when Jiyong start to nibble Taeyeon lower lips.

“Ji…” Taeyeon try to call his name but Jiyong didn't give her chance to speak.

Later, Jiyong move his lips to nibble her ear and then turn toward her shoulder. Jiyong keep biting her shoulder softly while Taeyeon hands his back. After Jiyong satisfy with the kiss, both of them went to making love.

Moment later, both of them stay in the bathtub after lovemaking. Taeyeon lean her head on Jiyong chest while Jiyong put his arm around her shoulder.

“I need to hide this love mark...” Taeyeon said when she knows that kiss mark will be there after what Jiyong does.

Jiyong chuckle before he went to kiss her head.

“Thank you...” Jiyong said by whispering in her ear.

Taeyeon look at him with shy before she went to peck his lips.

“I feel calm when you're beside me... I hope I can stop the time...” Jiyong said while looking at his wife.

Taeyeon smiles widely before she says

“You know that I'm having a bath twice...tonight,”

Jiyong chuckles and then he reply

“Should we take another round...?”

“Not tonight… I already told you... I have something to tell you...” Taeyeon said while looking at him.

“Of course, dear… what is it?” Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon hesitated for a while before she slowly says

“We found a witness that could help us with the investigation,”

“Oh… that’s great... who?” Jiyong asked excitedly.

Taeyeon feel uneasy to continue her words but Jiyong already catch her expressions.

“Who?” Jiyong asked uneasy.

Taeyeon sigh before she slowly says


Jiyong didn’t respond her afterward. He turns his head away from seeing her face.

“I know this is out of our expectation. But, he's the one that see the ledgers and... You know, we do need him to help us,” Taeyeon continue try to make Jiyong understand their situation.

Jiyong turn to look at her before he asks

“Will he help us?”

“Erm… I’m not sure… that’s why I need to persuade him…” Taeyeon replied.

“You? Alone?” Jiyong asked with unsatisfied.

“No… not me, alone… I mean… me, Yoona…I won’t meet him alone,” Taeyeon replied try to gain Jiyong trust.

“Promise?” Jiyong asked with unsure.

“Double promise…” Taeyeon replied while she lifts her right hand up.

Jiyong grin after Taeyeon respond that.

“Are you okay for me to meet him?” Taeyeon asked hesitated.

“If for works... I'm fine... but make sure he didn't have thought more than that...or, I won't let him go,” Jiyong replied with firm.

Taeyeon smirk when she saw Jiyong jealous face.

“You're so jealous, aren't you?” Taeyeon asked to tease.

“If related with my beloved, yes... I am...” Jiyong replied.

Taeyeon smiles before she went to cuddle him.

“Arghh… I really love my husband,” Taeyeon muttered while cuddle.

“I know… I love you more…” Jiyong replied before he kisses her head.

“Can we go out now? You haven't had dinner yet...” Taeyeon said while looking at Jiyong.

“Sure, dear…” Jiyong replied before he pecks her lips.






Mrs. Kwon sits at the lobby, hotel while waiting for someone. After she comes back from holiday, she didn't dare to go home after what she's done to Taeyeon before. In fact, she's not ready to face Jiyong fierce for hurting his wife. Minutes later, Grace comes to approach her with smiles.

“Imo…!” Grace greet before she hugs her.

“Thank you for coming…” Mrs. Kwon said with smiles.

“Where have you been?” Grace asked.

“LA…” Mrs. Kwon replied with chuckles.

“What are you doing there? You have fun in there?” Grace asked.

“Well… I’m happy to meet my friend there… so, how’s Jiyong? Is anything happened around here?” Mrs. Kwon asked curious.

Grace makes gloomy face after she asked that.

“Everything is going wrong... halabeoji has been suspended... Dami noona... next month... she has to move to the branch... Jiyong... still busy with his works.” Grace said to tell what happened.

“What? Why they suspended halabeoji?” Mrs. Kwon asked with surprised.

Grace lifts her shoulder as sign she doesn’t know why.

Mrs. Kwon sigh before she continue asks

“What about Jiyong wife?”

“Taeyeon? She's still loyal to Jiyong. Sometimes, she will come to bring lunch for Jiyong... Imo, don't you think we waste our time to separate them? They look so much love from day to day... it's hurt to see that but, now... I don't know...” Grace said with unconfident.

Mrs. Kwon feels uneasy after Grace start to hesitant.

“Don’t you want to make them separate?” Mrs. Kwon asked uneasy.

Grace look at Mrs. Kwon face when she asked that.

For a moment, she wanted to do that but now, she feels something inside her that wants her to stop doing that. Besides, after what just happened between her and Hyuk, she realizes that Hyuk is the one she loved. She feels uneasy when Hyuk decided to leave her before. In fact, if she's really make Taeyeon leave Jiyong, there is a chance for Hyuk to get close to Taeyeon, and she didn't want that to happen.

“Imo…” Grace said softly.

“Stop! Do not say anything…” suddenly Mrs. Kwon said.

Grace look at her with mixed feelings.

“I know, right now you're not in the right mind. Whatever in your head... please stop! We have the agreement... so, we must make it possible. Did you get it?” Mrs. Kwon asked with serious tone.

Grace look at her for a while before she nodded to answer her.

“Good, now… I need your help,” Mrs. Kwon continues.

“What is it?” Grace asked.

“I need to see Mr. Kwon secretary, Susan. Personally.” Mrs. Kwon replied firmly.

“Why?” Grace asked curious.

“I need to settle something with her…” Mrs. Kwon replied while smirk.

Grace looks at her with uneasy but she still agrees to help Mrs. Kwon.

“Okay…I’ll try to arrange that… so, anything else?” Grace asked.

“That’s…” Mrs. Kwon said to reply but she stop her words after she saw someone entering the hotel.

Grace frown when she saw Mrs. Kwon face change while looking at something. When she turns her head, Grace stunned after she saw Taeyeon with a man entered the hotel.

“Is that Taeyeon?” Grace asked with curious.

“That’s her…!” Mrs. Kwon replied.

Suddenly, Mrs. Kwon grab Grace arm and says

“Come... let's follow her... this precious time for us...!”

Afterward, both of them secretly went to follow Taeyeon. They saw she's and the man waiting for the elevator.

“What she’s doing?” Grace asked while frown.

“Don’t you see? She's in here with a man... what did you expect? Of course, she's cheating...! Where is my phone...? I need to record this...” Mrs. Kwon said excitedly while take her phone from the handbag.

“Imo, they’re already going…” Grace said after she saw Taeyeon and the man enter the elevator.

“Let’s go… we need to know which level they’re going…” Mrs. Kwon replied.

Both of them went toward the elevator. They saw the elevator keep go up until it stops at level 10.

“So… it’s on level 10…” Mrs. Kwon said.

“Imo, what should we do now?” Grace asked.

“Let’s ask receptionist if we can have their room number... if not, we have to find out by ourselves.” Mrs. Kwon replied.

Then, both of them went to the receptionist counter to ask about Taeyeon room.

“What should we ask?” Grace asked with uneasy.

“Wait…” Mrs. Kwon replied before she went to greet the staff.

“Imo… you really insane…” Grace muttered after she’s leaving.




Meanwhile, on the other side, Taeyeon and Wonshik walk toward the room. At first, Wonshik surprised when Taeyeon texting him to meet at the hotel. He didn't as

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