suffer of losing

please, feel my love
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As Grace promise to him before, Hyuk father sneak into the bungalow to get the locker key in Hyuk room. He stays outside for a moment to make sure no one will see him. However, at that time, he saw Grace is in the bungalow with Mrs. Kwon. Besides them, he also saw the others also is the in the living room. Then, Hyuk father smiles when he knew that's his time to enter the room without no one noticed it.

Meanwhile, in the living room, the situation a bit tense after Jiyong told that he would be moving in two months. Mrs. Kwon feels furious about it and keeps shouting to prevent them. Grace accidentally come to visit Mrs. Kwon had to be involved there. She thought that's her time to make Taeyeon feel more hurt.

“Omma… please don’t make it harder…” Jiyong said softly.

“Harder? You think I’m the one make it harder?” Mrs. Kwon asked with furious.

“Calm down, dear…” Mr. Kwon said try to reduce her angry.

“I don’t want to calm down… hey you! Is that you keep persuading him to go out? What happened to the promise before?” Mrs. Kwon asked Taeyeon with firm.

“Omma… it’s not her fault…” Jiyong suddenly said to defend his wife.

“I’m not asking you… I’m asking her…” Mrs. Kwon said try to stop Jiyong from talking.

“Oppa… why you have to treat imo like this…?” Grace asked try to defend Mrs. Kwon.

Jiyong look at Grace with irate.

“Stay out…” Jiyong said firmly.

“Eomeoni… it's our decision to move out. I think we should live independent...” Taeyeon replied bravely.

Mrs. Kwon feels more furious when Taeyeon answer her calmly. Also, she can see her eyes look at her with different look.

“Independent? What a stupid reason! Then… what if anything happen to the baby?” Mrs. Kwon asked try to make them uneasy.

“Omma… the baby will be fine,” Jiyong replied to persuade.

“No…! I don’t believe... if something happens, will you be responsible?” Mrs. Kwon asked with angry.

Taeyeon look at Mrs. Kwon with uneasy when she mention like that.

“Omma… she’s my responsible… and of course the baby too…I’ll take care of them,” Jiyong replied still try to calm down his mother.

“Please… calm down…” halabeoji said try to reduce the tense.

“No abeoji! She is too much! She thinks I will agree with that easily? I know… she’s planning something to against me…!” Mrs. Kwon said still look at Taeyeon with firm.

“Omma... what do you want from Jiyong actually? If he's staying... doesn't mean you changed. So, let him be... he had his wife and now, waiting for a baby... let him live with peace...” suddenly Dami said to defend Jiyong.

“I want him to stay! It’s that hard for him to do that? He is my son… and his places is here… with me! Also… that’s baby… is my grandchild! I have my right to forbid them to leave...!” Mrs. Kwon said it with angry face.

“… but he…” Dami try to speak but Jiyong stops her.

He shakes his head and then Dami didn’t say anything.

“Omma… I know I am your son… but I also her husband. What I’m doing right now is just not for me… it’s for our life and future…. I don’t care you’re agree or not… I already get the house and we’re going to move out in two month,” Jiyong said with serious tone.

Suddenly, Mrs. Kwon lost her temper. She takes the nearby vase and throws it in front of Taeyeon. All of them startled with her sudden reaction. Halabeoji signal Jiyong to take Taeyeon out from there. When Jiyong is about to leave, suddenly, his uncle come to approach them in living room.

“Samchon…?” Jiyong calls with surprised.

All of them also startled when they saw Hyuk father in that bungalow.




“No one will leave…” Hyuk father said while he’s holding a knife in his hand.

“Samchon…” Jiyong call him softly.

“What you’re doing in here?” halabeoji asked with surprised.

Hyuk father look at Grace with angry.

“Are you trying to play with me?” he asked furiously.

All of them turn to look at Grace when he asked that.

Grace start to feel uneasy when they’re looking at her.

“What’s going on?” Mrs. Kwon asked curious.

“She’s promised me to give money for me leave the country…” Hyuk father replied to answer.

“Samchon…! Don’t accuse me…!” Grace said try to defend herself.

Hyuk father scoff when he saw her reaction.

“I have no time… where the key is?” he asked straight to the point.

“What key?” Mr. Kwon asked confused.

“Answer me! Where is the key?” Hyuk father suddenly shouts with angry.

Grace startled before she slowly says

“It’s in Hyuk room…”

“Don’t lie…! I already went there…” he replied with firm.

Grace stunned with surprised. As she knows, she’s already put the key in Hyuk room.

“I swear! I already put it in that book…!” Grace said to make him believe.

“Then… why I can’t find it?” he asked furiously.

Suddenly, halabeoji look at them and asks

“Is this the key that you're looking for?”

Grace stunned when she saw the key in halabeoji hand.

“The butler gives it to me… he saw Grace enter Hyuk room and I ask him to look into it…”

Hyuk father look at halabeoji with irate.

“Appa… give me that key,” he said with firm.

“I won’t give it to you… You already make many mistakes... so, I won't let that happen again...” halabeoji replied try to control his emotion.

“Appa… if you don’t want give it, then… I have no choice except with force.” He said try to warn.

“Samchon… please, don’t act stupidly…” Jiyong suddenly said try to stop him.

Hyuk father look at Jiyong and then he saw Taeyeon stand behind him.

“It's look like my warning using your wife didn't bother you, huh?” he asked while smirk evilly.

Jiyong start to feel irate when he mention about the past incident.

“What? Now you want to punch me, aren’t you?” Hyuk father asked try to provoke Jiyong.

Jiyong grip his teeth to control his anger. However, at that time, Grace took that opportunity to sneak out from there. Hyuk father noticed it, and he hurriedly went to stop her. He grab Grace arm roughly while the knife pointed to her face.

“You want to run away, huh?” he asked with irate.

All of them startled when they saw the scene.

“I know you’re have no intend for doing this… but please… put down the knife…” suddenly Mr. Kwon said to him.

“Please, samchon… don’t make more mistakes…” Dami said while crying.

“I have no choice… I already make Hyuk in prison, my family will not believe me anymore… I already done…” he said while crying.

“No… you still have us…” halabeoji said try to comfort him.

“Appa… you know I’m bad son. Please don’t give me a hope…” he replied with crying.

When Hyuk father absorb with his emotion, Jiyong take that opportunity to grab the knife from him. However, when a fight broke out, the knife, hit Jiyong arm and the blood coming out from there. Mrs. Kwon shout with fearful, meanwhile Taeyeon look at them with worried. After the knife fell on the floor, Mr. Kwon rashly went to take it, but Hyuk father's faster than him and take back the knife. When the knife in his hand, he went to approach Grace, but Mrs. Kwon try to stop him. Without thinking, he moves the knife to stab Mrs. Kwon. However, without realizing it, Taeyeon comes to block with her body and then, the knife stabbing Taeyeon tummy.

“Taeyeon!” Jiyong shouts when he saw the scene.

All of them stunned after saw the knife hit Taeyeon.

Jiyong hurriedly went toward his wife before he's holding her in his arm.

“Jiyong…the baby…” Taeyeon said stuttered in pain.

Hyuk father’s release the knife after what just happened. His hands trembles while his eyes look at Taeyeon that already covered with blood. Mrs. Kwon and Grace also stunned while their eyes start to cry.

“Call the ambulance…!” halabeoji shouts.

Dami went to approach Taeyeon while she’s holding her hand.

“Jiyong… save the baby…” Taeyeon said with stuttered.

Jiyong continue his crying while holding Taeyeon body.

“Please… hold… stays with me…” Jiyong said while crying.

“Save… the baby…it’s hurt…” Taeyeon said while her tears flow non-stop.

Dami continue crying when she saw them.

Mrs. Kwon don’t know what should she do and she just stand there with mixed feelings.





After get off from ambulance, Jiyong keep holding his wife hand when the medical staffs pushed Taeyeon to the emergency ward.

“I’m here… holding on there…” Jiyong keeps saying to Taeyeon.

“The baby… Jiyong…” Taeyeon continue muttered her worried about the baby.

“Sir, you have to wait out here…,” the staff said while stop Jiyong from entering the emergency room.

Jiyong stand with restless after Taeyeon was taken to the operation room. With his clothes filled by the blood, many people look at him with mixed feelings. Afterward, Dami arrive at the hospital with Mrs. Kwon.

“How was she?” Dami asked worried.

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