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After Hyuk texting her, Grace insist on asking Jiyong to accompany her to eat at cafeteria. However, Jiyong keep refusing her because he's busy. Then, Grace threatened him by calling Mrs. Kwon. In the end, Jiyong come with force. After entering the cafeteria, Grace looks around to find Hyuk, however, Jiyong is already going to the empty place nearby the window. Grace pout, but then she's smiling when she noticed Hyuk and Taeyeon are nearby. She’s went to sit in front of him, but Jiyong look and asks

“Did you say you're hungry? So... why are you sitting here...? Go get your foods...”

Grace makes a face after Jiyong said that. Anyhow, she's stop and act like she's saw something.

“Is that Hyuk oppa? What's he doing in here?” Grace asked while looking at Hyuk.

However, Jiyong just ignore her and he’s focusing on his phone. Grace grunt slowly before she continue says

“Who is with him? She's look familiar... isn't that Taeyeon?”

Then, Jiyong turn around after he heard Taeyeon name. At that time, he saw Hyuk is chatting happily with his wife. Jiyong hurriedly get up from his sit to approach them. Grace smiles widely before she went to follow behind him.

Hyuk notice Jiyong is approaching them, but he just continues to have chatting with Taeyeon.

“What a coincidence,” Jiyong said sarcastic.

Taeyeon stunned when she saw Jiyong is there, meanwhile Hyuk smiles to greet him.

“Oh… hi there…” suddenly Grace greet them while she’s grabbing Jiyong arm.

Taeyeon saw them together and she’s smiling awkwardly.

“What are you doing here?” Jiyong asked Taeyeon with jealous.

“Oh… I’m here…to meet you…” Taeyeon replied awkwardly.

“Is it? Why I didn't get a call?” Jiyong asked sarcastic.

“That’s…” Taeyeon hesitated to answer him.

“What are you two talking about? Talking bad about me?” Jiyong continue asked with irate.

“Jiyong…” Taeyeon call his name.

“Are you done eating?” Jiyong suddenly asked.

Afterward, Jiyong push Grace hand from him before he went to pull Taeyeon to get up.

“Sorry, we have to go... Grace, you can eat with Hyuk.” Jiyong continues said before he left the cafeteria by pulling Taeyeon hand.

Hyuk smirk after he saw Jiyong take Taeyeon away.

“Why are you smiling?” Grace asked while se sit in front of him.

“Nothing… our plan just begun...” Hyuk replied still smiling.

“After this, it's my turn...” Grace said.

Hyuk nodded to agree with her.




After they're away from cafeteria, Jiyong push Taeyeon aside with irate. Taeyeon stunned with Jiyong sudden act and she says

“Jiyong…what are you doing?”

“Shouldn't I ask that?” Jiyong asked firmly.

“It's not what you think...” Taeyeon replied.

“What is it, then?” Jiyong asked with jealous.

“I'll tell you... but you have to keep calm first... I don't like to see your tense face like this...” Taeyeon replied try to comfort Jiyong.

“Why? You found someone more attractive?” Jiyong asked sarcastic.

Taeyeon sigh when she knows Jiyong still mad at her.

“Look… I'm here for Tiffany. I promise to meet her today, but she's so busy and ask me to meet her, here. That's why I come to the company. But, I meet Hyuk at elevator in my way to see her. I have no choice except to tell him, I'm here for it?” Taeyeon said while trying to tell Jiyong the truth.

Jiyong stares at her, try to trust her words. Then, Jiyong pull her into his embrace and he slowly says


Taeyeon smiles slightly after Jiyong apologies to her.

“Sorry for doubting you...” Jiyong continues while his hand Taeyeon hair gently.

“So, may I know why you're there with Grace?” suddenly Taeyeon asked curiously.

Jiyong release his hug before he reply

“She forced me to accompany her to eat... I already refused, but she's threatened me with omma. You trust me, aren't you?”

“Should I?” Taeyeon asked teasingly.

“I swear, dear. I won't come with her if not because of omma...” Jiyong replied with serious tone.

Suddenly, Taeyeon chuckles after she saw Jiyong face. Meanwhile, Jiyong look at her with confused.

“Of course, I trust you, love... Besides, I know you're busy, so it's weird to see you go there at that hours...” Taeyeon said while smiling.

Jiyong smiles after he heard her words. He can't resist when seeing his wife smiling. Without warning, Jiyong pull her and then kiss her lips to show his love.

“Yah! Behave yourself…” Taeyeon said after pushing him away.

Jiyong continue his smiles without replying her.

“Hurm... may I go now? Fany must be waiting for me...” Taeyeon continue.

Jiyong nodded and then he says

“Let me take you there…”

After that, both of them walk toward the financial department together.




Before they reach the financial department, Taeyeon get a texting from Yoona that ask Taeyeon to go down to the ground floor. Taeyeon said to Jiyong that he could leave her and let him continue his works. However, Jiyong insist on accompanying her until they arrive at the ground floor.

“Are you sure she’s asked you to come down here?” Jiyong asked when they’re arrive at the ground floor.

“Yeah… but… it's look creepy... why your company have this place?” Taeyeon asked while she’s walking behind Jiyong.

“I don't know either... perhaps, they're using to murder someone in here...” Jiyong replied jokingly.

“Jiyong… stop scaring me…” Taeyeon said while she hold Jiyong arm tightly.

Jiyong chuckles, but his hand never left her hand.

After the corner, both of them saw a mysterious room in front of them. Taeyeon keep pushing Jiyong to lead the way while she's hiding behind him.

“Thank god, I'm here with you now... if not, look at you... I didn't think you will come here alone...” Jiyong said teasingly.

“Shut up... you know I'm not scared, just...not familiar with this place...” Taeyeon replied try to cover herself.

Jiyong smiling before he says

“You think I'm familiar... hey, why don't you call your friend again... ask her where we should go...?”

“Oh! Yeah, you’re right… waits…” Taeyeon replied while she takes out her phone.

Suddenly, before she's call Yoona, Dami greet behind them.

“Why are you here?” Dami asked.

Taeyeon shouted with surprise, meanwhile Jiyong went to hugs his wife.

“Aahhh…” Dami also shouts with surprised when Taeyeon start to shouts.

“Dear… stop… it’s noona…” Jiyong said to stop Taeyeon from shouts.

“Yah! It’s me…!” Dami said after both of them notice her presence.

“Unnie… you startled me…” Taeyeon said while touch her chest.

Dami laughs after she saw Jiyong and Taeyeon face.

“You two surprised me!” Dami replied while laughs at them.

Jiyong shakes his head while look at them.

“Noona, what are you doing here?” Jiyong asked.

“I should ask you two that… why are you two here?” Dami asked.

“Yoona asked me to come here…” Taeyeon replied.

“Oh… arasso. Come, follow me…” Dami said before she goes in front of them and she’s lead the way.

Both of them just follow her until they're arriving in front of the metal door. Dami knock three times, but then she's stop before she continues with single knock. Afterward, the door is opening from inside.

“Come…” Dami said to them.

After both of them enter the room, it's like in another world. The room is so brightness with the lamp and it’s clean. However, there are several documents scattered on the table. The surrounding is filled with shelves full of financial books and files. Taeyeon look at the room with awe.

“Noona, what are you doing in this room?” suddenly Jiyong asked.

Dami smiles before her reply

“Welcome to my secret playroom...”

Jiyong look at her with confused.

Dami laughs and then she continues says

“Let me introduce my team, this is Tiffany, as you know, she's my financial assistant...Yoona, the accountant... Seohyun, she’s prosecutor assistant my clerk and… the last one, Taeyeon, our head accountant. I hire them to help me with the investigation. This place is our secret place for meeting. Everyone... this little brother, Kwon Jiyong. He's our assistant director.”

“Hi everyone…wow… noona, all of them look like Charlie’s angel...” Jiyong said with mixed feelings.

All of them laugh when Jiyong mention that.

“So, my wife will be working with these people?” Jiyong asked with relieve because they are all girls.

Dami nodded.

“Glad to know that…” Jiyong continue.

Taeyeon narrow her eyes after Jiyong said that.

“Yah! Didn't you trust me?” Taeyeon asked firmly.

“No…no…no… it’s not what I mean… I just feel it relieve…” Jiyong replied try to cover himself.

“Okay, enough you two. Jiyong, you can leave her now with us. We have something to discuss…” suddenly Dami said to stop them.

“Arasso… give me one minute…” Jiyong said before he pulls Taeyeon aside.

“What?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Call me after you done. We're going back together... okay?” Jiyong asked.

“Nae~” Taeyeon replied cutely.

“Good, take care…” Jiyong said before he went to kiss her cheek.

“Yah! They’re here…” Taeyeon said while push him away.

Jiyong chuckles before he says

“Okay, girls... nice to meet you. Do the best... ask me if you need any help... and take care of my wife...”

“Go now…” Taeyeon said while her face is blushing.

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