healing her

please, feel my love
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Jiyong arrive at the home after dinner hours. He felt uneasy after all his call and texting not answered by Taeyeon. While he's stepping the stairs, suddenly, he heard someone calling his name slowly.

“Young master…” the maid call him from the kitchen door.

Jiyong look at her with strange before he went toward the kitchen.

After that, the maid pulls him into the storage room. Jiyong felt uneasy when she does like that.

“What are you doing?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Shuh…slow down, or anyone could hear us…” the maid replied.

“What do you want?” Jiyong asked uneasy.

“Well… it’s about young lady…” the maid replied with hesitated.

“What happen?” Jiyong asked with worried.

After that, the maid tell him everything that happen to Taeyeon on that day. From her family enter come until Taeyeon cried when her food was thrown away.

“Oh God…” Jiyong said while rub his face with bitterly disappointed.

“I’m worried about young lady…she hasn't eaten yet until now...” the maid replied with worried.

“Arasso…thank you for telling me…” Jiyong said.

The maid nodded.

After that, both of them walk out from the room. Jiyong went to the kitchen, and then he looks at the dustbin.

“Did omma throw is everything?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Yes, but Mrs. Tan keep the leftover, just in case young lady want it...” the maid replied.

Jiyong silent for a while before he says

“Bring the dinner to my room... with the dishes too... it's from her omma... she needs to taste it.”

“Yes, young master…” the maid replied before she went to prepare the dinner.

Afterward, Jiyong go to his room to see his wife.

Jiyong take a deep breath before he enters the room. He straightly went to find his wife on the couch. Jiyong saw Taeyeon is sleeping, but he can see her swollen eyes in effect from crying. Jiyong kneeling beside the couch before his hand touch Taeyeon face softly. He can sense her cheek still wet from the crying. Jiyong feel guilty to let her face his mother behavior. He knows that his mother can be crueler if she wanted.

“You’re backs…” suddenly Taeyeon voice greets him.

“Yeah…” Jiyong replied while try to hold his emotion.

Taeyeon smiles while she gets up from the lay. Jiyong saw that she's forcing to smiles in front of him. Her swollen eyes don’t suit with those smiles.

“Are you okay, dear?” Jiyong asked while rub her cheek slowly.

Taeyeon nodded with smiles.

“Jiwoong said that they want to visit you, did they come?” Jiyong asked curious.

Taeyeon face change after Jiyong asked that.

“Yeah…” Taeyeon replied but suddenly her tears flowed again.

“Hey… come here…” Jiyong said while he pulls her into his embrace.

After that, Taeyeon continue crying on his shoulder. She let out all her sad in her tears while Jiyong rub her back softly. For a moment, Jiyong just let her crying until she's calm. He knew, she can't talk bad about his mother in front of him, but he also didn't want her to bear it alone.

Few minutes later, they hear someone knock on the door.

“Coming…!” Jiyong said.

Taeyeon release the hugs and then look at Jiyong.

“Come... let's eat. The maid said that you didn't eat anything yet...” Jiyong said softly.

Then, Taeyeon saw the maid place the tray that fulfill with foods on the table.

“Young master asked me to prepare this…,” the maid said with smiles.

Taeyeon look at Jiyong face after the maid said that.

After the maid leave, Jiyong places all the dishes in front of Taeyeon. He went to seat in front of her while accompany Taeyeon eat her foods.

“Isn't this omma dishes?” Taeyeon asked while point to the bowl.

Jiyong nodded before he reply

“Mrs. Tan keeps the leftover for you. At least, you can taste it.”

Afterward, Taeyeon take the rice and she ate it with her mother dishes. The tears keep flowing while she munches the foods. Taeyeon wipe her tears and continues munches her foods. Jiyong saw his wife in tears, and he knew how much she's missed her mother. Jiyong keep silent while his eyes staring at his wife eating.




After Taeyeon finish eating, Jiyong ask her to get a rest while he takes the tray into the kitchen. Inside the kitchen, he saw Mr. Kwon is there, drinking. Jiyong put the tray in the sink before he turns to look at his father.

“Will you let omma torture Taeyeon like this?” Jiyong asked angry tone.

Mr. Kwon looks at him with confused.

“I know you two didn't like her... but it doesn't mean you can torture her like that. If that happen again, I won't hesitate to leave this house and the company.” Jiyong continue firmly.

“What did omma do?” suddenly Mr. Kwon asked.

After that Jiyong tell him the situation that the maid told him before. Mr. Kwon stunned after he heard that.

“I know I can't ask her to apologies, but as her husband...you know what to do... also, I want back the ring that she took from Taeyeon. That's Taeyeon mother ring. She gave it for our wedding. I warn you, no one can harm my wife, as long I'm her husband,” Jiyong replied try to warn him.

Mr. Kwon saw Jiyong fierce face, and he's admit that's stares really scared him. Jiyong walks out from the kitchen after he said that.

Mr. Kwon rashly went to go to find his wife. Inside the room, he saw Mrs. Kwon is talking with someone on the phone. He saw she's laughs and he heard she says

“Yeah... I want to let her know who the real queen in the house is. How dare, she's trying to warn me...”

Afterward, Mr. Kwon went to snatch her phone from her, and he threw it on the bed.

“Yah! What are you doing?”Mrs. Kwon asked with furious.

“You tell me... what did you do to Taeyeon?” Mr. Kwon asked with angry face.

Mrs. Kwon silent after she saw her husband is angry.

“Tell me!” Mr. Kwon shouts when his wife keeps silent.

“Why?” suddenly Mrs. Kwon asked with furious.

Mr. Kwon looks at her with narrow eyes.

“Jiyong already told me what just happened today... did you do that to her?” Mr. Kwon asked firm.

Mrs. Kwon starts to feel uneasy after her husband said that.

“So... she dares to tell Jiyong... that bastard!” Mrs. Kwon muttered slowly.

“I want you to go and apologies to her...now!” suddenly Mr. Kwon said with firm.

“What? No… never!” Mrs. Kwon replied with ego.

“If not... then, give back her ring. That’s belonging to her!” Mr. Kwon said.

Mrs. Kwon stares at her husband with angry after he said that.

“Is that what she asked Jiyong to say that? The ring? She wanted it back?” Mrs. Kwon asked furiously.

However, Mr. Kwon did reply her.

“I don't care what she says, I won't give back her ring...!” Mrs. Kwon continues with anger.

Without warning, Mr. Kwon went to slap Mrs. Kwon face roughly. He continues by grip her face with hard before he says

“Does what I say before you'll regret it. If Jiyong leave the house and the company, I won't go to anyone except you! Mind that...! Now, give me the ring...!”

Mr. Kwon releases her after he said that. Mrs. Kwon holds her face while crying. In the end, she went to her jeweler box, and then she takes the ring out from there. Mr. Kwon snatches it from her before he went to go toward Jiyong room.

“You will regret for doing this to me, Taeyeon...!” Mrs. Kwon muttered with angered.





Taeyeon walk out from the bathroom while wipe her wet hair. She looks at Jiyong with confused when she saw Jiyong wearing the casual clothes.

“You are not going to the office?” Taeyeon asked while looking at him.

Jiyong turns when Taeyeon asked him.

“Nope… Today is my off day. I want to go out with my wife...” Jiyong replied while approaching her.

Taeyeon look at him with strange but Jiyong continue his smiles before he pinch her cheek softly.

“Now, go get ready... we have a place to visit...” Jiyong continue while he pushes her into the wardrobe room.

Taeyeon frown but she still listens to his words.

Jiyong smiles, and then he went to go preparing something before they go out. He takes the ring that his father gives him last night, and then he put it into the small box with care. After that, he takes the box before he put into his jacket pocket.

“Where are we going?” Taeyeon asked after come out from the wardrobe room.

“Surprise…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

Taeyeon still feel strange but at the same time, she feel excited to spend her time with Jiyong.

“Are you ready now?” Jiyong asked when he saw Taeyeon comb her hair in front of the mirror.

“Wait up…” Taeyeon replied.

Jiyong went to approach her before he hugs her from behind.

“Jiyong, did you behave like this because of me crying last night? You know I'm okay, right?” Taeyeon asked with suspicious.

Jiyong didn't answer her, he just lean his chin on her shoulder and stares her reflection in the mirror. Taeyeon can see Jiyong face from the mirror before she continues says

“I tell you... I'm fine,”

“Arasso… can we go now?” Jiyong asked before he kisses her cheek.

“Sure…” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

Afterward, he releases his hug and then went to hold Taeyeon hand. He gives her handbag before he grabs his jacket with him.

While going down the stairs, they both ran into Mrs. Kwon on the stairs. Both of them are statue, but Mrs. Kwon just ignores them and continues her steps. Taeyeon feel uncomfortable after she saw Mrs. Kwon staring firmly at her, but Jiyong notice it, and he pulls her to go with him.

“Come, let’s go…” Jiyong said still holding her hand.

Taeyeon smiles slightly before she’s go with him.




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