Doubt or loyal

please, feel my love
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Taeyeon eyes keep wandering to find her husband, even though she's with her friends. Yuri and Hyoyeon, her college friends, are also invited to her wedding. However, Yoona couldn't make it because of her works.

“I think I saw your husband somewhere... his face so familiar...” Yuri suddenly said.

“You see him before?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“I’m not sure… but I think I see him somewhere…” Yuri replied while try to remember.

“If you're asking Yuri, forget it... you know she never remembered people face...” Hyoyeon said jokingly.

Taeyeon chuckles before she says

“Remember when she mistook our warden with the lecturer...”

“Yeah…I remember... she confidently sent her assignment to the warden room instead of the lecturer room...” Hyoyeon said while laughs.

“Yah…yah… stop teasing me… you know my memory so bad to remember people face…” Yuri replied try to defend herself.

“Thank god you still remember my face…” Hyoyeon said jokingly.

“Tae…” suddenly Daesung call her name when he approaching her.

“Hey, you came…” Taeyeon said happily.

“Of course I come… so congratulation…” Daesung said with smiles to wish her.

“Thank you…so, when you going back to Japan?” Taeyeon asked.

“I’m not sure yet… but for now, I have a work at Seoul...” Daesung replied.

“Hey, let me introduce you to my friends… this Hyoyeon and Yuri…” Taeyeon said while point to her friends.

Daesung smiles at them before he says

“Hi… I’m Daesung… ”

“I didn't know you have male friend... he is cute too... I don’t understand why you waste your time with Wonshik.” Suddenly Hyoyeon blurt out.

Yuri nudge Hyoyeon waist after she said that.

Taeyeon saw her friend’s reaction and then she says

“Don’t worry... I already moved on from him... besides, both of us already have each other partner.”

“Yeah, you should... besides, I heard from the sunbae that Wonshik got a problem with his work now...and his wife leave him after him broke...” Yuri replied.

Taeyeon surprised to hear that from Yuri and then she ask

“Is it true?”

Yuri nodded slowly and then Hyoyeon says

“I think last month, I went to the pub with my colleague, and I saw him drunk in there.”

Taeyeon didn’t respond after she hear that from them.

“Hey, did your husband know about him?” suddenly Daesung asked.

“Huh?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Did GD know about him?” Daesung asked again.

Taeyeon shake her head slowly.

“Good, don't tell him if he's not asking. You already become his wife, and move on... be happy.” Daesung said to advice.

“Yeah, he’s right…but what will she do if his asking?” Hyoyeon asked.

“Then, just tell him the truth…” Yuri replied.

“The truth?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Yeah… Wonshik is her past… her husband is her future… so, I don’t see the problem…” Yuri replied.

“She’s have a point…” Daesung said to agree with Yuri.

“Yup, if he’s not asking just ignore it, if you want to tell him… just tell him the truth…” Hyoyeon said.

“Tell what’s?” suddenly Jiyong asked from behind Taeyeon.

All of them are startled when Jiyong suddenly appear. They chuckle awkwardly before Daesung cover it by saying

“Tell that you two look so good together... aren't we?”

“Yeah…” Yuri and Hyoyeon said the same time.

Jiyong smiles when he heard that, and then he turns to look at Taeyeon before he went to grab her hand. Taeyeon smirk awkwardly when she felt Jiyong is holding her hand.

“Come… let meet up my family...” Jiyong said softly.

Taeyeon nodded and then both of them walk away from there.

“They are looking good together...” Daesung mutter slowly.

Yuri and Hyoyeon nodded to agree with him.

Suddenly, Yuri saw Grace in the crowd. Then, she remembered why she felt Jiyong face is so familiar. It's because she has seen him with Grace a few months earlier. At that time, Grace introduces him as her boyfriend. Yuri saw Taeyeon and Jiyong are walking together, and she knew she shouldn't say anything would ruin her friend happiness. In the end, she remained silent without intend to tell Taeyeon about it.


After the ceremony ended, that night Mrs. Kim holds a party with the village community to celebrate the newlywed. All of her friends come to enjoy the night with the foods and alcohol. The chief lead the party with singing and dancing. That night, Taeyeon and Jiyong still have a fun even though they're tired from the ceremony.

“Unnie, you can go get a rest if you’re tired…” Hayeon said when she saw Taeyeon yawn.

“I’m fine…” Taeyeon said while looking at the people dancing.

Suddenly, Jiyong come with the water in his hand. He gave the water to Taeyeon and says

“Drink it… you look exhausted”

Taeyeon take the water from him before she sips it slowly.

Jiyong take a seat beside her while his eyes looking at the people partying.

Taeyeon take a glance at her husband while she's drinking the water. At that time, her mind remembers back the meeting between her and Grace.




After Jiyong took her to meet halabeoji, Dami, Hyuk and his uncle, Taeyeon bring herself to get a drink. While she's pour the drink, suddenly Grace come to approach her.

“Are you happy now after get Jiyong?” Grace asked irate.

Taeyeon look at her without respond to her question.

“You think you can be happy after destroying my engagement?” Grace continues with furious.

Taeyeon still didn’t respond her after she asked that.

“You can be happy now, but you still don't get her mother bless. It's a sign that you're not her choice to be daughter-in-law...” Grace said try to make Taeyeon uncomfortable.

Taeyeon smirk before she says

“Can I rephrase back the statement? I maybe not her choice to be daughter-in-law, but I'm his son choice to be his wife... you should think again... you may have her bless... but never get his love.”

Grace looks at Taeyeon with firm after she said that.

“What make you confidently say Jiyong loves you? You know he's using you to against his parents...” Grace replied try to provoke Taeyeon.

Taeyeon smiles slightly, and then she sips her drink until finish. Afterward, she just walks away from there. However, Grace went to grab her arm to stop her.

“You know I won't keep silent after what you have done to me...” Grace said firm.

Taeyeon push her hand away from her before she reply

“I'm sorry if you're thinking I'm ruining your fact, I didn't know anything about that engagement...if you want to keep blaming me, it's up to you... I have no grudge with you... enjoy the ceremony.”

After she said that, Taeyeon continue her steps to leave the area. However, inside, she felt uneasy when Grace threatened her. She felt sorry for her, but at the same time, her doubt keeps raising.




“Are you okay, dear?” suddenly Jiyong voice greets her.

“Huh?” Taeyeon look at him with confused.

Jiyong chuckles when he saw her reaction. He then went to fix her hair and tuck it behind her ear gently. Taeyeon feel strange inside her when Jiyong do that. She stares at him while try to read in his mind. However, she's just seeing Jiyong keep smiling at her while his holding her hand.

“You have something to say?” suddenly Jiyong asked when he notices Taeyeon keep staring at him.

Taeyeon look at him for a while before she nodded.

“What is it?” Jiyong asked smiling.

Then, Taeyeon looks around before she says

“There are too crowded here, come with me...”

She pulls Jiyong into the house. Then, they went to the attic, where Mrs. Kim changes it as their newlywed room. After she closed the door, she asked Jiyong to seat on the bed. Jiyong felt strange with her, but he just did what she said.

“What’s wrong?” Jiyong asked uneasy.

Taeyeon is standing in front of him without saying anything. She looks hesitated to ask him or not. In the end, she curiously asks

“I want you to be honest with me... we're married because you want someone to pretend to be your wife and stop your parents from engage you with somebody. Am I right?”

Jiyong nodded slowly and then says


“Okay... so, if your ex-fiancé accused me the reason to ruin the engagement... it's that fair for me? You know, I have no idea about your engagement with her before I come to the place...” Taeyeon said firm.

“You two meet? Did she say something?” Jiyong asked curious.

“No… nothing…” Taeyeon replied with hesitated.

“You didn't deny about meeting her... oh God, I'm so sorry... I shouldn't let you be alone...” Jiyong said while get up from the bed.

Then, he went to get close to her and hold her arm softly.

“What did she say? Did she say something hurt you?” Jiyong asked worried.

Taeyeon look at him before she slowly says

“Well... I'm not offended with her words... just little...”

Jiyong sigh deeply before he pulls her into his embrace.

“I’m so s

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