coincidence to avoid

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Mrs. Kwon came home after being in the ward for two days. She is now looked after by a maid but at the same time, Jiyong and Dami will take turns to take care of her. As usual, Mr. Kwon leaves for overseas on business matters. That makes the things worse between him and his family.

That weekend, Taeyeon ask Jiyong to accompany her to the college members gathering. She's plan it with Yoona to ask everyone to meet, so she can introduce Jiyong to all her friends. She doesn't want the rumor will make everyone misunderstand her, especially, Jiyong.

“Are you sure I'm okay with this shirt?” Jiyong asked after wearing the denim shirt.

“Yes, dear. You look handsome,” Taeyeon praise him.

Jiyong grin before he went to peck her lips.

“Yah! You're ruining my lipstick...” Taeyeon said while push him.

“Nope... it's too bright...” Jiyong replied.

“Is it?” Taeyeon asked while she looks in the mirror.

Jiyong chuckles before he went to hugs her from behind.

“Should I know something before I go meet with your friends?” Jiyong asked before he kisses her cheek.

“What do you want to know?” Taeyeon asked while look at him from the mirror reflection.

“Anything…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

“Hurmm…” Taeyeon mutter while thinking of something.

At that time, Jiyong lips are already playing kiss on her neck.

“Well... all of them are my course mate. But, with different years.” Taeyeon said while trying to hold her ticklish from Jiyong kiss.

“So... there will be sunbae and hoobae?” Jiyong asked while look at her from the mirror reflection.

Taeyeon nodded.

“Is that including...him?” suddenly Jiyong asked with uneasy.

Taeyeon turn her body around to face him. She hugs his waist before she says


“Oh… I see…” Jiyong replied with nodded.

“Will you be okay?” Taeyeon asked with uneasy.

Jiyong grin before he went to peck her lips.

“Of course, I'm okay with it... besides, the one that with you right now is me... not him...” Jiyong replied while hugging her.

“By the way, if you hear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, just ask me... do not assume anything. Got it?” Taeyeon asked with serious.

“Why should I hear that? Did something happen, should I not know?” Jiyong asked with strange.

“Just answer me…” Taeyeon replied.

“Arasso… I won’t assume anything unless I hear from you.” Jiyong said while he pinches her cheek softly.

“Great… love you,” Taeyeon said before she went to peck his lips.

“I know… love you more…” Jiyong replied by hugging her tightly.






Everyone is already there including Yuri, Hyoyeon and Yoona. Yoona already told Yuri and Hyoyeon why she's arranging the meeting and ask them to cooperate with her. As Taeyeon friends, they know what exactly happen between Taeyeon and Wonshik. So, they're there to help Taeyeon clean up the misunderstanding.

“Hey Yoona, why you ask to meet today?” one of them asked.

“Oh… well, I have something to tell and stop the rumor.” Yoona replied.

“What rumor?” Sanghyuk asked while lift his eyebrows.

Yuri and Hyoyeon look at him with irate.

“Why you should bother if that's news is not true?” suddenly Wonshik asked casually.

Yoona look at him with annoy before she reply

“It's not about true or not. It's about my friend dignity. As her friend, I should tell all of you the truth.”

“So… what is it?” Sanghyuk asked impatient.

“We should wait for Taeyeon. She’s the one will explain it…” suddenly Yuri interrupts.

Afterward, they saw Taeyeon and Jiyong are entering the café together. Sanghyuk look at Wonshik with uneasy, meanwhile Wonshik look at them with mixed feelings.

“Hi everybody. Sorry, I’m late…” Taeyeon said to greet her friends.

“Tae, come have a seat…” Hyoyeon said while pull the chair beside her.

Taeyeon keep holding Jiyong hand while they went to seat beside Hyoyeon.

All of their friends stare at Jiyong and Taeyeon with many thought. Who is this guy? Why she has to bring him? What, actually, happen here?

“Unnie, who is this?” one of her junior asked.

Taeyeon smiles and then she says

“That’s why I’m here with him. I would like to introduce my husband, Kwon Jiyong.”

Jiyong smiles shyly before he nodded to them.

All of them startled after she said that

“Husband?” one of them asked confused.

Taeyeon nodded.

“Yes, I'm married two months ago. I'm sorry for not inform that...” Taeyeon replied with awkward.

“So… it's that mean... you and Wonshik are no longer together?” the other one asked with curious.

“That story is long gone. So, whatever rumor that you read... is not true.  ” Taeyeon replied firmly.

Jiyong frown before he went to whisper in Taeyeon ear.

“What rumor?” Jiyong asked in whisper.

“Then, why they want to start the rumor if not true? That's worst!” suddenly one of her junior said with irate.

“That’s why we’re here… to clean up the misunderstanding…” Hyoyeon said.

“Taeyeon husband! Don’t you mad after hear the rumor?” suddenly the other asked.

Jiyong stunned while look at them with confused.

“Don't drag him... he's known nothing...” suddenly Yuri said to stop them.

“Heh… it's look like she scared to let him know...” Sanghyuk suddenly said try to mocking.

Taeyeon and Jiyong look at Sanghyuk with irate after he said that.

“I’m not…” Taeyeon try to reply but Jiyong stop her.

“Let me…” Jiyong said while smiling at Taeyeon.

Jiyong look at Sanghyuk before he asks

“What should I call you?”

“Sanghyuk,” Sanghyuk replied shortly.

“Ok, Sanghyuk-shi, I know you and Taeyeon are friend. But, that doesn't make you can say that to her. As her friend, you should show some respect. Besides, even though I don't know what of rumor that all of you hear or read, as long it's not true, I won't bother it at all. After all, it's just a rumor, people make it because they're envious.” Jiyong said politely.

Taeyeon smiles proudly after Jiyong said that.

“Yes, I agree with you!” suddenly Yoona said while smiling.

Wonshik look at Jiyong with irate after he said that.

“Okay, okay… now we already know the truth. So, from now, there is no more rumors between us. Got it?” their senior asked to warn them.

“Nae…~” All of them replied at the same time.

“Okay, can we order now?” the senior asked.

After that, they continue the gathering with the foods and starts to chatting with each other. Anyhow, Sanghyuk and Wonshik didn’t feel that way. They keep silent during the gathering while looking their friends having fun.




While they're chatting, suddenly one of Taeyeon junior talk to her friend.

“Look… it’s him, right?” she asked while show the picture of Jiyong in her phone.

Her friend looks at the picture and then he look at Jiyong carefully.

“They look same...” he replied while munch the foods.

“What same? It’s really him… why don’t you try to ask him?” she asked.

“What? No, you ask him…” he replied to refuse.

In the end, the junior look at Jiyong and then she says

“Ermm… excuses me…”

However, all of them stop talking and look at the junior.

“May I know... is this you?” the junior continue while show the picture in her phone.

One of them takes the phone and then looks at the picture.

Taeyeon look at Jiyong with uneasy. She knew that's picture is from the magazine that Jiyong and his family photo shoot before this.

“He’s look same with him…” the senior said while keep comparing the picture and Jiyong.

Jiyong chuckles slowly after he saw their reaction.

“It’s him…!” suddenly Wonshik said after keep silent.

All of them look at him at the same time.

“It’s him?” the senior asked surprised.

Wonshik nodded while stares at Jiyong.

“Omo!” the junior said with surprised.

Meanwhile, the others still look confused.

“Yah! Taeyeon... you're marrying a chaebol?” the senior asked with surprised.

Taeyeon smiles awkwardly after he asked that.

Suddenly, all of them start to take their phone and search for Jiyong name.

“Sorry…” Taeyeon said slowly to Jiyong.

“Don’t be…” Jiyong replied while touch her hair gently.

“Yah…! It’s really him…!” suddenly one of her friend shouts excitedly.

Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon look at each other and then Yoona says

“Okay…okay… now everyone know him. Can we stop making him uncomfortable?”

“Yah... this is rare things happen... should we take a selfie together?” the other one asked by ignore Yoona words.


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