first kiss

please, feel my love
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He knew he had been seen it before, those teary eyes. Then, he saw Taeyeon wipe her eyes before she says

“I shouldn't involve myself with you at first...”

“No!” suddenly Jiyong said to stop her.

Taeyeon look at him with stunned.

“I know, what you are telling me... I understand what you are saying...” Jiyong continue while looking at Taeyeon eyes.

“What did you understand?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“…You felt strange inside you... so do I. You keep thinking of me... I also keep thinking about you... when we're not talking and see each other, I felt empty...” Jiyong replied to explain the truth.

Taeyeon keep looking at him without saying anything.

For the first time, she got this confession. Even though, she's had been in a relationship before, but that man never talked to her like this. Jiyong words make her heart beat rapidly.

“So… please, don't ignore me... can you?” Jiyong asked softly.

She looks at him for a while, and then Taeyeon nodded slowly to answer him.

“I won't do that...” Taeyeon replied slowly.

Then, Jiyong smiles widely before he says

“Thank you…”

Suddenly, Hayeon shouts from the barn door to call Taeyeon.

“Unnie…!” Hayeon shouts toward them.

Both of them startled with the sudden voice.

“What?” Taeyeon asked while looks at her.

“Did you two arguing again? Omma, ask me to stop it...” Hayeon said while approaching them.

Jiyong and Taeyeon are laughing after Hayeon said that.

“Nope, we're not arguing... we decided to get peace...” Jiyong said jokingly.

Hayeon look at both of them with suspicious eyes.

“Should I trust it?” Hayeon asked with doubt.

Taeyeon rolling her eyes before she grab Hayeon shoulder and then drag her out from there. Jiyong continue his smiling while looking at them. Before she left, Taeyeon once again turn to look at Jiyong and smiles widely at him.

“So it's truth both of you already making a peace...” Hayeon said after she saw her sister smiling.

“Shut up…” Taeyeon said try to cover her shyness.






Kwon Hyuk looks around to find if someone came to pick up him from the airport. Then, he saw his assistant is approaching him with serious face.

“Did you find him there?” his assistant asked.

“No… he’s not in China… and he's also not with Grace.” Hyuk replied.

“So, what next? You think he’s going somewhere?” the assistant asked curious.

“I don’t think so… I can feel he’s not gonna leave the country... did you find out where his father trying to locate him?” Hyuk asked curious.

“I don't get anything because his father also didn't know where he is now...” the assistant replied.

“Let's go to the office, appa want to meet me...” Hyuk said and then he walks away from there.

Inside the car, Kwon Hyuk is scrolling his phone to look at the message. Then, he got notice about the theme park project.

“Did my team updating about the village land? Did they get anything?” Hyuk asked his assistant.

“Village people still stubborn, they do not want to sell it.” The assistant replied.

Kwon Hyuk silent for a while before he says

“Ask them to meet me tomorrow... I have something to discuss with them...” Hyuk said afterward.

“Yes, sir…” the assistant replied.





Tiffany takes Dami into the basement office. She opens the door and shows the useless space that the company ignore. Dami looks around with impress and then she says

“This is nice... did anyone know about this place?”

“Except the cleaner, no one knows about this... they think this just a store...” Tiffany replied.

“Great… so, we can start our investigation now... also, makes sure no one will know about this place.” Dami said with serious.

“By the way, I would like to introduce you to my colleague. Can she meet you?” Tiffany asked.

“Yeah, sure…ask her to meet me in the office... besides, I want her to sign the agreement before she can work with us...” Dami replied with smiles.

“Got it…” Tiffany replied happily.

Then, both of them walk out and leave the area carefully. While they walk out from the elevator, Dami meet Hyuk in front there. She's trying to ignore him, but Hyuk went to approach her.

“You may go now,” Dami said to Tiffany.

Tiffany nodded before she leaves Dami with Hyuk.

“Hi, Dami noona... where did you come from?” Hyuk asked.

Dami smirk slightly before she reply

“Did you just come back from China?”

“How did you know?” Hyuk asked curious.

“Well… samchon mad at me for make you go there...” Dami said sarcastic.

Kwon Hyuk starts to feel uneasy after she said that.

“You know I never busy with your affairs... but whenever my name comes up... I don't feel like keeping quiet. So... don't you ever use me to cover up you again...,” Dami continue with firm.

“I’m sorry… but I’m not doing it purposely. I have my own reason…” Hyuk said to defend himself.

“Whatever it is... never does that again... or... you have to face my fierce...” Dami replied firmly.

After he said that, Dami walks away from there without looking back at him.

“Whatever…” Hyuk said to mock her.




“Coming…” Hyuk father said after he heard the knock.

“Appa… you want to meet me?” Hyuk asked from the door.

He signal is son to enter the office while he’s still talking on the phone.

Hyuk sat lazily on the nearby coach while waiting for his father to finish talking.

“When did you arrive?” he asked Hyuk.

“Recently... you have anything to say?” Hyuk asked lazily.

His father looks at him with furious before he went to approach him.  After that, he went to smack Hyuk head hard before he asks

“Why are you lying to me? Why, you're saying Dami send you to China?”

“Appa! That’s hurt…” Hyuk said while hold his head.

“Tell me… where have you been?” his father asked furious.

“Arasso…” Hyuk replied with gloomy face.

His father keeps standing while waiting for him to explain.

“I go there to find Jiyong... but he's not there... even Grace also doesn't know where he is...” Hyuk said slowly.

“Why you want to find him? Just let him be... you know it's give you more benefit when he's not here... halabeoji will adore you more... and give this company to you...” his father said try to explain.

“No appa... I ask my assistant to investigate halabeoji will. You know what I find out? Halabeoji give his shared holder to Jiyong fully! If Jiyong get that share... don't you think he's the one will get the company? That's why I want him here... and make him my black sheep...” Hyuk said try to explain his plan.

His father looks at him with curious.

“What is your plan?” he asked curiously.

Hyuk smirks and then he says

“I know about your secret account in Swiss... and where you get that money from... you know if halabeoji find out about this...we'”

He made a hand signal like a knife cut the neck. His father swallows with uneasy.

“You know Jiyong is not interested in this company, so... I want to use him and make halabeoji don't believe at him anymore. So... halabeoji will change his mind and move the share to me...” Hyuk said proudly.

His father stares at his son with mixed feelings.

“How did you know about my secret account?” he asked.

“Appa, I know everything happen in this company... besides, financial people are with me except that loyal one...Tiffany...” Hyuk replied.

“Did you keep the ledger? You know if halabeoji find that ledger, we're doom.” His father said with uneasy.

“Don't worry... I know the good place to hide it...” Hyuk replied with smiles.

His father takes a deep breath after he said that.

“So… what now? What are we going to do?” his father asked.

“We need to find Jiyong as soon as possible... and then we plan to use him...” Hyuk replied with serious tone.





Mrs. Kim and Taeyeon are doing the dumplings in the kitchen while chatting. However, Mrs. Kim notice that her daughter keep looking outside from the window every time Jiyong pass by. She's smiling with her behavior and then when she saw Jiyong again, Mrs. Kim shout to call Jiyong.

“GD!” Mrs. Kim calls him.

Taeyeon startled when her mother suddenly calls Jiyong.

“Yes, ma’am?” Jiyong asked from the door.

“If your finish outside, could you help me here?” Mrs. Kim asked with smiles.

“May I?” Jiyong asked while looking at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon nodded and then Mrs. Kim says

“We need to make it more for Mrs. Lee party.”

“Nae… I’ll go wash my hand…” Jiyong replied before he leaves.

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