his desire

please, feel my love
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After Jiyong enter the bathroom, Taeyeon went to take all their clothes on the floor to put into the laundry basket. Afterward, she went to wear her clothes before go to join the family breakfast.

When she's steps on the stair, Dami greet behind her.

“Morning, Tae…” Dami said with smiles.

“Morning…” Taeyeon replied happily.

“Wuuuu... someone looks glowing today...” Dami said teasingly.

Taeyeon stunned before she cover her face.

“Unnie, how was last night?” Taeyeon asked try to change the topic.

Dami chuckles before she pulls Taeyeon toward the swimming pool area.

“He's asking me to go out...” Dami said excitedly.

“He is? Wow… that’s… really unexpected…” Taeyeon replied with surprised.

“Isn't? So, I ask him to have lunch today at company cafeteria...” Dami said with shy.

“Unnie, you think he is the nice guy?” suddenly Taeyeon asked.

Dami smiles before she slowly says

“I'm not sure, but... I'm trying to give him a chance...”

Taeyeon didn’t say anything but she saw Dami is happy when she talking about him.

“Unnie, just do what you think is right for you. Don't worry, you have me if you want my help... or you want to ask for anything...” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

“Thank you!” Dami said before she went to hugs her.

“Ladies, the breakfast is ready…,” the butler said from the door.

“Got it, Mr. Tan,” Dami replied with smiles.

After that, both of them went to the dining table. They saw Mr. Kwon and halabeoji is already there.

“Morning!” Dami greet them happily.

Halabeoji smiles and then he says

“Morning, dear… morning, Taeyeon…”

“Morning, halabeoji…” Taeyeon replied while she sitting beside Dami.

Afterward, Mrs. Kwon comes to join them with Hyuk and his father.

“Where is Jiyong? He was never late...” suddenly halabeoji asked.

“Oh! He's getting ready... He'll join us later...” Taeyeon replied to answer him.

“…or… did something be happened last night? Look at her eye bags... that’s why Jiyong is late,” Dami said teasingly.

“Unnie…” Taeyeon call her name with shy.

Mrs. Kwon looks at Taeyeon with uneasy.

“Is Jiyong insomnia disturbing you?” suddenly Hyuk asked.

“No… he's insomnia, never bothering me...” Taeyeon replied to defend Jiyong.

Mr. Kwon looks at her after she said that. For a moment, Mr. Kwon feel strange inside him when Taeyeon always defending Jiyong. Last night, what has she done also is out of his expectation toward her. Now, he's looking at Taeyeon with different looks.

“Okay, let’s have the breakfast…” halabeoji said to make everyone comfortable.

Taeyeon take the toast before she spread the jam on it.

“Morning…!” suddenly Jiyong greet when he’s arrive at the dining table.

“Morning, Jiyong…come join us…” halabeoji greet with smiles.

“Actually, I have to leave now... remember a Taiwan client want to meet, today.” Jiyong said while look at his wife.

“Don't you want to eat something before go?” Taeyeon asked after Jiyong said that.

Then, she gives the drink that she pours for her before to Jiyong. Jiyong take the cup from her before he sips the drink.

“You need me to attend with you?” Dami asked.

“It’s okay. I can handle this…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

Then, Jiyong saw Taeyeon is eating her toast. He quickly went to bite the toast from . Taeyeon startled with Jiyong sudden reaction. Meanwhile, the other looks at his behavior with different reaction.

“I'll see you later,” Jiyong said by whispering in her ear before he kisses her cheek.

Once again, Taeyeon stunned when Jiyong bravely to kiss her in front of his family members.

“Bye, everyone…” Jiyong said happily before he leaves.

“Halabeoji…It's look like you'll get a great-grandson soon...” Dami said teasingly.

“I can't wait for it...” Halabeoji replied to tease Taeyeon more.

Taeyeon just smiles awkwardly while munches her foods. Mrs. Kwon stares at her with uncomfortable when Dami start to joking like that. Meanwhile, Hyuk keep staring at her with mixed feelings.





After the meeting, Jiyong decided to call Taeyeon. He dialed her number while smiling. After a few seconds, the call connected.

“Hi, dear…” Jiyong said lovely.

“Hi, hubby…” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

“Where are you?” Jiyong asked.

“At the company, ground floor... Fany asked to meet her... did you finish with the meeting?” Taeyeon replied.

“You’re here?” Jiyong asked excitedly.

Taeyeon chuckles when she heard his excited voice.

“Yeah, I’m done with the meeting… should we have lunch together?” Jiyong asked happily.

“Sure but I don’t know when I will finish…” Taeyeon replied unsure.

“Don’t worry. If you can’t… I come to you…” Jiyong said with smiles.

“Arasso… see you later…” Taeyeon replied try to ended the conversation.

However, Jiyong didn’t want it.

“You want to go now?” Jiyong asked with pout.

“Yeah… I have to look at the ledgers… don’t you have works to do?” Taeyeon asked.

“There is... but... still want to talk with you...” Jiyong replied softly.

Taeyeon chuckles when her husband starts to behave like that.

“If we want to have lunch together... I think we should finish our works first... right?” Taeyeon asked while smiling.

“Hmmm….” Jiyong sigh deeply.

Taeyeon smiling before her slowly says

“I'll give you a special gift tonight...”

Jiyong rounded his eyes with excited.

“Special?” Jiyong asked while smiling.

“Yup…it's that enough to booster you up?” Taeyeon asked with smiles.

“Yes, I can’t wait to see the gift…” Jiyong replied excitedly.

“See you later….” Taeyeon said.

After she ended the conversation, she saw Tiffany and Yoona are staring at her while smiling. Taeyeon start to get blush when she knew they’re listening to her words.

“Ehem… let’s continue our discussion…” Taeyeon said awkwardly.

Tiffany and Yoona chuckles while try to not to say anything.

“Okay, let’s focus. Here the list of building that unnamed and the shops that doesn't existence.” Tiffany said while she pin it on the board.

“From that... the actual assets of the company have loss around quarter million. So, after we deduct it...the incomes still have the right amount, but where is the money is going? We still don't know where the money went...” Yoona replied while she opens the latest ledgers.

“Did we already look into the liability? How much is the company liability?” Taeyeon asked.

Yoona look back into the ledgers before she give it to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon frown when she notice the company liability is only 25 percent from the all sums.

“This is weird... if the company doesn't have many debts, so why is their profit only minimal? Look, I think we overlook something in here...” Taeyeon continue with uneasy.

Suddenly, someone knock the door. Yoona went to open it and saw Seohyun.

“What’s new?” Tiffany asked.

“We have a problem...” Seohyun replied with unhappy face.

All of them look at her while waiting for her to continue.

“I think someone has been suspecting me... they changed me to other department.” Seohyun said with upset.

“What? Did Miss Dami know about this?” Tiffany asked.

Seohyun nodded before she continue says

“Right now, she's arguing with the HR because no one informs her about my transfer... what should we do now? It's hard for me to work from marketing department...”

All of them are silent after heard the news.

Suddenly, they hear knock from the door. Yoona once again go to open it.

“They're too much...!” Dami enter the room with angry face.

“Unnie…” Taeyeon call her softly.

“I don't know who's behind these matters... but I think they start to suspect me. That's why half of my staff under me has been transferred without telling me...! This is bull!” Dami said with furious.

All of them startled after she said that.

“What the chairman said?” Taeyeon asked.

“He still didn't know about this... he leave to Busan today. To discuss the latest property with the investors.” Dami replied.

“Arghh… what should we do?” Seohyun asked with irate.

After that, no one is talking with each other. Their mind is already miserable to think about the problem.

“Can we ask for your husband help?” suddenly Yoona asked.

Taeyeon look at her when she asked that.

“No...no... We can't touch Jiyong. He's the heirs, and if something happen to him, the company will be trouble.” Dami said while shake her head.

Yoona sigh after get the answer.

“I’m sorry… anyhow, we must protect the company from bankrupt. As long, the investor have faith to Jiyong... we still can save the company.” Dami continue with firm.

Taeyeon look at them one by one and then she suddenly says

“I think we should go with plan B.”

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