out of plan

please, feel my love
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On that day, Taeyeon get a texting from Sunny to meet her at the nearby café. Taeyeon went to meet her after the lunch hours. In the café, she saw Sunny is not alone because she saw Sooyoung also is there and with a man.

“Hi…!” Taeyeon greet before she went to hugs Sunny and Sooyoung.

“Tae, this is Mr. Jung…” Sooyoung said to introduce them with shy.

“Ohhh…. I see…” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

She nodded to him before she asks

“So, what happen? Why you said it’s urgent?” Taeyeon asked curious.

Sunny and Sooyoung look at each other before they sigh slowly.

Taeyeon start to feel uneasy after saw their reaction.

“What’s wrong?” Taeyeon asked with uneasy.

“Halmeoni agree to sell her land to GD oppa company.” Sunny replied with gloomy face.

“What? How come?” Taeyeon asked with surprised.

“You know, I'm staying in Busan now. So, that guys cheated on her, by saying that land price will drops, and she won't be able to sell this land anymore. That's why she's willing to sell the land.” Sunny explain with sad.

“Oh God…” Taeyeon said with upset.

“Here the document, you can see it. They buy it with the low price... I already went to the Property office, and they say the price should be more than that amount.” Sunny said while she gives the envelope to Taeyeon.

“Tae, is that true GD oppa company is doing all these stuffs?” suddenly Sooyoung asked with uncomfortable.

“No... All this is misunderstanding. The company never has any project on that area. If they said that it's from the company, its mean they're lying.” Taeyeon replied try to explain the truth.

Afterward, she opens the envelope and look at the agreement.

“Look... they are abusing the landowner in here.” Taeyeon said after she read the agreement.

“So, what should we do? Halmeoni already sad to sell her land,” Sunny replied with gloomy face.

Taeyeon silent for a while before she says

“Give this to me, let me handle this... I know what I should do...”

“Are you sure you can help me?” Sunny asked with hope.

Taeyeon nodded before she went to pat her shoulder softly.

“Do not worry. Tell halmeoni, I'll try to get back her land.” Taeyeon replied while her shoulder softly.

“Arasso…” Sunny said with force smiles.

“Hey, did GD oppa know about this?” suddenly Sooyoung asked.

Taeyeon nodded.

“Shouldn't he do something to help us?” Sooyoung asked.

“He will... trust me. Jiyong is not like that. He'll never betray the village people...” Taeyeon replied with serious.

“I hope so… Also, I don't want he's use you just to take over the village land...” Sooyoung said with doubt.

Taeyeon smirk after Sooyoung said that about Jiyong.

“If you do not trust him, just have trust on me. I believe, Jiyong is not like that.” Taeyeon replied with smiles.





Taeyeon went to company to meet Yoona. However, before she went to the ground floor, Taeyeon decided to meet Jiyong. When she's arrive in front of Jiyong office, she saw Grace is not at her desk, so, Taeyeon went straight to knock Jiyong office door.  

“Coming!” Jiyong said.

Taeyeon open the door with smiles, but her smiles stop after she saw Grace is in there with Jiyong beside him. Both of them stunned when they saw Taeyeon. Jiyong smiles before he got up and goes to hugs her.

“What are you doing here?” Jiyong asked after release the hugs.

“Meet you…” Taeyeon replied but her eyes on Grace.

Jiyong notice it and then he says

“Grace, could you please leave us? We can continue to discuss after this,”

Grace makes gloomy face while walking out from the office.

After Grace left, Taeyeon look at Jiyong and asks

“Is she always with you like that?”

“Like what?” Jiyong asked confused.

Taeyeon sigh and then she continue says

“Sit beside you... to be alone with you in this office?”

Jiyong can sense his wife jealous tone after she said that.

“You're not okay with that? You know we're working.” Jiyong replied.

Taeyeon stares at Jiyong after he said that.

“So, you like it when she's sitting beside you like that?” Taeyeon asked with jealous.

Jiyong chuckles after he saw his wife face change.

“No... it's not what you think... she's just a secretary. What we're talking, it's just a works... no more than that...will you believe me?” Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon didn’t respond him after that.

“Come…” Jiyong said while he hugs Taeyeon.

“I know I can't stop you from seeing her, but... it's not I'm not trusting you, I'm not sure with her.” Taeyeon replied while she’s hugging Jiyong.

Jiyong lift his head to look at Taeyeon.

“Hey, she's nothing. You're my wife... no one can replace that...” Jiyong said try to comfort Taeyeon.

Taeyeon smiles after Jiyong said that.

“Finally, that smiles...” Jiyong continue before he pecks on her lips.

“How many girls that you’re already sweet talk like this?” Taeyeon asked jokingly.

Jiyong frown before he reply

“Just one... even that is difficult for me to make her fall for me...”

Taeyeon chuckles after she knows Jiyong said that point to her.

“Okay… enough playing. Here, I have something to talk with you,” Taeyeon said.

Both of them sit on the couch before Taeyeon give the envelope to Jiyong.

“What is this?” Jiyong asked while look at the envelope.

“Earlier Sunny give it to me. She told me that company buy her halmeoni land. That's the agreement...” Taeyeon said to explain.

Jiyong frown while he’s read the agreement.

“When this happen?” Jiyong asked.

“I’m not sure, but I think recently…” Taeyeon replied.

At that time, Jiyong think about Hyuk and then he asks

“What did you say to your friend?”

“Well, of course I’m telling them the truth… we both know the company have nothing project in that area.” Taeyeon replied.

Jiyong nodded.

“Can I keep this agreement?” suddenly Jiyong asked.

“Sure, I already make a copy for me… so, what will you do?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“I need to tell this to appa and halabeoji... they should know that someone is using a company name to do a project. But you know... it's hard for me to meet appa lately...perhaps, I just went straight to halabeoji.” Jiyong replied.

Taeyeon feel uneasy after Jiyong mention his father. She knew that she still didn't tell Jiyong the truth about his father yet.

“By the way, what are appa busy with right now? He rarely back home...” Taeyeon asked hesitated.

“Well, company has a project with Taiwan developer. Appa is the head to managing the project. That's why he keeps to travel there. Supposedly, it was me, but I refused and want to manage it from here...” Jiyong replied to explain.

“Huh? Why don’t you do it?” Taeyeon asked curious.

Jiyong smiles while his hand touches her cheek softly.

“I can bear to leave you here...” Jiyong replied while smiling.

“Yah! That's not a good reason...” Taeyeon said while thought Jiyong is joking.

“No, I’m serious… I can leave you alone, after what omma do to you before... you think I can go with ease?” Jiyong asked with uneasy.

Suddenly, Taeyeon feel touched after Jiyong said that. She never thought Jiyong would think that far just to make sure she's fine. Out of sudden, she pulls Jiyong face and kisses him with love.

“Thank you…” Taeyeon said after the kiss.

Jiyong smiles widely and then he pouting his lips to ask more kiss from her.

“Aish… this man really knew to take advantage of me...” Taeyeon muttered while look at Jiyong.

Jiyong smirk teasingly and he continue to pouting his lips. In the end, Taeyeon just went to kiss him again to satisfy him.




Taeyeon knock the secret room door as usual, and Seohyun is the one that open the door.

“Unnie…” Seohyun greet her with smiles.

Taeyeon enter the room and she saw Yoona is also there.

“It’s just two of you?” Taeyeon asked while she put her bag and sweater jacket on the table.

“Yeah, Fany have meeting with Dami, outside” Seohyun replied.

“So, any update news?” Taeyeon asked while she went to the rack, get the file from there.

“I already go to the cement factory but they have nothing to doubt. Yoona unnie will go to audit their account this weekend.” Seohyun replied.

“Yoona, you want me to follow you?” Taeyeon asked.

“It’s okay. I can go there alone.” Yoona replied.

“Are you sure?” Taeyeon asked.

“Yeah, besides… it’s just an audit… I’ll call you if I need your help,” Yoona replied.

“Arasso…” Taeyeon said and then she continues to keep the copy of agreement in the file.

“What is that?” Seohyun asked.

“Land purchase agreement,” Taeyeon replied.

Seohyun take the file and she look at it. Suddenly,

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