closer and closer

please, feel my love
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After finish watching the film, Taeyeon and her friends hang out at a Japanese restaurant in the mall. They order the foods and then continue chatting about their work and life.

“It's more fun if Hyoyeon can join us...” Yuri said.

“Yeah… but she’s at China for business trip…” Yoona replied.

Taeyeon smiles before she says

“I’m happier get to see you two…”

Yuri and Yoona are chuckles with Taeyeon sudden words.

“Yeah, us too… newlyweds” Yoona said teasingly.

“Yah! Stop it…” Taeyeon replied while cover her face from shyness.

“Look…look… she’s blushing…” Yuri said to more.

“Okay, stop it… I’ll tease you two more if you’re married…” Taeyeon replied.

Yoona and Yuri laughs after she said that.

“So, enough for me… how you two? How’s your works?” Taeyeon asked try to change the topic.

“Well… as usual… I have face numbers everyday… look my eyes… it's squint” Yuri said while point to her eyes

Yoona and Taeyeon laughs when Yuri squint her eyes.

“Me either... right now, I'm handling some ledger of the company. But, we still need more help from others. I thought I can ask you two for help...” Yoona said.

“I’m sorry… I can’t. My company is already having other client for me…” Yuri replied to refuse.

“Count me! I can help you... Besides, I'm doing nothing right now except my mandarin and Japanese class...” Taeyeon said excitedly.

“You learn mandarin?” Yuri asked.

“… yup, and Japanese too…” Taeyeon replied.

“Why you need to learn that?” Yoona asked curious.

“My mother in law wants me do those…” Taeyeon replied with awkward smiles.

Yoona and Yuri saw Taeyeon face change when she said that.

“Well… it’s god for you. Besides, you're Kwon heir's wife... of course you have to upgrade as Mrs. Kwon...” Yuri said try to cheer up the mood.

“What Kwon?” Yoona asked confused.

“Yah! Don’t you know her husband?” Yuri asked curious.

“How can I know him when I didn't attend her wedding, remember?” Yoona asked.

“Yeah, she’s right…” Taeyeon replied with nodded.

“Aigoo…” Yuri pats her head afterward.

“So… who is her husband?” Yoona continues asked curiously.

“You know Kwon Property Company?” Yuri asked.

Yoona startled after she hear that company name.

“I hear that company name before…” Yoona replied hesitated.

“That’s her husband family company…” Yuri said.

“What? He is chaebol? What his name?” Yoona asked curious.

“Kwon Jiyong…” Taeyeon replied slowly.

“What?” Yoona asked with surprised.

She never thought that Taeyeon is married to Dami little brother. That's mean Taeyeon is Dami sister-in-law. Now, Yoona hesitated to ask Taeyeon for help. That's because their investigate now is related with her husband company.

“Yah! Why you look so surprise?” Yuri asked with frown.

However, Yoona didn’t respond her, she look at Taeyeon and asks

“So, you know Kwon Dami, aren't you?”

Taeyeon smiles and nodded to answer her.

“You know Dami unnie too?” Taeyeon asked curios.

Yoona nodded slowly before she says

“Yeah… she’s my friend senior…”

“Wow… how can we connect like this...? This is fun...” Taeyeon replied excitedly.

Suddenly, the waiter comes to serve their foods. Then, they went to enjoy the foods and then continue their chatting.






Jiyong arrive from Jeju at midnight. When he entered the room, he straightly went to find his wife on the couch. He saw Taeyeon already slept. Then, he goes to clean up himself and change his clothes into pajama. Jiyong went back to see Taeyeon, and he's crouching beside the couch slowly. He stares at Taeyeon sleep face silently, and then he moves his hand to touch her cheek softly.

“Hey, you already back...” Taeyeon mumbled with her eyes still sleepy.

Jiyong chuckles when he saw his wife sleepy face.

“You look so tired…” Jiyong said.

“Hmm…” Taeyeon replied while her eyes closed.

“Arasso… night, dear” Jiyong said whisper in her ear, and then he kisses her head softly.

After that, he went to the bed, and he tries to get some sleep. However, his insomnia comes back and Jiyong keep moves to make him comfortable to sleep. After few minutes, Jiyong know he can't sleep. So, he sits on the bed while his eyes stares at the couch.

“I can't sleep like this...” Jiyong mumbled.

In the end, he decided to go to see Taeyeon on the couch. He's kneeling beside the couch before he says

“Dear, I can't sleep...”

Jiyong touch Taeyeon cheek and then he rub it softly.

Taeyeon blinking her eyes and saw Jiyong with sleepy face.

“Why you’re here?” Taeyeon asked with closed eyes.

“I can’t sleep… I got insomnia tonight...” Jiyong replied while his thumb still rubs her cheek.

“Hmm…” Taeyeon muttered.

“You look so tired today, what did you do?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Huh?” Taeyeon asked while try to open her eyes.

“You look so tired…” Jiyong repeat.

“Yeah… Yoona and Yuri ask me to go bowling with them after the movie…” Taeyeon replied and then she closed back her eyes.

Jiyong didn’t respond after that. He keeps stares at her sleepy face and then he suddenly says

“Argh... I don't care... Tonight, you'll be sleeping beside me...”

He then lifts Taeyeon body and then carries her into the bed.

Taeyeon open her eyes when she feels Jiyong carrying her.

“What are you doing?” Taeyeon asked when Jiyong laid her on the bed gently.

“I can't sleep, so... I need my wife to sleep beside me tonight...” Jiyong replied while he moves his body to lie beside her.

Taeyeon stares at him with mixed feelings. She felt sleepy but to see Jiyong is beside her, she can't feel ease. Meanwhile, Jiyong saw his wife keep staring at him and then he says

“Not to worry, I just want to sleep beside you... I won't do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“Can I trust you?” Taeyeon asked with doubt.

Jiyong smiles and nodded.

After she saw Jiyong nodded, Taeyeon get back in sleep. Jiyong continue his smiles when he saw her closed her eyes. Jiyong moves his body to face her and continue to staring at his wife whole night. When he noticed Taeyeon is already in deep sleep, Jiyong move slowly move his body close to her. He held her hand and then pulls her in his embrace. Taeyeon is still in deep sleep when Jiyong does that. Jiyong took that opportunity to hugs her, and he kiss her forehead softly. After few seconds, he's already fell asleep.





That morning, Taeyeon open her eyes and notice she's really sleep on the bed. When she turned around to see Jiyong, but she noticed, she's alone on the bed.

“He’s already awake?” Taeyeon mutter.

“Morning…” suddenly Jiyong voice greet her from the bathroom door.

Taeyeon stunned when she has to see Jiyong half- with the towel covered him. She turns away, try not to look at him. However, Jiyong saw his wife reaction start to smirk naughtily.

“Morning…” Taeyeon replied but her eyes look at the ceiling.

Jiyong went to approach her while smirking. He sat on the bed beside her, and then he went to kiss her cheek. Taeyeon startled with Jiyong sudden kiss, and then she looks at him with rounded eyes.

“What are you doing?” Taeyeon asked.

“Recharge my energy...” Jiyong replied teasingly.

Taeyeon narrow her eyes when Jiyong answer her like that.

Jiyong chuckles when he saw her reaction and then he says

“Go have your bath, let's go out today...”

Taeyeon frown when Jiyong mention that.

“Where are we going?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“Go dating with me...” Jiyong replied while he gets up from the bed.

“Dating?” Taeyeon asked confused.

Jiyong nodded with smiles. Anyhow, he saw Taeyeon still not move and then he says

“If you don't move, then should I kiss you again?”

“No…no… I’m going…” Taeyeon replied and in hurry went into the bathroom.

Jiyong chuckles slowly while shake his head. Then, he went to wear his clothes and wait for Taeyeon.




Both of them walk side by side while going down the stairs. Jiyong keep smiling at his wife while his hand holds on her. Taeyeon feel strange with Jiyong behave that day. She noticed he's in good mood after come back from Jeju. When both of them pass by the dining table, halabeoji saw them and ask them to have breakfast with him. Taeyeon saw Mrs. Kwon also is there, but she pretend not to see them.

“Want to join them?” Jiyong asked in whisper.

Even though, she's feel uncomfortable, but she can't run away from them. So, Taeyeon slowly nodded to answer Jiyong. Both of them went to join the Kwon family for having breakfast. Halabeoji smiles when they join them at the table.

“Where are you two going?” halabeoji asked when he noticed both of them wearing casually.

Jiyong smiles before him whispering to halabeoji and say


Halabeoji chuckles slowly when Jiyong replied that.

Mrs. Kwon looks at them with uneasy and then she says

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