decision to move

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That night, Mr. Kwon and Mrs. Kwon are sitting in the garden to talk about them. After what Taeyeon said to them, both of them start to realize what actually they're doing for Jiyong and Dami. Besides, they feel ashamed when Taeyeon is the one said like that to them. The fact that they don't like her presence but turn out, she's the one that loved their son more than them.

“I’m sorry…” suddenly Mr. Kwon, said to break the silent.

However, Mrs. Kwon didn’t respond him. She just keeps shut while looking at the garden.

“I know I make a mistake…” Mr. Kwon continues slowly.

“It's easy, huh to apologize?” suddenly Mrs. Kwon asked with cold tone.

Mr. Kwon looks at his wife and he can see her stiff face.

“What do you want me to do? Kneeling?” Mr. Kwon asked.

Mrs. Kwon scoffs when she senses her husband insincere.

“I don’t want your apologies anymore… I'm just tired... tired to pretend I'm okay. You cheated on me after what I've done for you. What you expect from me after accept your apologies? It's not easy for me...” Mrs. Kwon replied while her tears flowing.

Mr. Kwon didn’t respond after he heard that.

“I know... both of us are not perfect... but it tortures me when you're being like this. It's hurt when I'm sacrificing my whole life for you, hold with your temper... then what I get? Disloyal?” Mrs. Kwon burst out her feelings.

Mr. Kwon sigh deeply without intend to respond her.

“I'm trying to be your best wife... but turn out me being a jerk omma to our kids. What should I do to face them again?” Mrs. Kwon continues while crying.

Mr. Kwon looks at his wife before he carefully asks

“It's too late for me to apologize?”

Mrs. Kwon wipe her tears and then she reply

“If you want me to accept your apologies... I think it took more time for me to accept it. I can't see you the same person I'm married before. My head keep picturing you with her... what you do and... I just can't...”

“So… what do you want now?” Mr. Kwon asked uneasy.

“I need my space to get away from you. This time, I just saw you with hatred. I need time to think about us. If I can't move on from it, then... we should get divorced.” Mrs. Kwon replied while crying.

Mr. Kwon startled when he heard divorced words.

“I'll give you space... take your time as long you want... but please... don't say divorced. I do need you... please...” Mr. Kwon said try to beg.

Mrs. Kwon looks at her husband after he said that.

“You sure you still need me after what you choose? I don't think you need me anymore. Besides, you're already saying I'm not a good to take care our child. So why you still hope for me to stay?” Mrs. Kwon asked with irate.

“I know… that’s means nothing. I’m stupid and selfish…” Mr. Kwon said to blame himself.

“Whatever you said... it's not gonna change anything, I'm not interested anymore for what you want to say...” Mrs. Kwon replied with firm.

Suddenly, they saw Jiyong presence with Taeyeon, coming back from the farm. They saw both of them look at them in the garden. Anyhow, they saw Jiyong is trying to ignore them by pull Taeyeon hand into the house without greeting them in the garden.

“Look... even our son also ignoring us. We are bad parents.” Mrs. Kwon continues with mixed feelings.




Inside the room, Taeyeon feel uneasy when they're just ignoring Jiyong parents even though they saw them. Taeyeon look at Jiyong and saw him act usual.

“Jiyong… why don’t you go meet your parents? You saw them, aren’t you?” Taeyeon asked.

Jiyong look at her before he pull her hand and let her seat on the bed.

“I know... but I don't want it right now. Besides, they need their time to talk to each other.” Jiyong replied try to explain his reason.

Taeyeon pull Jiyong to sit beside her. She stares into Jiyong eyes deeply before she asks

“Are you okay?”

Jiyong smiles slightly and then he nodded.

“I’m fine…” Jiyong replied while he pinches her cheek.

“Jiyong, are you sure we can move out from here?” suddenly Taeyeon asked uneasy.

“Why? You doubt with me?” Jiyong asked.

“It’s not like that… I just curious am this a good time for us to move out?” Taeyeon asked carefully.

Jiyong smiles while his hand holding Taeyeon both hands.

“Look… We're grown up person. We have our own life together. My decision to move out is not just because of you. It's more to take responsible and independent. I want to make sure you're comfortable... you can do what you want in your house. Not like right now... you're stuck and what omma does... still hurt me.” Jiyong replied softly.

Taeyeon felt touched after Jiyong saying like that. She touch Jiyong face before she says

“To be with you... is a great decision that I have made...”

Jiyong smiles widely before he went to close his head to lean his forehead toward her forehead.

“I'm trying to change from what I have being through before... I hope I can be a better man for you, dear.” Jiyong said softly.

Then, he went to kiss her forehead before he pecks on her lips.

Taeyeon put her arm around his neck and she's stares in his eyes deeply.

“I'm happy to stay and accept everything. If move out from here is the best for us, so... let's do it. I'll go everywhere with you...” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

“Thank you, dear…” Jiyong said with happy.

He went to kiss her lips again but this time, it's kissing for long to let each other feel the feelings.

“You should get a rest…” Jiyong said after the kiss.

“I have enough of rest...” Taeyeon replied with pout.

Jiyong chuckles when he saw his wife face.

“Hey, your head it’s still in bandage. That's mean, it's still not heal.” Jiyong said while touch her head.

Taeyeon keep pouting when Jiyong said like that.

“By the way, tomorrow you have any plan?” suddenly Jiyong asked.

“Why?” Taeyeon asked.

“I want you to accompany me to find our house. We should start looking from now...” Jiyong replied.

Taeyeon make excited face after he mentions that.

“I’m free… I can accompany you…” Taeyeon said excitedly.

Jiyong chuckles after he saw her expressions.

“Tell me… what kind of place do you prefer? We can short list the criteria... we don't waste our time to looking if we have what we want...” Jiyong said while his fingers touching Taeyeon hand.

“Hurm… I like warm and cozy style... and convenient for family.” Taeyeon said to tell her dream house.

“What about room? How many rooms do you prefer?” Jiyong asked.

“Erm… If just two of us... I don't mind if they have two or three room. But... one room is dedicating as your workroom. So, you can have your space too...” Taeyeon replied.

“You think so? Thank you for your considering... also, what should we have in our house?” Jiyong continue asked.

“Wait a minutes… can we just get the house that is affordable? Or we just can rent first...” suddenly Taeyeon said her thought.

Jiyong frown before he asks

“Why so sudden? You think we can't afford it?”

“No… I think we should think of future... I know you're trying to make me comfortable, but I should think of your financial. Even though, you're the Kwon doesn't mean you can just waste your money...” Taeyeon replied to give her reasons.

“Is that what accountant will think?” Jiyong asked jokingly.

Taeyeon chuckles before she reply

“No... it's your accountant wife thinking...”

Jiyong laughs when his wife said like that.

“Arasso…. My personal accountant… tomorrow, we go find a place that suit for us, okay?” Jiyong asked while he pinches her cheek softly.

“Nae~” Taeyeon replied cutely.

“Good… now I want you to get a rest… Oh! Wait here… I’ll go get your medicine. Eat it and then get a rest...” Jiyong said while he gets up to get Taeyeon medicine.





Taeyeon open her eyes after she heard something noisy outside the house. She's looking from the window and saw the gardener is mowing the lawn. Taeyeon noticed she's alone on the bed.

“Jiyong already awake? What time right now…” Taeyeon mutter while looking at the clock on the wall.

The clock shows 8.30 am. Taeyeon get up from the bed before she went into the bathroom to refreshing herself.

Moment later, Jiyong enter the room while his hand holding a tray with breakfast for his wife. He looks the bed is already empty, but then he heard the shower voice from the bathroom.

“She’s already awake…” Jiyong mutter while he put the tray on the table.

While waiting for Taeyeon, Jiyong take his phone to call his friend, Youngbae. He went toward the balcony while waiting for Youngbae answers.

“Hello, bro,” Jiyong greet after the call connected.

“Hey, how are you? I heard about you from Seunghyun hyung. Are you okay? I’m sorry, I didn’t there for you…” Youngbae said with mixed feelings.

“Bro, calm down… I know you just come back from overseas... how's your wife? She's okay now?” Jiyong asked.

“Yeah, she’s fine. Doctor asks to not make her stress more... or it will hurt her pregnancy.” Youngbae replied with worried tone.

“Thank god… so, she’s still stay Auckland? Did she don't want to come back?” Jiyong asked.

Youngbae sigh before he says

“She's here... with me... so, I can't depart with her anymore. It's hurt... you understand, right?”

“I understand… I hope she’ll be fine… by the way, I call you to ask for a help…” Jiyong repl

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