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Jiyong is sitting in the jail while looking at the ceiling. Then, Seunghyun come to visit him there and says

“I don't have much time, but I just want to inform you... we get the witness for tomorrow session. However, if he was still unconscious, we have to postpone it. Anyhow, we're lucky... we get the copy of fraud ledgers from the documents in your office. That will help you to get out.”

“What? How come the ledgers are in my office?” Jiyong asked confused.

“Thanks to Dami unnie team... they trace Grace from security camera and get to know about the ledgers.” Seunghyun replied.

Jiyong feel relief after he heard that.

“Also, you need to know something...” suddenly Seunghyun said with uneasy.

Jiyong look at him and wait for him to continue.

“It's about your wife... she has been attacked by your samchon when she's go to meet the witness. Right now, she's in the hospital. But... she's fine. Nothing serious...” Seunghyun continue afterward.

Jiyong startled after he heard that.

“What did you say? Taeyeon being attacked?” Jiyong asked with mixed feelings.

Seunghyun nodded before he says

“Yes, she's been attacked when she was there to persuade the witness. Also, the witness maybe death if your wife didn't come at that time...”

Jiyong touch his forehead and his breath start to gasp. What have Taeyeon face just to save him, make Jiyong feel terrible. Jiyong look at Seunghyun, but his eyes start to be blurring after the tears coming out.

“Jiyong… calm down…” Seunghyun said after he saw Jiyong reaction.

“I need to see my wife…” Jiyong muttered while he wipes his tears.

“You can... but after we get the warranty to get you out. Please... calm down...” Seunghyun said try to comfort Jiyong.

“How long it takes?” Jiyong asked impatient.

“At the earliest, I'll try before tomorrow afternoon...” Seunghyun replied.

Jiyong didn’t respond after that.

“Jiyong… don’t worry. She’s fine. Dami unnie is with her…” Seunghyun continue try to comfort him.

Jiyong nodded slowly.

After Seunghyun leave, Jiyong tears flow again on his cheek slowly.

“Taeyeon…” Jiyong muttered her name softly.

After walking out from the jail, Seunghyun get a call from his teammate.

“Yes?” Seunghyun greet.

“We caught Hyuk at the airport. He's trying to leave the country...” the officer replied.

“He’s alone?” Seunhyun asked.

“Yes…we’re on the way to the police station.” The officer replied.

“Arasso… we meet later…” Seunghyun said before ended the calls.

Afterward, he running toward his office to get prepare before him meet with Hyuk.




Hyuk has been taken to the testimony room. He's hand still in handcuffed when waiting for the officer. Moment later, Hyuk saw Seunghyun enter the room with serious face. 

“It's nice to meet you again...” Seunghyun said sarcastic.

“You can’t get anything from me,” Hyuk replied still acting arrogant

Seunghyun chuckles before his seat in front of him.

“I know… that’s why I'm here not to ask you, just want to get confirm about this...” Seunghyun said with smiles.

Afterward, he opens the copy of fraud ledgers on the table. Besides the documents, he put the USB drive. Hyuk look at him with uneasy.

“Have you seen this before?” Seunghyun asked while point it toward the ledgers.

Hyuk just look at the ledgers without saying anything.

“I think you have seen it before... because... I got a video that record someone makes this copy...” Seunghyun continue while point it to the USB drive.

“…!” Hyuk cursed with furious.

Seunghyun is smiling when he saw Hyuk reaction.

“It's she know that you get this?” suddenly Hyuk asked.

“Who?” Seunghyun asked curious.

“The girl that make the copy...” Hyuk continues.

“Perhaps…” Seunghyun replied try to attract him to speak more.

“Damn!” Hyuk keep cursed.

“Calm down… Now... you can tell me the truth, so... your punishment will be lightened...or... if you want to keep hid the truth... I can't help you. You have to be in jail for few years.” Seunghyun said try to persuade.

Hyuk look at Seunghyun with mixed feelings.

“One more thing... I think you don't know about this yet...your appa, known as the main suspect for attacked on the witness. Now, everyone is looking for him.” Seunghyun continue.

Hyuk stunned after he heard that.

“When this happened?” Hyuk asked.

“Today… he's attacking the witness and Taeyeon, your cousin wife.” Seunghyun replied.

Hyuk feel uneasy when Seunghyun mention Taeyeon name.

“Is… she… I means… Taeyeon… she’s…” Hyuk stuttered to ask.

Seunghyun look at him with frown before he says

“She’ fine… nothing serious…”

Hyuk relief after Seunghyun said that.

Then, he looks again at the ledgers in front of him. In the end, Hyuk decided to confess about his father's complicity and crime. He told Seunghyun everything, but he was honest to tell them he didn't know where is his father hiding.






Seunghyun bring Taeyeon to the waiting room where Jiyong being placed. Jiyong that saw Taeyeon presence feel surprised and happy to see her.

“We don't have much time, I'll be waited outside...” Seunghyun said before he left.

Jiyong went to hug his wife afterward.

“Jiyong…” Taeyeon call his name softly.

Jiyong release the hugs and then look at his wife face. He saw the bruise and the scar on her face with sad.

“What he has done to you? It's hurt?” Jiyong asked with worried.

Taeyeon shake her head to answer him. Jiyong went to kiss her forehead with guilt feelings.

“Jiyong, I have to leave... Jiwoong want to take me back to the farm...” Taeyeon suddenly said with uneasy.

“He is here?” Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon nodded.

“With omma…” Taeyeon replied.

Jiyong look at Taeyeon for a while before he slowly asks

“Did your family already know… what just happened?”

Taeyeon hesitated for a while and then she nodded slowly. Jiyong sigh before he says

“That's why Jiwoong want to take you back... I got it... it's okay, you may leave.”

“Jiyong, if you want me to stay, I’ll stay,” Taeyeon replied try to persuade him.

Jiyong shake his head and then he says

“I don't want anything bad to happen to you anymore. Jiwoong is right, you should go back with him. Besides, I can't be with you right now. I don't know how long it will take for me to get release from here... I can't protect you if I'm in here...”

“Are you trying to blame yourself?” Taeyeon asked uneasy.

However, Jiyong didn’t replied her.

“Jiyong…. Look at me,” Taeyeon said while she holds his face.

Jiyong look at her with sad eyes and then Taeyeon softly says

“It's not your fault. What happened to me, it's because of my careless. No one will blame you. I know you feel useless in here but, it's still not your choice to be here. Please, know I love you... so, don't feel this way.”

“I know… I love you more…” Jiyong replied before he went to hugs her again.

“Are you sure I can leave with omma?” Taeyeon asked again.

Jiyong lift his head to see her face before he reply

“As long, you're safe in there, just go. I'll come to you after get release from here. Besides, I don't want you to stay in bungalow alone without me.”

Then, Jiyong went to kiss her lips to get comfort from her.

“Time out,” suddenly Seunghyun said after open the door.

Taeyeon eyes start to get teary after the kiss. Jiyong also try to hold his tear from coming out while he’s force himself to smiles at her.

“You may go…” Jiyong said with sad.

Taeyeon nodded but then her tears flow on her cheeks slowly.

Seunghyun still wait at the door while looking at them. After Taeyeon walking toward the door, Seunghyun says

“Do not worry. I’ll make sure he’s fine…”

“Thank you…” Taeyeon replied while wipe her tears.






Due Wonshik condition, the case postponed to the next day. In court, Jiyong saw his parents, halabeoji and Dami were there. After the testimony of witnesses and the evidence presented, Jiyong was found not guilty. However, Hyuk was arrested for helping his father's crime.

Jiyong went to meet Wonsik after the session. He handed out his hand to handshake with him.

Wonshik look at him with confused but he still handshake with Jiyong.

“Thank you…” Jiyong said during the handshake.

“I'm doing this not for you... I just want to repay what Taeyeon did to save me... that's all...” Wonshik replied after the handshake.

“Still… thanks for your help,” Jiyong said.

Wonshik nodded and want to leave, but then, he stops and turns to face Jiyong.

“Take care of her... she's really loved you. Also... I'm sorry for my behavior to her before... it's true. She deserved better, and that's you...” Wonshik said with smiles.

After he said that, Wonshik leave the court with ease.

Jiyong family went to approach him afterward.

“Thank god, you’re safe…” Mrs. Kwon said while she’s hugging Jiyong.

“Omma…” Jiyong call her softly.

Then, he saw Mr. Kwon look at him with smiles. For the first time in his life, he saw his father is smiling at him.

“Appa…” Jiyong calls him while try to hold his emotions.

“Jiyong…” suddenly halabeoji call him before he hugs Jiyong tightly.

“Halabeoji…” Jiyong said while hugging him.

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