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Jiyong laid on the bed after pack his luggage. After three days, he's busying with the meeting, tomorrow he'll be flying back to Seoul. In two weeks, he's just contacting his wife only through the phone. When he had more time, he'll make a video call. During that period, he also asked his mother-in-law about Taeyeon condition. As usual, she keeps having the nightmare. Most of her times, Taeyeon always get alone a lot, but Mrs. Kim will accompany her to make sure she is not alone.

Jiyong stares at the hotel ceiling while thinking about his wife. It doesn't change her if he didn't do something. To see his wife lose with her emotion, he can't blame for that. The mother feelings when losing a baby, he will never understand that. During the distant, Jiyong still keep hopes that Taeyeon will be back to him same as before. He's bear his hurt, he forces himself to laugh, even stay distant with her, just to give some hope to make his wife back to normal.  There was that one time, he almost gave up but remembered how he promised to take care of Taeyeon, and he tried to be strong for her.

Jiyong take his phone before he dialed Taeyeon numbers. While waiting for the call connected, Jiyong get up from the bed to stand nearby the window.

“Jiyong?” Taeyeon greet.

At that time, Jiyong can sense that her voice is different. He knew she's crying.

“What are you doing?” Jiyong asked softly.

“Hurm… nothing,” Taeyeon replied try to cover her sadness.

Jiyong sigh slowly before he says

“I’m going back tomorrow…”

“Great… ” Taeyeon replied shortly.

“I’ll go see you later… you know how much I miss you…” Jiyong said with longing.

Taeyeon chuckles after she heard that.

“I miss you too… how was your day?” Taeyeon asked.

“Three hours in meeting... go back to hotel to get a rest. Meet the investor afterward... and now I'm in a hotel room.” Jiyong replied.

“Don’t you have a time to visit other place?” Taeyeon asked.

“I’m not here for that…so… what about you?” Jiyong asked.

“Hurm… Nothing much... I'm helping oppa and omma. Also, tomorrow... the village community have a meeting. Omma asked me to go with her.” Taeyeon replied.

“It’s look like you’re busy than me,” Jiyong said jokingly.

Taeyeon chuckles and then she says

“Well… if you are an important person in the company, I'm an important person in here...”

Jiyong laugh after she said that.

“Hey, don’t you want to work with me in the company?” suddenly Jiyong asked.

“What position?” Taeyeon asked.

“Become my secretary… my assistant,” Jiyong replied.

“No, thank you...! If I've become your secretary... you will keep bothering me... look at it before, I'm doing my work on the ground floor, you keep coming just because you miss me. Think again, if I’m your secretary?” Taeyeon said with uneasy.

Jiyong laughs with his wife reaction.

“Then... you want to work under noona? You can be senior accountant...” Jiyong said afterward.

“Hurm… I think... I don't want to work in the company. Likewise, I'm doing before because halabeoji ask for help...” Taeyeon replied with honest.

Jiyong frown after heard her answer.

“So… you have anything you plan to do it?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Yes…!” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

“What is it?” Jiyong asked uneasy.

“I'm planning to get my ACCA ...” Taeyeon replied carefully.

“Oh… that’s great...!” Jiyong said with smiles.

“… but… I'm planning to do it in UK.” Suddenly Taeyeon said.

Jiyong is silent after she said that.

“Jiyong?” Taeyeon call his name.

“Hmm…” Jiyong respond.

“Did you hear what I’m saying?” Taeyeon asked with uneasy.

“Yes,” Jiyong replied shortly.

“So… what do you think?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“Are you planned this for running away from here?” Jiyong asked curiously.

Taeyeon didn’t respond him after he asked that.

“You planned to leave me?” Jiyong continue asked with upset.

“Jiyong…” Taeyeon calls his name softly after he asked that.

“Why UK? Why not in Seoul?” Jiyong asked with upset.

Taeyeon sigh after he asked that.

“It's look like you're trying to run away from me. Did I burden you? Did I do something bad to you? Am I forcing you on something?” Jiyong suddenly asked with upset.

Taeyeon stunned with all Jiyong sudden questions.

“Jiyong… what are you saying?” Taeyeon asked with uneasy

Jiyong sigh while he rubs his face to control his upset.

“I’m sorry…” Jiyong said to apologies afterward.

“Jiyong… are you okay?” Taeyeon asked with worried.

“I’m just tired. Can we talk about it later?” suddenly Jiyong asked.

“Sure,” Taeyeon replied.

“Okay… go get some rest. I’ll see you later. Love you…” Jiyong said before he ended the call.

“Love you more…” Taeyeon said but Jiyong is already hanging up the phone.

After that, Taeyeon look at the phone with mixed feelings.

On the other side, Jiyong throw his phone on the bed with furious. For a moment, he thinks that Taeyeon plan that without thinking about him. He feels that she's selfish for not thinking about his emotion. She kept trying to run away from him, but Jiyong can't understand why she had to be like that.

“What is in her mind? Is she happy to leave me?” Jiyong muttered with upset.

Afterward, Jiyong get out from the room and he went to the hotel bar.




Jiyong continue his drinking until someone approaching him. The lady smiles while touch Jiyong.

“Hi, Mr. …need chaperone?” she asked while smiling.

Jiyong look at her with frown before he pushes her hand away.

“Leave me alone…” Jiyong said with firm.

“Oh… you're not local?” the lady said.

However, Jiyong just ignore her and continue to drink.

In the end, the lady just sitting there while looking at Jiyong. She's trying to speak with him, but Jiyong keep ignoring her presence. After Jiyong finish his drink, his head starts to feel dizzy. Jiyong pay for his drink before he walks out from the bar with drunk. The lady continue to follow him. When Jiyong is arriving in front of the elevator, the door is open. So, he went straight into the elevator, but with his condition, he can't properly stand. So, the lady went to help him. 

“Where is your room?” the lady asked while she grab Jiyong waist.

Jiyong try to stand normally, but his head keep felt dizzy. He keep touch his head while trying to focus around there. The lady move her hand from his waist to hold his arm. However, Jiyong pull his arm away from her.

After they arrive at the room level, Jiyong walks out from the elevator followed by the lady. In front of the room, Jiyong try to open the room door but with his condition, it's hard for him to open it. So, the lady take the card from him to help Jiyong.

“Is this your room key?” she asked.

Jiyong nodded.

She opens the room with the key while her other hand still on Jiyong. Inside the room, she put Jiyong on the bed.

“Wow… this room is so nice…,” she muttered while looking at the night scenery.

Then, she looks at Jiyong on the bed and start to think bad things to do to him. She went to approach him on the bed slowly. She looks at Jiyong face before mutter

“This guy looks so sad... but he had a nice face.”

Then, she slowly moves to kiss Jiyong, but before she's done that, Jiyong open his eyes and push her away.

“What are you trying to do?” Jiyong asked with furious.

Jiyong get up from the bed and then he continues says

“Thank you for your help, now out! Get out from my room!”

“Don't you want someone to be with you tonight? You look so sad... something happen?” the lady asked try to persuade Jiyong.

“Get out!” Jiyong said it with firm.

However, the lady bravely went to approach Jiyong, and then she held Jiyong face to kiss him. Jiyong push her hands away before he shoves her hard.

“What is in your mind? Are you mad? I said get out!” Jiyong shouts furiously.

Out of sudden, the lady opens her dress in front of him, try to seduce him. Jiyong stunned after he saw the lady in her lingerie. His breath heavily when she approaches him with that condition.

“Don't get hard to get... I'm here... for you...” the lady said whisper in his ear.

Jiyong felt his head start to feel dizzy again. He's then begging for the lady to leave the room.

“Please leave... I'm married. I'm not interested in you... please go...” Jiyong said while his hand holds the head.

“Oh... then, I could offer you more than your wife can do...” the lady replied still want to persuade Jiyong.

Jiyong stares at her with firm after she said that.

“Put on your dress and go!” Jiyong suddenly shouts with furious.

The lady startled after Jiyong shouts. Jiyong went to get her dress and throw it to her.

“No one can be compared to my wife... no one!” Jiyong continue with angry.

The lady start to feel scared after Jiyong shouting at her like that.

“If you want me not to respect you, I can do that. But, right now... I'm asking you to leave my room politely. So please leave...” Jiyong continue while he’s walking toward the door.

In the end, the lady have no choice except to leave. After she wore back her dress, Jiyong pull her arm and throw her out from the room. He locked the door before he went to lie on the bed.

“Such a waste...” the lady muttered while walking away from there.




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