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Taeyon keep grumbling while walking into the room. Hayeon that just finish her bath look at her sister with confused. 

“What’s wrong?” Hayeon asked while wipe her hair.

“Why didn't you tell me about that new helper?” Taeyeon asked with firm.

“Yah..! I did…! Remember I told you last night?” Hayeon asked.

Taeyeon look at her with confused.

“When?” Taeyeon asked while frown.

“Aigoo…last night… before you go to the bed. I told you that we have a guest in the attic. So, don't go out ...” Hayeon said jokingly.

“Did you?” Taeyeon asked try to remember back.

“Yeah… aigoo…argh… forget it. I want to go have a breakfast…” Hayeon said while she put her stripe shirt on her.

Taeyeon just look at her sister leave the room without saying anything. Meanwhile, in front of the door, Hayeon chuckles after she gets to sister.

“Did she really tell me that?” Taeyeon still confused after she’s alone.

Suddenly, she grunts furiously.

“Agrh…did he’s really see me in pajama? argh... this is so embarrassing...!” Taeyeon said while pull her hair.

In the end, she’s just hiding her face in the blanket while screaming to release her embarrassment.




Jiyong and Jiwoong ride the horse to see around the farm. After that, Jiwoong stop at the river to fulfill his bottle. Jiyong look at the scenery with ease. For a moment, he feels in love with the place.

“You like is place?” Jiwoong asked after he saw Jiyong enjoying the trip.

Jiyong nodded before he says

“If I have money, I would buy this land and stay here... forever…!”

Jiwoong chuckles while walking toward his horse.

“You know... around this area... half of them are already sold to the government. Just left our farm and some village people still insist not to sell them.” Jiwoong said to explain.

“Why?”Jiyong asked curious.

“Everyone needs money... to live. So do us... but omma insist on keeping this farm because it was belonged to this family. Even though, every year we're struggling to pay to property owner, but still worth for it. Besides, we need money for Hayeon studies and Taeyeon wedding.” Jiwoong said to explain.

Jiyong is silent after he hears that from Jiwoong. Even though they're not wealth, but they happy. For that, Jiyong feel jealous about it.

“… but you still manage to take care of the farm…” Jiyong said to comfort Jiwoong.

“Yeah, of course… this is one of the gifts from my late appa. I should take care of it…” Jiwoong said with smiles.

“I’m jealous to see you and the family. I really hope my family like this too…” Jiyong replied slowly.

Jiwoong saw Jiyong gloomy face but he didn’t ask him anything because he’s respect Jiyong privacy.

“Okay, let’s go home…it’s time for lunch…” Jiwoong said while ride the horse.




Taeyeon went into the barn while carrying a bucket of water for the horse. Then, she saw Jiwoong and Jiyong are arriving with the horse.

“Where are you going?” Taeyeon asked Jiwoong.

“Just bring GD to look around...” Jiwoong replied while get off from the horse.

“Shouldn't you tell him that don't let the tank empty?” Taeyeon asked sarcastic while looking at Jiyong.

“I’m sorry… I forgot to fill the tank...” Jiyong said to apologies.

“What kind of helper if you can't remember the basic thing?” Taeyeon asked sarcastic.

“I’m sorry… I fill it now…” Jiyong said while take the bucket from Taeyeon hand.

After Jiyong leave, Taeyeon look at her brother and ask

“What kind of helper you get?”

“Don’t blame me… it's omma choose... after all, we don't have anyone that apply for that job except him...” Jiwoong said try to defend himself.

“What is his name again?” Taeyeon asked.

“GD” Jiwoong replied shortly.

“His name also weird... you should be careful of him... I think he's someone that has an agenda...” Taeyeon said with suspicious.

Jiwoong chuckles while shake his head.

“Aigoo… you and your doubt... let's go...” Jiwoong said before he pull Taeyeon hand and leave the barn.

A moment later, all of them are sitting on the dining table to have lunch together. Taeyeon feel uncomfortable to sit in front of Jiyong during that lunch. Meanwhile, Jiyong is trying to make him comfortable when he's noticed Taeyeon keep looking at him with suspicious. During the lunch, Taeyeon saw Jiyong manner when he's eating. It's strange to see him in that shabby clothes, but he still has a good manner. The way he's cutting the meat, how he's sipping his drink and the great things, he doesn't make any sound when munching.

“Why are you staring at him like that?” Hayeon whisper in her ear asked when she noticed Taeyeon keep looking at Jiyong.

Taeyeon startled before she shake her head and then continue eating her foods.

Hayeon smirk and then she asks

“GD oppa, how’s the food? You like it?”

“Yup, it's delicious...” Jiyong said while munching.

“It's unnie the one that cooked it. She's wonderful at cooking... even though, she's sometimes burning omma kitchen...” Hayeon said jokingly.

“Yah!” Taeyeon said while nudge Hayeon beside her.

All of them laughing after Hayeon said that.

“When she's back, I will be happy... because there is a kitchen maid... if you expect Hayeon, we don't know when we can eat...” Mrs. Kim said teasingly.

“Omma…” Hayeon said whining while pout.

Jiyong is smiling while looking at Hayeon. Suddenly, Jiyong feel a laser light went straight to him. He saw Taeyeon still stares at him with firm while she's munching her foods. Jiyong avoiding the stares and continue to finish his food quickly. 






“Dami, did Jiyong call you?” Mrs. Kwon asked after she saw Dami enter the house.

“Nope…” Dami replied shortly.

After that, Mrs. Kwon pulls Dami hand and then drags her into the living room.

“I know Jiyong is always texting you... please, ask him to come back...” Mrs. Kwon said slowly.

“Omma, I told you… I don’t know…” Dami replied before she went into the champagne bar and then take the glass.

“Hey, stop drinking… you know appa don’t like it to see you drunk…” Mrs. Kwon said after her notice Dami takes the champagne bottle.

“He can't control what I want to eat or drink... besides, I need something to release my stress...” Dami replied before she sips the drink.

Mrs. Kwon shakes her head after she saw her daughter drinking.

“Don’t let your appa see it...” Mrs. Kwon said before she leaves the living room.

After her mother leave, Dami put the glass away from her. At first, she didn't intend to drink it, but she decided it to drink just want to make her mother upset. Same as Jiyong, Dami has been raised by halabeoji. Before Jiyong was born, Dami set aside and just play alone. With the presence of Jiyong, Dami felt happy because her younger brother always accompanied her to play or do anything with her. That's why she and Jiyong very closed.

“Still trying to make her furious, huh?” suddenly halabeoji voice greeting her.

Dami smiles after she saw halabeoji.

“Why you still awake? Did you eat your medicine?” Dami asked while approaching him.

“I'm waiting for you...” halabeoji said.

“Why? You have something to tell me?” Dami asked.

Halabeoji nodded.

“What is it?” Dami asked.

Halabeoji look around before he slowly says

“Meet me in the reading room”

Dami look confused before she follow him from behind.




After Dami closed the door, halabeoji pull her hand and make her seat on the chair nearby.

“Promise me that this is between us…” halabeoji suddenly said.

Dami look so confused but she still nodded.

“Promise?” halabeoji keep asking.

“Yeah, promise…” Dami replied.

“Good…” Halabeoji said and then he went to his desk.

He pulls out the drawer and then takes a white envelope in there. He walks toward Dami and give the envelope to her.

“What is this?” Dami asked.

“It’s company account... I got it last month...” halabeoji replied.

“So…? Why about this? Why you give it to me?” Dami asked confused.

“Open it…” halabeoji said.

Dami open the envelope and take out a few paper in there. She read the paper diligently and then she's noticed there is something wrong in the account.

“Something is not right here...” Dami said after finish read the paper.

Halabeoji nodded.

“There are wrongdoings in the company... ...almost half a million funds were taken... I need you to investigate this...” Halabeoji said.

“What? Why me? You know I don’t have any power to do so…” Dami replied try to refused.

“I know... that's why I'm choosing you... you're the one that I can trust... besides, you are also the head of the investment department... so, no one will suspect it...” halabeoji said try to persuade.

Dami feel uneasy after she saw halabeoji face.

“Halabeoji, why don't you ask Hyuk oppa? He also works there...” Dami asked.

“No he can't... besides, he's in development department...if I'm asking him... someone

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