awkward wedding

please, feel my love
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Jiyong enter the house while the others look at him with smiles. Jiyong smiles awkwardly, then Dami says

“Say thank you to your future mother-in-law... she’s agreeing to make the wedding reception at this farm...”

“Huh?” Jiyong asked with confused.

Then, Taeyeon appear behind Jiyong while look at the others.

“What?” Taeyeon asked confused after she saw Jiyong face.

“Omma decide to make your wedding at this farm…” Hayeon said excitedly.

“What?” Taeyeon asked startled.

Jiwoong chuckles slowly after he saw both of them expressions.

“I also agree with her. I want to my friends come here and enjoying this apple pie in here. It's delicious...” Halabeoj said while munch the pie.

“Also… Hayeon and I are volunteering to be your bridesmaid...argh... it's so excited!” Dami said while she approaching Taeyeon.

“Aaaa… yeah…” Taeyeon replied awkwardly.

Jiyong look at them and then he says

“Actually, we don't...”

However, Taeyeon interrupt him and says

“We don't think to do the reception... we just decided to register the wedding... that's all...”

Jiyong frown after she said that.

“What? No way I’m gonna let that happened…” Mrs. Kim said with firm.

“Yes, I agree with you, ma’am…” Dami said to agree with Mrs. Kim.

“You can call me imo…” Mrs. Kim said afterward.

Dami smiles and nodded.

“You like it or not... I'm going to throw the ceremony at the farm. I want to invite all the village peoples and my friends. Also, Jiyong... you should invite your parents too...” Mrs. Kim said determined.

Jiyong look at Taeyeon while signal her for help but Taeyeon lift her shoulder before she says

“You have to bear it after decided to marry me...”

She’s smiling widely before she went to stand behind her mother.

After Jiyong saw her smiles, then he knew that Taeyeon stick with her stand to help him with the plan. Jiyong smiles before he says

“Okay, I'll agree with all the wedding plan... Taeyeon deserve to have her own dream wedding. As long, she's happy...”

Halabeoji and Dami look at each other after Jiyong said that.

“It's look like someone already change for his beloved...” Dami said teasingly.

Jiyong narrow his eyes after Dami said that.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon look at Jiyong with different perception. GD and Jiyong is different person for her but only one thing she knows, whoever he is, he is the one who managed to open her heart to fall in love again. The risk to help him by pretending to be his wife, Taeyeon decided to accept it, no matter what. She knew that Jiyong would be there for her.




After the dinner, Jiyong family ask to go back home. Mrs. Kim gives apple pie for them to bring home.

“Thank you for the dinner…you really good in cook…” halabeoji said to praise Taeyeon.

“No, halabeoji… it’s omma the one that cook… I just help her…” Taeyeon replied shyly.

“But… it’s still good…” halabeoji said while pat her cheek softly.

Taeyeon smiles to thank him.

“Taeyeon, don’t forget to give me the dress picture… I want be the first one to see before Jiyong…” Dami said.

Jiyong rolling his eyes while shakes his head when his sister said that.

Taeyeon chuckles when she saw Jiyong face before she says

“I won’t let him see until the ceremony…”

“Good…” Dami said whit smirks.

Jiyong pout when he heard that.

“So, let me know if you have anything to ask for help. Jiyong, make sure you help them prepare the wedding...arasso?” halabeoji asked.

“Nae…” Jiyong replied with nodded.

“Jiyong… I should to get used with the name... why you have to let us call you GD... You have a nice name...” Mrs. Kim said while shake her head.

Jiyong smiles awkwardly when she said that.

“What GD? He still used that name?” halabeoji asked.

“Why?” Mrs. Kim asked.

“That his nickname... his best friends like to call him with that... but now they didn't does that anymore after his appa scold them.” Halabeoji tell them.

“What is GD mean?” suddenly Hayeon asked.

Dami suddenly chuckles slowly after Hayeon asked that.

“I don't think we should talk about this...” Jiyong said try to avoid from answering the question.

Taeyeon feel curious when Jiyong didn’t answer that.

“It is stand for something? G for Grace?” Taeyeon suddenly asked with suspicious.

Jiyong look at Taeyeon when she mentions that.

“Jiyong... Ji... yong... Ji stands for letter G, yong stand for D, it means D for dragon...” Jiyong said try to explain.

Suddenly, all of them are being silent after he said that, before Jiwoong laughs and then follow by Mrs. Kim and Hayeon. Halabeoji and Dami also join them laughing. However, Taeyeon just smiles at Jiyong and says

“That's cute... suit you well...”

Jiyong cover his face after Taeyeon said that.

“Okay… okay, we should go or we’ll be late…” Dami said afterward.

“Erm… ma’am, thank you…” suddenly Jiyong said to Mrs. Kim.

“Just call me eomeoni… and, most welcome…” Mrs. Kim said with smiles.

Taeyeon smiles at Jiyong before he gets on the car.

“I’ll call you…” Jiyong said to Taeyeon when he’s in the car.

Taeyeon nodded and waved her hand to bid goodbye. After that, the car leaves the yard and Taeyeon stares until it disappear from her view.

“Did someone already missing her beloved...~” Hayeon said teasingly.

Taeyeon narrow her eyes, and then she grabs Hayeon shoulder before she rubs her hair to .






After Jiyong tell his parents about his decision, Mr. Kwon didn't talk to him for a week. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kwon still acts hard to make Jiyong to go apologies to Choi family and continue to get engage with Grace. However, this time, Jiyong insist with his decision to marry Taeyeon. If he can't do anything he wants, at least he got the one he loved.

Mr. Kwon can't do anything about the marriage because halabeoji is the one that want the wedding to be happened. If he stops it, he knew that Jiyong would do other things to stop the engagement, the worse if he's running away again.

That morning, during the breakfast, Jiyong handed his wedding card to his parents. Mr. Kwon and his wife look at the card with furious but nothing is coming out from their mouth.

“I hope… appa and omma can come and bless us…” Jiyong said softly.

Mr. Kwon looks at Jiyong with firm before he says

“I'll come... if you're willing to stay at the company... without running away again...”

“I promise you... I'll stay until the company is yours... just let me marry her, please...” Jiyong said try to persuade.

However, Mr. Kwon just gets up from his eat without saying anything.

“Omma…” Jiyong call his mother softly.

“I don't want to bless you and her... I don't like her and I don't want to go... if she is the one you choose to be your wife, it's up to you. But...tell her not to against with me... or her life won't be easy... remembers that...” Mrs. Kwon said firmly.

After that, she tears the card and then throws it on the table. Then, she gets up and walks away with, disappointed and furious.

Jiyong took the torn card while holding his emotion. Suddenly, his phone is ring and Taeyeon name appear on the screen.

“Yup?” Jiyong said after pick up the call.

Taeyeon sense something wrong with Jiyong voice when he answered it. 

“Are you okay?” Taeyeon asked.

“Oh… yeah… why you call me?” Jiyong asked to change the topic.

“Ermm… omma ask to meet your parents before the wedding, are you okay with that? If not, I can make any excuses...” Taeyeon replied with uneasy.

Jiyong is silent after she asked that.

“Sorry...” suddenly Jiyong said slowly.

With that sorry word, Taeyeon know that Jiyong parents will not meet them. In the end, Taeyeon softly says

“Don't bother about it... I can tell omma any excuses... okay?”

“Thank you…” Jiyong replied while smiles slightly.

“Naaa... not a big deal. I think I should make you buy me ice cream on the wedding day.” Taeyeon said jokingly.

Jiyong chuckles when he heard that.

“Okay, you laugh... that's relief...” Taeyeon said with smiles.

Jiyong smiles before he says

“See you next week, my future wife...”

“Arasso… my future husband…” Taeyeon said teasingly.

In the end, both of them just laugh after saying that.






With the theme of the garden concept, Dami and Hayeon worked hard to ensure that the ceremony went smoothly. Wooden chairs have been arranged, daisy flowers are arranged along the aisle, and apple trees decorated with lights. Many guests began to arrive to fill the space. Jiwoong is waiting for the bride to get ready with nervous. Hayeon chuckles when she saw her brother face.

“Calm down, oppa… it’s not your wedding…” Hayeon said jokingly.

“Shut up…” Jiwoong replied while narrow his eyes.

“Oppa, how many people omma invite? Will the foods enough for the guest?” Hayeon asked when she notices many guest are present.

“I’m not sure, I’ll go check…” Jiwoong said.

“Okay, I’m going to see unnie…” Hayeon said before enter the room.

Inside the room, Hayeon stunned to see the beau

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