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All the peoples look at the situation with confused. Taeyeon and Jiwoong also looked bewildered when they saw many people in the hall. Jiyong smiles widely while approaching Taeyeon. He then went to hug her tightly. Both of his parents look surprised when Jiyong do that, so do Taeyeon.

“You came...” Jiyong said, whisper happily in her ear.

Jiwoong look at them with uneasy. After that, Jiyong release the hug and says


He pulls Taeyeon hand and takes her on the stage with him. After that, he took the mic from his father and then he's says

“I would like to say this in front of all… I'm sure, everyone in here was confused for what just happened. I'll tell it...”

Mrs. Kwon looks at Jiyong with furious after what he done. At the same time, Taeyeon stares at Jiyong with confused.

“…this is Miss Kim Taeyeon, my future wife. I hope all people in here can bless our marriage. Thank you...” Jiyong continue with smiles.

Situation gets silent before Dami and halabeoji claps their hands to celebrate the news. After that, the other follows them to clap their hands. The Choi family felt humiliated after what just happen. Grace look at Jiyong and Taeyeon with mixed feelings.

After he announced that, Jiyong pull Taeyeon to leave the hall with him. Jiwoong follow behind them with mixed feelings. 

“What just happen, Mr. Kwon?” Mr. Choi asked with furious.

“I’m not sure…” Mr. Kwon replied while looking at his wife.

Mrs. Kwon felt uneasy when her husband looks furious at her. She knows that she in trouble after what just happened.

“Mrs. Kwon, if this is your plan to humiliate my family, you're wrong! I won't be silent... be watch...! Grace! Let's go!” Mrs. Choi said with angry.

Grace look at Mrs. Kwon with upset before she went to follow her mother. After Choi family leave, Hyuk that see the situation smiles widely.

“Jiyong... Jiyong... you know how to make this interesting...” Hyuk mutter while smiling.

At the same time, Dami look at her halabeoji and smiles widely. After the chaotic, halabeoji go on the stage and start to give his speech.

“Hello, everyone... my friends and staffs... I'm sorry for the unexpected incident... but that's the real drama, you can enjoy it today...” he said jokingly.

All the people laughs after he said that.

“Don't worry... it's still not affect this event. Now, I have something to say here... from now, I'll be involving in this new project. I know there are rumor saying I'm unhealthy. Now, I won't let the rumor be truth. I'm still good and will take care of this company.” Halabeoji said with determined.

All the people clap their hands to support his words. Dami smiles widely when her halabeoji decided to involving in the project. Besides, it is easy for her to keep updating about the investigation if halabeoji at the company. However, not everyone likes to hear that news. Hyuk father look at his son with uneasy, while Hyuk just lift his shoulder and shake his head.




Inside his office, Mr. Kwon looks at his wife with angry.

“Did I warn you to take care of everything?” Mr. Kwon asked furiously.

“I do…” Mrs. Kwon replied with uneasy.

“…but look, what have he done to us? Are you happy now?” Mr. Kwon asked angrily while he stomp his desk hard.

Mrs. Kwon startled when her husband stomps the table.

“Now, I want you to find him… drag him home and stop his action… I don’t want to see him and the girl anymore…” Mr. Kwon said firm.

“You know the girl?” suddenly Mrs. Kwon asked.

However, Mr. Kwon didn’t answer her.

“So… you know her and you didn’t tell me about her presence?” Mrs. Kwon asked firm.

“I didn't know they still contact each other...” Mr. Kwon replied.

“Why you didn’t tell me?!” suddenly Mrs. Kwon shout with angry.

“Does it matter?” Mr. Kwon shouts back angrily.

“Yes! Look what you've done to not tell me about that girl presence...? You think I'll let her like that? You don't know this kind of girl...” Mrs. Kwon said with firm.

“I don't care what kind of she is... but now, I just want Jiyong to stop from what his planning.” Mr. Kwon replied with angry.

Suddenly, his assistant comes into the office.

“Sir, Jiyong already leaving with that fellow. But, I already ask the guard to follow them.” The assistant said.

Mr. Kwon nodded and then he signals the assistant to leave the office.

After the assistant leave, Mr. Kwon looks at his wife and say

“We don't have a choice except to go to apologize to Choi family. If we want the company, we still need them to support us...”

“You think they will accept after what Jiyong do?” Mrs. Kwon asked sarcastic.

“I don't care... as long we get their trust back... I'll do anything to make the company mine, even it's hurting my own son.” Mr. Kwon replied with determined.

Mrs. Kwon look at her husband with scared after he said that.





After they leave the hall, Jiyong ask Jiwoong to take them to the nearby place to discuss what just happened. Along the ride, no one is spoken while their mind keep bothering about Jiyong sudden announcement. When they arrive at the park, Jiyong get off from the truck, following by Jiwoong. Meanwhile, Taeyeon is still in there try to digest what just happen to her.

“What’s going on? Can you explain?” Jiwoong asked.

Jiyong sigh deeply before he went to look at Taeyeon in the tuck.

“Come… we need to talk…” Jiyong said softly.

Taeyeon get off the truck with hesitated and then she went to stand beside Jiwoong.

“I know this is so sudden, but I have no choice except this... I want Taeyeon to pretend to be my wife...” Jiyong said while looking at Taeyeon.

“What? Are you insane?” Jiwoong asked furiously.

“I know this is so gambled, but I can't accept the engagement...” Jiyong replied.

Taeyeon startled when he said that.

“So it was your engagement party?” Taeyeon asked with surprised.

Jiyong nodded slowly.

“I want to stop the engagement, but my parents force me to do it. That's why I ask you to come to the place, and I use that chance to stop the engagement...” Jiyong replied to explain.

“…by making me your future wife?” Taeyeon asked with irate.

“I don't know why I'm saying that but... to see you come, I feel very grateful... that's why I blurted out by saying that...” Jiyong replied with honest.

“Yah! That's not the solution! You think your parents won’t do anything? What will happen to her? You think making her your wife solves everything?” Jiwoong asked with firm.

“I don't think that far... what I'm doing right now just to stop the engagement... and want her to pretend to be my wife...” Jiyong replied with mixed feelings.

“Why you want her to pretend?” Jiwoong asked curious.

“... because if I have someone, my parents won't force me again to get, I need her to help me with this plan...” Jiyong replied.

Taeyeon look at Jiyong with mixed feeling while Jiwoong think Jiyong plan is risk for Taeyeon.

“How long you want her to pretend to be your wife?” suddenly Jiwoong asked.

Jiyong silent for a while before he slowly says

“One year…”

Both of them stunned after he said that.

“That's really long... anything can happen during one year...” Jiwoong said with uneasy.

“I know... but I promise, I'll take care of her from everything. Just for one year... afterward, I won't disturb or see you anymore...” Jiyong said try to begging at Taeyeon.

“Why one year?” suddenly Taeyeon asked.

“... because I promise my appa to get the company in one year... after he got the company, I can get my freedom from them... that's all... just freedom.” Jiyong replied the truth.

Jiwoong and Teyeon look at each other after Jiyong said that.

“Why your parents treat you like this? You're their son...” Jiwoong asked curious.

“... Because I'm their son, I get this treat. In fact, they don't see me as their son, for them... I'm just the gold boy that they need for their business...” Jiyong replied with sad.

Jiwoong and Taeyeon didn’t say anything afterward.

“Please, help me... Taeyeon. I don't have anyone to ask for this help... I know you're still confused for what just happened, but... I’m desperate not to let my parents ruin my life. I promise you, I won't make anything that you don't like... just help me with this...please...” Jiyong continue to begging.

Taeyeon look at her brother after Jiyong beg her like that.

Suddenly, the guards come to take Jiyong back. They roughly pull Jiyong from there while Jiyong trying hard to release himself from them. Jiwoong that saw the situation went to help Jiyong. Taeyeon look at the chaotic situation with uneasy. She then calls the cop to get help. 





Mr. and Mrs. Kwon enter the bungalow after coming back from the company. Suddenly, they hear someone laughing in the living room. 

“How's your plan? Everything is going smooth?” Hyuk father asked while giggling.

Mr. Kwon looks at him with furious.

“I… I… really like what Jiyong do for today…” he said while laughing.

Then, Mr. Kwon went to hit him but his wife stops him from doing that.

“It’s not worth…” Mrs. Kwon replied.

“I think… Choi family already black list you as one of their friend…,” he said still trying to provoke.

“If you don’t know how to stop it, then I can make you shut up…” Mr. Kwon said while holding his fist.

“Wuuu… I’m scare…,” he said while mocking him.

Then, Mr. Kwon went to hit him but their father appears and shouts at them.

“What’s going on here?” halabeoji asked firm.

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