First meet, the stranger

please, feel my love
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Taeyeon and her friends, Yuri,Yoona and Hyoyeon enter the wedding hall with mixed feelings. They stand at the back hall while looking at the newlywed with furious. Yuri, Yoona and Hyoyeon look at Taeyeon when the groom read his vow.

“Should we approach him after this?” Yoona asked.

“Yeah… look how shameless he is...” Yuri replied firmly.

“Tae, what are you going to do?” Hyoyeon asked.

However, Taeyeon is just looking at the newlywed with silent. She felt her heart hurt and being cheated.

Taeyeon know Wonshik, the groom, on her first semester in university. Wonshik is her senior and both of them start to be together on her second semester. However, both of them start to get distance when Wonshik in final semester. In fact, Wonshik start to ignore her during his work as intern at one of the big company. At first, she thought Wonshik is busy with his works. However, last week, one of Wonshik friends tells her about Wonshik wedding. That's why, Taeyeon is at the wedding with her course mate, Yuri, Yoona and Hyoyeon.

All of them look at the newlywed walking at the aisle with mixed feeling. For a moment, the groom saw Taeyeon and her friends at the back. He starts to felt uncomfortable and try to avoid from looking at them.

“I want to confront him... I want to know why he's doing this...” suddenly Taeyeon said after she noticed Wonshik try to avoiding her.

“I’ll come with you…” Yuri said.

“No… I just want to talk with him personally…” Taeyeon replied firm.

“Arasso… then, tell us if you need us to beat him… my fists are itching to punch someone” Hyoyeon said while holding her fists.

“Wait for me at the lobby…” Taeyeon said before she leaves her friends.

“Should we follow her…?” Yoona asked with worried.

All of them look Taeyeon walk away before Yuri slowly says

“Trust her… she’ll be fine…”




At janitor room, Jiyong change his clothes into the cleaner uniform. He put the cap on his head, and then he hid his clothes in the locker. After that, Jiyong went out from the room without let anyone suspicious him. Jiyong went toward the emergency exit and go down the stairs. However, at the midway, he heard someone is talking down there. Jiyong peeking slowly and saw a couple down there are arguing.

“Egh… why they’re has to be there at this time? Argh...” Jiyong mutter furiously.

Suddenly, Jiyong hear the women shout at the men angrily.

“You cheat on me! Why are you leaving me without any explanation? Did I do something to you?” Taeyeon asked furious.

“No… it's my fault to do this... but I'm not regretting it...” Wonshik replied to defend himself.

“Really? Is that what you feel?” Taeyeon asked firm.

“Okay, I'm sorry not to tell you about this... you can judge me anything. Besides, I'm not bear to stay with you. I’m not loves you anymore…” Wonshik replied.

“Why? Why you can tell me that? You know how long I’m trying to save our relationship?” Taeyeon asked furiously.

“That's... that's the one I hate about this. You think you're struggling on this relationship, and you think that everything you do just for us... don't you think that I am also struggling? What kind of relationship if I have to endured the hurt? I don't hate you, but I can't be with someone that doesn't think about their partner.” Wonshik replied.

“Now, I'm the one to blame? You're the one now is the groom! You're the one to start to ignore me... and now turn it out is my fault?” Taeyeon asked furiously.

Meanwhile, Jiyong that sitting on the stair, listen to all their conversation secretly, while he's waiting for them to end before he can leave.

“Such a tragic love...” Jiyong mutter while sigh slowly.

Suddenly, Jiyong phone buzzed as signal for incoming call. Jiyong quickly take his phone from the pocket and turn off it before the couple would hear it.

Wonshik and Taeyeon look at the stairs after they hear something. In the end, Wonshik quickly end the conversation.

“Please accept this... I don't want you to come in front me again. I'm happy with my wife and I hope you can find your happiness too.” Wonshik said before he went to the door.

“Have you ever thought of me when you're decided to get married?” suddenly Taeyeon asked before Wonshik leave.

Wonshik look at the door before he says


After that, Wonshik leave the space and Taeyeon sat while crying alone.

Jiyong feel pity to see the woman crying after the men leave. To see the beloved marrying other is hurt. Jiyong hesitated for a while to get down, but in the end, he decided to go down. Jiyong step stairs slowly, try not to surprise the woman. He saw that women sat on the stair while crying on her knee. Jiyong walks slowly pass her, but before he continues his step, Jiyong stop and says

“He didn't deserve for you to cry.”

Taeyeon lift her head and saw someone in cleaner uniform is standing in front of her.

“Here… You should move on... get a better life than him.” Jiyong continue while he handing a tissue to her.

After that, Jiyong continue his steps and leave the space. Taeyeon with her teary eyes can't see the face clearly, but his words can comfort her a little. Taeyeon use the tissue to wipe her tears. Afterward, she went to the washroom to clean up her face to hide her crying from her friends.






Jiwoong look at the utilities bills for that month in the kitchen while having breakfast.

“Omma, did anyone call you to ask about the farm helper?” Jiwoong asked.

“Yeah, there are two of them. I ask to come here today... are you fine with it?” Mrs. Kim replied while she’s making a pie for the dessert.

“Yeah… you want to interview them? Or you want me to do it?” Jiwoong asked.

“It’s okay. Hayeon will help me here. You can go to the town and settle all the bills.” Mrs. Kim replied.

“Arasso… tell me if you need anything…” Jiwoong said.

“Morning, omma…” Hayeon greet Mrs. Kim before she went to seat in front Jiwoong.

“Hayeon, today you’re in charge on help omma to interview farm helper, okay?” Jiwoong asked.

“Did we already have candidate?” Hayeon asked.

“Yup, omma say it’s two person…” Jiwoong replied.

“Oh… I thought around ten people will apply.” Hayeon said with disappointed.

“Don't expect too much. Nowadays, no one want this kind of job... they're willing to move to city to get better job...” Jiwoong replied.

“No doubt. I hope Taeyeon unnie also will stay here after she's graduate.” Hayeon said with hope.

“Oh… when is her convocation? I think in this month...” suddenly Mrs. Kim asked.

“Yup, end of this month” Jiwoong replied.

“I have to remind it on my phone… or else she’s will be mad…” Mrs. Kim said jokingly.

“Omma, unnie it’s not like that…” Hayeon replied.

“Okay, I have to go now or I’ll be late…” Jiwoong said while looking at the phone watch.

“Don’t forget to buy some bread…” Mrs. Kim shouts while Jiwoong leave the kitchen.

“Arasso… Hayeon! Help omma!” Jiwoong said firm before he left.

Hayeon rolling her eyes after Jiwoong leave and she’s continue eating her breakfast.




Jiyong wipe his sweat with his arm while he's walking while try to find the address he got from a message. He looks around to ask, but the place it's really look deserted. Suddenly, he saw someone is riding a bicycle approaching him. Jiyong wave his hand to signal him to stop. Jiyong look at the old man with the bicycle before he hesitated to ask him.

“Yes young man…? Can I help you?” the old man asked.

“Erm… uncle, did you know this place?” Jiyong asked.

Jiyong show the address to the old man.

“Oh..., you want to go to the Kim’s Farm?” the old man asked.

“Yeah…” Jiyong nodded excitedly.

“You still have 100 meter to walk there. Just follow this street until you find the apple tree. It's nearby there.” The old main explain.

“100 meter?” Jiyong asked with uneasy.

“Yeah… you should ask the taxi driver to send you here...” the old man said after he saw Jiyong tired face.

“I thought it's near after the bus driver said I can walk there...” Jiyong replied with honest.

The old man chuckles before he asks

“You're from the city, aren't you?”

Jiyong nodded with smiles.

“I hope I could help you, but I have to go, my wife is waiting for me...,” the old man said with guilty.

“Oh… it’s okay, uncle. I still can walk to go there…” Jiyong said with smiles.

“Are you sure?” the old man asked.

“Don’t worry… thank you for helping…”Jiyong replied.

Afterward, Jiyong continue his walking toward the farm in the heat. He opens his cap and, fanning his hot face while taking steps.




“Omma, did you asked oppa to take out seeds from the store? I didn’t find it in there…” Hayeon said while approaching Mrs. Kim in the barn.

“It’s not there?” Mrs. Kim asked.

Hayeon nodded.

“I didn't ask him to bring out. Try to call him and ask... if not, then we should buy it.” Mrs. Kim said while she cleaning the barn.

“Arasso…” Hayeon said while she take out her phone and call Jiwoong.

Moment later, Jiyong arrive at the farm after long walking. He went toward the house and then tries to call out the owner. However, nobody is answering him. Jiyong walks at the back of the house, and then he saw someone is talking to the phone. Jiyong walks slowly to approach her and wait for her to end the conversation.

“Nae, oppa… bye!” Hayeon said before she ended the call.

“Excuse me?” Jiyong said to greet.

Hayeon look at Jiyong after he greet.

“Yes?” Hayeon asked while frown.

She looks at Jiyong up and down and she felt weird to see someone wearing shabby clothes there.

“I'm here for the farm helper job....” Jiyong said.

“Oh…! I see… wait. I’ll call my omma... ” Hayeon replied.

“Nae…” Jiyong said.

“Come… have a seat…” Hayeon said and she took him to the nearby gazebo.

Jiyong follow her while carrying his bag.

“Wait here…” Hayeon said before she leaves him there.

Jiyong take a seat to release his tiredness. He took out his water bottle to have a drink, but it's just a little bit left. Then, he just sips it until finish to wet his throat.


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