ever happened?

please, feel my love
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Taeyeon saw Daesung is already there when she came out from the kitchen. Jiyong that saw her with the drink, he quickly went to help her bring the bottle. Daesung look at them with suspicious before he says

“You two look so good together...”

Jiyong giggle while shaking his head slowly, meanwhile, Taeyeon rounded her eyes to look furious at Daesung.

“Look...looks... what I take from halmeoni house...” Sunny said happily after arrive.

“Wow… did your halmeoni give that?” Daesung asked with excited.

“No... I take it secretly...” Sunny said while smiling.

“Yah... that ginseng wine...! You really wanna us to drink that tonight?” Taeyeon asked with surprised.

“Don't worry... we just sips a little... by the way... who is this guy?” Sunny asked after her notice Jiyong presence.

“GD… that guy work with Jiwoong hyung …” Daesung said to introduce.

“Ohhhh… hi, it’s nice to meet you….” Sunny said with smiles.

Jiyong nodded with smiles to her.

“Wow… everyone is already here…. Let’s start the party…” Sooyoung said while bringing the food and at the same time, dancing in front of them.

Suddenly, Soyoung saw Jiyong and then she asks

“Who is this?”

“GD… that helper…” Taeyeon said with smile.

“What? Yah! Why don't you tell me? I'm already dancing in front of him...” Sooyoung said try to cover her shyness.

All of them are laughing while Sooyoung rush to hide behind Taeyeon.

“Don't worry, I'm fine with that...” Jiyong said to make her comfortable.

Sooyoung smirk shyly, and then she went to seat beside Taeyeon.

“So, GD… you really have a unique name… is that your real name?” Sooyoung asked.

“Yah… don’t ask him like that….” Taeyeon suddenly said to stop her friend from asking Jiyong.

Jiyong is just smiling while looking at them.

“What? I’m just asking…” Soooung said with pout.

“Okay… stop it… can we eat now?” Daeung said while open the drink bottle.

“GD oppa, right?” Sooyoung continue asked.

Jiyong nodded.

“Oppa~” Sooyoung call him while wink.

Jiyong cover his shy with chuckles after Sooyoung doing that. Taeyeon look at them with uneasy before she says

“Ignore her... come, have a drink...”

Sunny looks at Taeyeon with tease smiles. Daesung is already digging the foods, meanwhile Sooyoung look at them with suspicious eyes.

Afterward, all of them are just enjoying that night with chatting and joking to each other. Jiyong there just listen and answer when asked. Suddenly, Sunny takes out the ginseng wine and says

“Here... the main lead tonight... rolls the drum, please...”

Daesung hit the table with the chopstick to make as his drum.

Sunny laugh like a witch while holding the wine.

“That's too dramatic...” Taeyeon said while smiling at her friend’s behavior.

Jiyong chuckles while look at them.

Sooyoung immediately went to bring out the glasses for them to drink the wine.

“You know I can't drink... I'm driving...” Taeyeon said to refuse.

“No way~ you know how hard for me to take his drink? You should at least drink it a little...” Sunny said try to persuade.

“That's wine is too hard for me... you know my body can't tolerate alcohol...” Taeyeon replied to give excuses.

Sunny pout after Taeyeon said that.

Jiyong that saw them suddenly says

“You can have the drink, I'll drive home...”

All of her friends look at them after Jiyong said that.

“Uhhh... what’s with that? Are you trying to be her knight?” Sooyoung asked teasingly.

“No... I don't want...” Taeyeon said to refuse.

“Just drink, besides I've work to do tomorrow, so I can't drink...” Jiyong replied softly.

“…but if you can tolerate alcohol ... I can give you a sip...” suddenly Sunny said with smiles.

“Yeah, sure…” Jiyong said and he gives her the glass to pour the wine.

“No… you can’t!” Taeyeon said to stop him.

However, Sunny already pour the wine and Jiyong drink it without hesitation.

“Ergh…” Jiyong frown after he tastes the wine.

“Wow, oppa...! You're so good...” Sooyoung said with impressed.

Afterward, the others also take each other glass and Sunny pour it to them equally.

“Let's have toast!” Sooyoung said.

All of them lift the glass and then Daesung ask

“Toast for what?”

“Happiness and love” Sooyoung said.

Therefore, they lift the glass and then do the toast together.




After finishing a glass, Taeyeon body starts to show effect. Her face turned red, and her eyes looks sleepy. Meanwhile, the others continue to drink the wine. Jiyong continue his eating without follow them to drink after he gets sips before this. He's just enjoying listening to their chattering wile munching his foods. Then, Jiyong notice Taeyeon often hiccups while laughing with her friend.

“Are you okay?” Jiyong asked worried.

“Oh no… she's already drunk after one glass...” Sunny said after aw Taeyeon red face.

“No… I’m not drunk…” Taeyeon said while trying hard to open her eyes.

Jiyong smiles when he saw Taeyeon cute face when she's drunk.

After that, Taeyeon put her head on the table while mumbles something with her close eyes. Jiyong continue staring at her with worried before he takes out his jacket and fold it. Afterward, he put his folded jacket under Taeyeon head slowly. All of her friends notice Jiyong action toward their friends. Out of nowhere, Sooyoung suddenly blurt out by asking

“You like her, don't you?”

Jiyong startled with the sudden question turn to look at them.

“Oh... no... You all misunderstood this...” Jiyong said awkwardly.

“Is it? But you seem so care about her...” Sooyoung said.

“No… it's not what you think...” Jiyong replied try to denied.

Suddenly, Taeyeon get up and say

“I need to use a toilet...”

She rashly went to the toilet and Jiyong stand up to follow her, but Sooyoung stop him.

“I help her...” Sooyoung said before she went to follow Taeyeon.

Jiyong still stand there and look at Sooyoung go before he noticed Daesung and Sunny is there looking at him. Jiyong smiles awkwardly before he gets back to sit.

“If you like her, just tell her...” suddenly Sunny said to tease.

“What? No…No… all of you get it wrong here...” Jiyong said to denied.

Suddenly, the group of mafia that come before are entering the restaurant. The mustache one come and then asks

“Did the restaurant is already closed?”

Jiyong stunned after see them. He's cover his head with hat and then slowly move his body to avoid them from seeing him.

“Yes... you can come tomorrow...” Daesung replied.

“Hurm… but the foods in here are delicious...” the fat guy said with disappointed.

“Can we ask the owner to cook for us tonight? We will pay her a lot…,” the mustache guy said, to try to negotiate.

“Well… I'll go ask her...” suddenly Sunny, replied.

However, before Sunny get up, Jiyong signal her to seat and he then slowly says

“I’ll go…”

Jiyong hurriedly takes his jacket and Taeyeon bag before he went into the kitchen. Inside the kitchen, he saw Sooyoung still waiting for Taeyeon outside the toilet. Jiyong went to approach her before he says

“I'll wait for her... you have a customer out there...”

“Customer? Didn't you tell them that restaurant already close?” Sooyoung asked.

“We already told them but they're willing to pay you more...” Jiyong replied.

Suddenly, the fat guy entering the kitchen and ask

“Owner! Please cook for us... we really like your foods...”

Jiyong and Sooyoung startled after heard the fat guy voice. Jiyong move his body to try to avoid him see while Sooyoung smiles and walks to approach him.

“Sir, you can't enter this area... also, we're already close the store...” Sooyoung said while pull the fat guy out from there.

Jiyong relieve his breath after they walk out from there.

Afterward, Taeyeon come out from the toilet with dizzy. Yet, she still can see Jiyong is standing there waiting for her.

“GD?” Taeyeon call him.

“We need to leave... now...” Jiyong said in hurried.

“Why?” Taeyeon asked.

However, Jiyong didn’t answer her.

He put his jacket around Taeyeon shoulder before Jiyong put his arm around her to help her walk. Afterward, they walk out from the restaurant at the back door. However, after they're out, Jiyong saw the thin guy is standing nearby their truck. Jiyong pull Taeyeon and both of them hiding behind the wall silently. Taeyeon that still feel dizzy suddenly, lean her head on Jiyong chest. With his hands still on Taeyeon shoulder, Jiyong can feel his heartbeat rapidly after Taeyeon do that.

“Hey, wake up…” Jiyong said whispering.

But, Taeyeon just mumbles something that he can't understand it.

They stand like that while waiting for the thin guy to leave the truck. Taeyeon fragrance hit Jiyong nose while she's leaning on him. Jiyong don't know what to do, just keep trying to calm down himself.

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