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After Taeyeon get a call from Yoona, she went to the address that Yoona send to her to meet there. Yoona said that she have something to ask for her help and don't want anyone to know about this. She just agreed without asking more. Taeyeon went to the receptionist and she told Yoona name. The hotel staff gives her a room number with the key. Taeyeon looks confused after she got the key. However, she still walks toward the elevator to go to the room.

Inside the room, she didn't see anyone, so she assumed that Yoona will be there later. After a few minutes, she hears someone opening the door, but she's not Yoona.

“Kim Taeyeon-shi?” Tiffany asked after she saw someone is in the room.

Taeyeon hesitated before she nodded to answer her.

“Hi… I’m Tiffany, Yoona coworker. Did she tell you about me?” Tiffany asked.

Taeyeon shake her head and then she reply

“I didn’t ask her anything… but she just tells me she needs my help…”

“Yes, it’s true… ‘WE’ need your help,” Tiffany said while press on WE words.

Taeyeon look at her with confused.

“We?” she asked.

Tiffany went to seat on the chair beside the window. She took out some documents from her bag before she says

“Yes, we... it's me and Yoona. We're working with Kwon Property Company in the financial department. Anyhow, our Boss, Miss Kwon Dami... as you knows her as sister-in-law... is conducting an investigation into the finances of this company.”

“Wait…waits… Dami unnie?” Taeyeon asked confused.

Tiffany saw Taeyeon confused face and then she smiles.

“I think we should get a proper intro... I'm Tiffany, working with Dami at Kwon Property Company. Yoona, your friend, is one of the worker that we hire to work with us... and Seohyun, another person from prosecutor's office. Four of us are a team to investigate the exploitation in this company. However, we were stuck and there are many consequences for us to continue to investigate. That's why, when we know that you're the one can point out the problem from these documents... we know we need your capability to help us.” Tiffany said to explain.

Taeyeon look at the documents in front of her and she’s frown.

“Isn't the document Jiyong...” Taeyeon said but she didn’t finish her words.

“Yes, it is. Dami unnie is the one that ask him to look up it but turn out… you’re the one that help him…” Tiffany replied with smiles.

“You're telling me this is secrets investigation?” Taeyeon asked curious.

Tiffany nodded.

“Explain me more about the fraud and the current situation.” Taeyeon said in curious.

Tiffany smiles and then nodded. Afterward, she’s explain to Taeyeon from beginning until the current investigation. She also explained what her, Yoona and Seohyun do to get the information.

Taeyeon didn’t say anything after she heard that.

“I hope you can agree to help us. Besides, if we can't solve it, the company will be a loss.” Tiffany said try to persuade.

Suddenly, Taeyeon think about Jiyong. She knew her husband work hard for this company as his promise to his father. Taeyeon start to feel uneasy after knowing the truth.

“What make you think I can help you in this matter? You know, I'm just an outsider...” Taeyeon replied with mixed feelings.

Tiffany looks at her before she says

“I know you'll be reacted like this... so, I think you need to talk to someone...”

After that, Tiffany calls someone from her phone. A few minutes later, she hears someone knock on the door. Tiffany gets up to get the door. Taeyeon look at Tiffany with mixed feelings. After the door open, Taeyeon stunned after she saw halabeoji is there.

“Halabeoji?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Introduce…Our chairman…” Tiffany said after she open the door.

“Hi dear…” halabeoji greet while walking toward Taeyeon.

Taeyeon get up from her chair and she went to greet him.

“Why are you here?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Of course to persuade you…” halabeoji said while chuckles.

Then, halabeoji went to sit in front of her. Taeyeon look at Tiffany and she’s signal her to have a sit while she went to get a drink for them.

“Halabeoji…” Taeyeon call him softly.

“I know this is so sudden... but I'm sincere to ask your helps. Dami should become here with me, but she has to attend a meeting, so, instead of her... I'm here to persuade you...” halabeoji said.

Tiffany comes with drinks for them. Then, she went to sit beside halabeoji.

“Here the agreement that we're preparing for you. You can read it and just let us know if you need to add on condition...” Tiffany said while she gives the papers to her.

“I know you're here because to help your friend. Think this helps Jiyong too. Even though I can't interfere between you and Jiyong life, at least, I know he had someone he can depend on. I like you, Taeyeon... I know you're the reasons for Jiyong changed. So, I know you also can change my family situation. Please...” halabeoji said with sad face.

“What make you think you can trust me?” suddenly Taeyeon asked.

Halabeoji smiles at her before he softly reply

“You’re my family, Taeyeon. Not an outsider…”

Taeyeon is silent while trying to control her emotion.

“After I saw you keep bear with your mother-in-law behavior... she did everything to test you, but still there. That's I know I can trust you. Jiyong is lucky to find you and he got happier after marrying you. From there... I know... you're sincere for Jiyong.” Halabeoji continue said.

Taeyeon start to feel ashamed after halabeoji praise her like that.

In the end, she takes the papers on the table and read it diligently. After few paragraphs, she’s frown and then asks

“What is this mean? You pay me for doing this?”

Tiffany nodded before she says

“Yes, that's mandatory payment which the company will pay. Why? Don't you agree with the amount?”

“No…no… it’s not like that… I thought I'm just helping here. So, to think that I get a payment for doing this... that's...inappropriate.” Taeyeon replied with uneasy.

Halabeoji laughs after she said hat.

“Yah! You think your capabilities are free? Of course, I have to pay you. Don't waste your skills easily...” halabeoji said while shake his head.

Taeyeon smiles awkwardly after he said that.

“So, anything else you want to add?” Tiffany asked.

“Hurm… can I request something?” Taeyeon asked hesitated.

“Sure…” Tiffany replied.

“If anything you want to discuss with me, could you please use my email than texting me? Because, I don't think my phone is secured for you to text me.” Taeyeon said.

“Yeah, for sure…excellent… so, you’re agreeing with everything in there?” Tiffany asked.

Taeyeon repeats back to read the agreement again. After she satisfies with the condition, she nodded and says

“I agree... can I have a pen?”

“Sure… here…” Tiffany said while she gives her pen to Taeyeon.

“Now, welcome to the Kwon Property Company…” halabeoji said with happy.

“Thank you…” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

“I’m happy to get know you…” Tiffany said with happy.

After that, halabeoji excuses himself to go and leave Tiffany and Taeyeon in there.

“Should we start now?” Tiffany asked after halabeoji leave.

“Sure…” Taeyeon replied.

Then, both of them start the discussion about to investigate and all the information about the investigation.





Jiyong open his phone after the meeting ended. He saw few unread messages in the inbox. He opens and one of it's from his wife. Jiyong is smiles while open the message.


Sorry... I'm out to meet my friend. See you at home tonight. – Taeyeon

Arasso… Do you want me to take you? – Jiyong

No, it's okay. You can enjoy your dinner with eomeoni and Grace... – Taeyeon


Jiyong sigh after he read the message. Now, he knew that Taeyeon is already known about the dinner and the news about Grace.


I can explain – Jiyong


After that, there is nothing response from Taeyeon. Jiyong went to call her, but the call went into the voicemail. Suddenly, the text comes from Taeyeon. Jiyong open it.


We talk later... besides, I have something to tell you, - Taeyeon

Okay, see you at home… - Jiyong


“Jiyong!” suddenly Hyuk shout his name from entrance door.

Jiyong sigh deeply before he went toward his car. However, Hyuk speed his steps toward him before he get into the car.

“Yah! Didn’t you hear I’m calling you?” Hyuk asked with irate.

“What do you want?” Jiyong asked lazily.

“I hear that Grace want to work in the company. It's true?” Hyuk asked with smiles.

Jiyong frown when Hyuk is already get the news.

“Where did you hear that?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Well… I have someone tell me…” Hyuk replied proudly.

“I don't know how that person knows about it, even though the HR still didn’t know about this. That's amazed me...” Jiyong said sarcastic.

Hyuk look at him with uncomfortable.

“Where are you going?” Hyuk asked to change the topic.

“Omma ask me to have dinner with her…” Jiyong replied.

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