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After she left the bungalow, Mrs. Kwon spends her life by joining volunteer camp. She's travelling around just to help more people that needed. For her, by doing that, she can trained her from not being selfish not as before. Her guiltiness for Taeyeon and the losing baby, give much impact in her life. She's also secretly ask for Taeyeon condition from her husband, to make sure she's fine. At the same time, Mr. Kwon keeps hoping for her to come back to the bungalow.

“Hi aunty…” one of the kids comes to greet her in the tent.

Mrs. Kwon smiles widely before the kid come to hugs her.

“Have you eaten?” she asked.

The kid nodded.

“Good… you have to take care of yourself…make sure be health…” Mrs. Kwon said while touch the kid face.

“Yes, aunty! Don’t worry… I’ll listen to your words…” the kid replied with smiles.

Mrs. Kwon smiles while looking at the kid.

During her volunteer, if she saw the kids around her, she will remember about Jiyong and Dami. From the time, she realize that she miss the opportunity to see her child grow up. Her old life keeps her busying and that's straining her relationship with her children. Nowadays, she wants them to be beside her, but it's too late. Her children already have their own life and what make her feel sad is she’s never been there for them.

At that time, Jiyong and Taeyeon are stand far away from there, saw Mrs. Kwon with the kid. They come to visit her after they get the info from Mr. Kwon.

“You think she will be fine to meet us?” Taeyeon asked while looking at Mrs. Kwon.

“I’m not sure. Wanna go?” Jiyong asked while his hugging his wife shoulder.

Taeyeon didn’t respond afterward.

Then, they saw Mrs. Kwon is walking out from the tent with the kid. She and the kid went to join the others to continue their activity.

“I think... we should let her be... I'm happy to see her happy here...” suddenly Taeyeon replied.

Jiyong look at Taeyeon before he asks

“Are you sure?”

Taeyeon nodded with smiles.

“I think we can give her more time... you want to meet her?” Taeyeon asked while looking at Jiyong.

Jiyong look at his mother with mixed feelings. The, he saw his mother smiling while playing with the kids. In the end, Jiyong reply

“Get to see her smiles here... I'm fine. We should let her... Should we go now?”

Taeyeon smiles and nodded to answer him.

After that, Jiyong and Taeyeon walks away from the camp with ease feelings.

At first, they thought Mrs. Kwon have a tough life when she decided to left the bungalow. They come try to persuade her to come back to Seoul. But turns out, she's live happily and that makes them feel ease to see her. In the end, they decided to let Mrs. Kwon achieve her happiness. If staying in that camp can make her happy, they glad to give her that life.

Inside the car, Taeyeon look at Jiyong face before she carefully called him.

“Jiyong…” Taeyeon said while looking at him.

“Yes?” Jiyong replied but his eyes on the road.

“Are you okay to left without meeting her?” Taeyeon asked curiously.

Jiyong is silent for a while before he slowly says

“Honestly, at first, I'm worried... worried that she's keep feel guilty and continue her distant from us. But... after see her today, I think it's right choice for not seeing her. It's rarely for me to see her smiling like that before... I don't want those smiles fade if she saw us, I hope she can continue smiling like that...”

Taeyeon went to hold Jiyong hand to comfort him.

“She will... besides, we can visit her anytime when we think we're ready,” Taeyeon replied.

Jiyong smiles before he takes her hand to kiss it.

“I'm glad I come here with you...” Jiyong said after the kiss.

“Jiyong…” Taeyeon call him softly.

“Humm... ” Jiyong replied while look at her with a glance.

“Want to go honeymoon here?” suddenly Taeyeon asked with smiles.

Jiyong stunned with the sudden question.

“Honeymoon? Here?” Jiyong asked with surprised.

Taeyeon nodded before she says

“Yup, after all, our tickets tomorrow night... so we have time to honeymoon here...”

Jiyong is silent while try to think of something.

“Why? Won’t you agree?” Taeyeon asked when Jiyong didn’t respond her.

“If you want to honeymoon in here... then I should cancel our ticket.” Jiyong replied.

“Huh? Why? We still have time…” Taeyeon said with confused.

“Nope... I'm not rushing in our honeymoon. So, I'll cancel our ticket and try to find a place for honeymoon suit for us...” Jiyong replied while his mind already thinking to spend day with his wife.

Taeyeon chuckles while she saw Jiyong reaction.

“You really a planner person... arasso... if that what you want, then... I'll follow... besides, I noticed this place have a lot of beach... should I wear my bikini?” Taeyeon asked to tease Jiyong.

Jiyong look at her after she asked that.

“Did you bring your bikini?” Jiyong asked with excited.

Taeyeon narrow her eyes after she saw Jiyong face.

“You think?” Taeyeon asked to more.

Jiyong smiles widely without replying her.

Taeyeon shake her head before she went to pinch Jiyong cheek.

“You already imagine me in bikini, aren't you?” Taeyeon asked while pinch his cheek.

Jiyong chuckles while he stops her from pinch his cheek.

“You can’t blame me…” Jiyong said while chuckles.





After they're decided to get honeymoon in there, Jiyong get accommodation nearby the coast for them to spend two days in there.

“What a beautiful place…!” Taeyeon said when they arrive at the resort.

The resort is facing the coast, and it's also have swimming pool for them. Taeyeon excitedly take the photo with her phone, meanwhile Jiyong is talking to the staff. After he done with talking, Jiyong went to approach his wife.

“They ask to wait for ten minutes for preparing our honeymoon suite...” Jiyong said before he went to hugs her shoulder.

“Okay… Jiyong, look at the beach… it’s so nice…” Taeyeon said happily.

“You like it?” Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon nodded with wide smiles.

“Look...we can see the sunset from here...” Jiyong said while looking at the beach.

“So… what should we do? You have any plans?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“The staff told me that they have street art nearby... wanna see that?” Jiyong asked.

“Sure… also... I want to eat turkey ice cream...” Taeyeon replied while smiling.

Jiyong look at her and then he kisses her cheek.

“Okay… today... we're going to stroll around here...” Jiyong said after the kiss.

“Great…!” Taeyeon replied excitedly.

Afterward, the staff comes to tell that their room is already prepared. Both of them walk while holding hands toward the honeymoon suite.

Inside the room, both of them stunned with the decoration. The rose petals are scattered on the bed. The room fragrance makes them feel calm and comfort. The staff leaves the room after put their luggage in the closet. Taeyeon excitedly went to the balcony to see the beach scenery from there. She took pictures with her phone and then she called Jiyong.

“Jiyong… come here…” Taeyeon said while wave her hand.

Jiyong is smiling while walking toward her. Afterward, she's taking their picture together before Jiyong stop her by hugging her.

“What are you doing?” Taeyeon asked confused when Jiyong hugs her.

“Hugging my wife…” Jiyong replied by whispering in her ear.

“Are you okay?” Taeyeon asked after Jiyong behaving like that.

Jiyong release the hugs and then he stares at her face.

“Why you asking that? Of course I’m fine…” Jiyong replied while his hand tucked her hair behind her ear.

Taeyeon smiles before he went to pecks his lips.

“Thank you for agreeing with this…” Taeyeon said afterward.

Jiyong shake his head before him reply

“Nope… this is brilliant…”

Taeyeon chuckles shyly after he said that.

Then, Jiyong pull her close to kiss her lips passionately. The kiss continues until Jiyong lift Taeyeon and take her into the bed. When he put her down, Jiyong stop the kiss and stares at her eyes.

“Love you, dear...” Jiyong said whispering.

Taeyeon smiles shyly while she’s hugging his neck.

“I know… love you more…” Taeyeon replied and then she pulls him to kiss his lips.

Jiyong kiss start to get hot when his mouth devouring her, his tongue flicking in and out of . One of his hands cradling the back of her head to pull her closer and closer. Taeyeon feel the passion from him make her lust want him too. When her body up jammed against his, the only thought in their head that their get out of their clothes. However, their action has been disturbed when Jiyong phone ring jerked them into reality.

“It’s your phone…” Taeyeon said with gasp.

“Let it be…” Jiyong replied before he continues to kiss her.

Taeyeon feel uneasy when the phone ring didn't stop. She stops Jiyong from kissing her.

“Jiyong… pick up the phone…” Taeyeon said when Jiyong is kissing her neck.

Jiyong stop the kiss and then he look at Taeyeon.

“That rings bothering me...” Taeyeon said with awkward smiles.

Jiyong sigh before he gets up from her. Then, he takes his phone from the pocket before he answers it.

“Yes?” Jiyong greet with unsatisfied.

“Jiyong…?It’s me, Grace… I’m sorry to bother you…” Grace voice greets him.

Jiyong startled after he heard that voice. He turns to look at Taeyeon with frown. Taeyeon get up from her lay after she saw Jiyong frowning.

“Who?” Taeyeon asked.

“Grace…” Jiyong mouth slowly.

Taeyeon frown after she heard that.

Jiyong turn on the phone speaker to let Taeyeon hear with him.

“What do you want?” Jiyong asked.

“Actually… erm…” Grace hesitated to continue her words.

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