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“Jiyong…! Look at the sea…!” Taeyeon said excitedly after she saw the sea scenery from the windows.

Jiyong smiles while he places the luggage nearby the wardrobe.

“It’s beautiful…!” Jiyong said while he’s approaching his wife.

Jiyong went to hugs her shoulder, while Taeyeon put her arm around his waist. Both of them look at the scenery silently.

“Thank you,” suddenly Jiyong said to break the silent.

“Huh? For what?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“The idea to come here... that's brilliant...” Jiyong replied before he went to kiss her forehead.

Taeyeon smiles widely after Jiyong said that.

“Glad you like it…” Taeyeon said.

“So… what should we do now?” Jiyong asked.

“I’m hungry…” Taeyeon whining while hold her stomach.

“Really? Didn't you just finish the bread earlier...?” Jiyong asked with surprised.

“Hey, that’s just my snack. Now, I want to eat proper foods…besides, it’s not only me to eat now…” Taeyeon replied try to defend herself.

Jiyong chuckles before he went to hugs his wife.

“Arasso… let’s go find something to eat. Have you craving anything?” Jiyong asked while look at her face.

Taeyeon try to think what exactly she wants to eat before she reply

“I want to eat abalone porridge.”

Jiyong smiling and he says

“Okay, let’s go find it…”

“Yeah…!” Taeyeon shout happily.

Afterward, both of them went to rent a car before they go to eat.




Taeyeon open the car window while let the wind hit her face. Meanwhile, Jiyong just smiles to see his wife enjoying the holiday.

“Jiyong, what is your plan after eating?” suddenly Taeyeon asked.

“I’m not sure… why? You have a place to visit?” Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon nodded with smiles.

“Where?” Jiyong asked.

“I want to do DIY soap...” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

“Soap? Why soap?” Jiyong asked while frown.

“I want to make it for you... and the baby... it's the best souvenir we can have... can we...? Please...please...please...” Taeyeon said while blinking.

Jiyong chuckles when he saw Taeyeon behavior.

“Arasso… we go to make soap. But, now… we have to fulfill our stomach…” Jiyong replied while drive the car toward the restaurant car park.

“Yes..! Love you!” Taeyeon said before she went to kiss Jiyong cheek.

“Hey, I’m driving…” Jiyong said when Taeyeon continues kissing his cheek.

After they park the car, both of them enter the restaurant while holding hands. They went to the empty place before make an order.

“This place is nice…” Taeyeon said slowly.

“Isn’t? I hope the food is also nice…” Jiyong replied while looking around.

Moment later, the foods arrive. Both of them enjoying the foods with happy.

“It’s delicious, right?” Taeyeon asked.

Jiyong nodded while he munches his foods.

“It’s great… I think I will order another bowl for me,” Jiyong said before he continues eating his foods.

Taeyeon smiles when she saw her husband enjoying his foods. After he got the pregnancy symptoms, it's hard for him to enjoy the foods. Now, he's getting better.

“If you want it, just order…” Taeyeon replied to encourage him to eat more.

Jiyong shakes his head while munches.

“Let finish this one first…” Jiyong said before he sips his drink.

“Here… eat more…” Taeyeon aid while she gives him a kimchi.




After leave the restaurant, Jiyong take to the DIY soap place as he promised to Taeyeon before eating. Both of them are focusing on making their own soap after the staff explains to them how to make it.

“I’ll make sure my soap is better than you…” Jiyong said to tease Taeyeon.

“We will see…” Taeyeon replied while her eyes are focusing on the soap.

“I like this soap smell…” suddenly Jiyong said while his hands are busy with the soap.

“Right? This smell so calming…” Taeyeon replied to agree with Jiyong.

“I bet... if you're showering using this soap, I won't stop from kissing whole your body.” Jiyong said jokingly.

“Yah! Behave yourself… we’re in public,” Taeyeon replied with shy.

Jiyong chuckles when he noticed he blurt out it with honest. Then, he stops from what he’s doing to see Taeyeon beside him.

“Is that for me?” Jiyong asked after he saw Taeyeon makes cute design for the soap.

Taeyeon shake her head before she reply

“This is for our baby…”

“That’s cute…what is that soap smell?” Jiyong asked while try to sniff the soap in Taeyeon hands.

“You like the smell?” Taeyeon asked

Jiyong nodded.

“It’s so refreshing…” Jiyong replied.

“I bet you won't stop kissing the baby if they using this soap.” Taeyeon said to husband.

Jiyong chuckles after she said like that.

“Of course… that’s my baby… I will kiss non-stop,” Jiyong replied while giggling.

“Have you finished with your soap?” Taeyeon asked while she looks beside her.

“Not yet, a little more... I want to carve the love shape...” Jiyong replied before he continues making his soap.

“Are you enjoying doing this?” Taeyeon asked while look at Jiyong.

“Yeah… I like the art. So, this so fun…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

Then, both of them continue to finish making their soap.




Afterward, Jiyong take Taeyeon to spend time at the beach while waiting for the sunset. 

“Can we sit here?” Taeyeon asked.

“Sure…” Jiyong replied while he put a snack and drink that they buy at the convenience store before.

“Waaaa….the smell of sea…” Taeyeon said after she takes a deep breath.

Jiyong open the juice bottle before he handed to Taeyeon.

“Thank you, dear…” Taeyeon said while she takes the juice from him.

“What do you think of our first day holiday?” Jiyong asked before he sips his drink.

“Fantastic…! Excellent…! I’m happy…!” Taeyeon shout happily.

Jiyong chuckles when his wife shouts like that.

“I think our baby will be a free spirit...looks at you...” Jiyong said to tease Taeyeon.

“No... The baby wills same as you... wonderful...” Taeyeon replied with honest.

“I’m wonderful…?” Jiyong asked while lift his eyebrows.

“Yes… and cute too…” Taeyeon replied while pinch his cheek.

“Okay… now I’m cute daddy to be…” Jiyong said proudly.

Out of sudden, Taeyeon went to kiss Jiyong lips after he said that.

“Is that a new way to thank me? No more token gift?” Jiyong asked after the kiss.

“You still want me to give you a token gift?” Taeyeon asked while smirk.

“Will you?” Jiyong asked while he moves his head close to her.

Taeyeon smiles shyly when Jiyong does that. Then, she went to pecks Jiyong lips to give him a token gift.

“One more time…” Jiyong demand while he continues to move his head close to her.

“Yah… behave yourself... people will see us…” Taeyeon said while looking around.

“Then, should I redeem it tonight?” Jiyong asked teasingly.

Taeyeon narrow her eyes after he asked that.

“You wish…” Taeyeon replied before she sips her juice.

Jiyong chuckles after she said that. He then, opens the tortilla chips for them while chatting and teasing each other.

Taeyeon head lean on Jiyong shoulder while her hand interlocks with Jiyong. For a moment, she felt very happy. They're far from others and home. Those make her feel comfortable.

“I wish we can stay here for long time... no one will disturb us... we with our own space...” Taeyeon said to break the silent.

Jiyong look his wife face after she said that.                                                                       

“Saying that... I already found a house for us...” Jiyong suddenly try to be honest with her.

Taeyeon lift her head to face Jiyong after he said that.

“What? A house?” Taeyeon asked confused.

Jiyong nodded while his hand fixing Taeyeon hair.

“So sudden? Aren't we decided to stay at bungalow? What will eomeoni say?” Taeyeon asked uneasy.

Jiyong look at Taeyeon before he went to peck her lips.

“I keep with my words... no one can change it. Omma will always behave like that... we both know we can't change her mind... but halabeoji and appa already give me permission to move out. That's why I insist.” Jiyong said after the kiss.

“So… we are really moved out?” Taeyeon asked confused.

Jiyong nodded with smiles.

“But…” Taeyeon try to say something but Jiyong interrupt her by kissing her lips.

“No more excuses… ” Jiyong said after the kiss.

Taeyeon look at the sea with uneasy. After she heard, Jiyong words, the first things come into her mind is Mrs. Kwon. She knows what will she's doing if she knew they're really moving out. Anyhow, lately, Mrs. Kwon already treat her with nice. If she moves out, she didn't know what will she react to them. 

“Hey, what are you thinking?” Jiyong asked after he saw Taeyeon uneasy face.

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