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After spending two days in Jeju, they will finally go home tomorrow. So, their last night at Jeju, Jiyong prepare candlelight dinner at the beach to spend time with his wife. That night, Jiyong asked Taeyeon to wear her flower printed dress that they buy before, meanwhile he's wearing his floral shirt that Taeyeon choose it for him.

When they see each other clothes, they laugh because they think they look funny but still fit for them.

“I think we should buy more shirts like this for you…” Taeyeon said to tease Jiyong.

“Ha…ha…ha…” Jiyong laughs sarcastic.

Taeyeon laughs when Jiyong does that.

“Why? I think you look so cute…” Taeyeon said while looking at the floral shirt.

“Okay, enough… can we go now?” Jiyong asked try to stop the topic.

“Let’s go…! I’m hungry…!” Taeyeon replied excitedly.

Jiyong shake his head with smiles after Taeyeon said that.

When they're arrived at the hotel café, Jiyong tell them about his reservation. One of the staff takes them toward the beach area. At that time, Taeyeon start to feel touched after she saw the candle placed around their dining table. Afterward, the waiters come to serve their foods.

“Did you plan this?” Taeyeon asked slowly.

Jiyong nodded.

“Enjoy your dinner, sir…,” the staff said before he left with the waiters.

Taeyeon look at the foods served in front of her with happy.

“This is heaven...” Taeyeon said when Jiyong give her drink.

“You like it?” Jiyong asked with smiles.

“Absolutely...!” Taeyeon replied with wide smiles.

“Let’s eat… this all for you…” Jiyong said before he handed the fruits to her.

“Thank you…” Taeyeon replied while take the fruit.

Then, they're enjoying the dinner while chatting. At that time, Taeyeon take out her phone to snap a picture of them. Suddenly, she saw the unread message. Taeyeon frown when the message it's from Grace. She opens the message and read it.


I'm sorry to disturb your holiday, but imo keep asking your condition if you're okay at there? Also, ask Jiyong oppa to calls imo to inform her. – Grace

I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’ll tell Jiyong to call eomeoni… - Taeyeon


After she replies the message, Jiyong saw his wife uneasy face.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Jiyong asked.

“Huh?” Taeyeon asked with confused.

“What happen? You look disturbed.” Jiyong replied with concern.

“Oh… nothing… Just get a text from Grace. She ask you to call eomeoni… she’s worry,” Taeyeon said.

Jiyong frown before he says

“Arasso… we call her later. Let’s continue eating…”

“Don’t you want to call her now?” Taeyeon asked with uneasy.

“Later…” Jiyong said with firm.

Taeyeon nodded before she keep back her phone and then continue eating.

Jiyong noticed Taeyeon still look uneasy and then he asks

“Are you okay?”

Taeyeon nodded while munches her foods.

Jiyong sigh when she looks like that. Then, randomly he takes the flower on the table and he put it in his ear.

“Now I look like a Jeju princess, right?” Jiyong asked try to joking.

Taeyeon look at him after he said that. When she saw the flower on his ear, Taeyeon burst out her laughing.

“What are you doing?” Taeyeon asked while laughing.

“What? I’m trying to be a princess…” Jiyong replied still try to make his wife laughs.

Taeyeon continue her laughs but then her also doing the same things as Jiyong. She takes the flower from the table and put it on her ear.

“Wow… someone like to against my beauty...” Jiyong said jokingly.

Taeyeon continue her laughs after Jiyong said that.

Jiyong smiles when he manages to make his wife laughs. Then, he went to grabs her hand and says

“Just enjoy our last night in here... don't get disturbed with others, understand?”

Taeyeon smiles before her reply

“Got it... thank you... so, should we finish our food, princess?”

Jiyong chuckles and then they continue to enjoy their last night in there.






Grace keeps her phone back after read the message. She continues sips her drink but then someone approaching her.

“Alone? Want a partner?” the guy asked.

Grace just ignores the guy presence while she continue to finish her drink.

“I’ll buy you more drink…,” the guy continue try to talk with her.

“Get lost…!” Grace said firmly.

Suddenly, the guy roughly grab her hand. Grace startled, but she's trying to release it from him. The guy still didn't let her go until someone pull his shoulder and push him away from Grace. Grace stand there while looking at the scene with stunned. Besides that, she also surprised to see Hyuk's father is there to help her. Even though, his face is covering with messy beard and moustache, Grace can recognize him, because he's wearing Hyuk favorite hat that she buy it for Hyuk before this. Grace looks at him and she saw he signal her to go out from there. Then, both of them walk out from the nightclub together.

“Samchon…” Grace calls him after they went to the car park area.

“Look… I have no times… did Hyuk say anything?” Hyuk’s father asked straight to the point.

Grace shakes her head slowly.

“Ergh… why he has to confess that crime? Stupid kid…” he continue with irate.

“Samchon… where have you been? You know police still looking for you,” Grace said with uneasy.

“I know… that’s why I have to hiding myself … hey, did you go to my family house?” he asked curiously.

Grace nodded slowly.

“How she is? Is she okay?” he asked.

“Who?” Grace asked.

“Jiyong wife… is she okay?”He asked again.

 Grace nodded before she reply

“If you wat to know… She's pregnant...”

Hyuk father stunned after he heard that.

“Damn it! Then why my son still put some hope for her? He's really stupid!” suddenly he blurt out with honest.

Grace surprised when she knows that Hyuk father also know about that. Then, she slowly asks

“Samchon…did Hyuk tell you about that?”

Hyuk father look at Grace when she asked.

“No…but, I know it after he urged me to leave the country. His heart get softened because of her... what is in his mind? He thinks that girl will like him? Stupid kid! Now... look where he is now? I already near to get the company... but my stupid son just ruins it everything...!” Hyuk father said with furious.

Grace saw his furious face when talking about that. Then, Grace bravely asks

“Samchon, why you come here? You need anything?”

Hyuk father look at her for a while before he slowly says

“I need your help… I want to leave the country…”

Grace startled for a while with his sudden request.

“I come to you because my instinct told me to trust you. Besides, I know what your relationship with my son is. Please… help me,” Hyuk father said to beg.

Grace look at him with mixed feeling. She knew if she's helping him, that's so wrong. However, she still felt sympathy toward that family. Hyuk in prison while his father life so terrible. Grace don't know how to respond, but in the end she says

“I can't help you. If I'm doing this... I'm ruining my life. But...”

Hyuk father look at her while wait for hr continue her words.

“…I can give you money for you to get new passport and visa. That's all... anything from that, I won't...Let’s say this help is for Hyuk,” Grace continues with firm.

Hyuk father look at her with mixed feelings.

“Is that what you can offer me?” he asked unsatisfied.

Grace nodded.

Hyuk father is silent while try to think again about the offer.

“Okay… when can I get the money?” he asked after made decisions.

Grace look at her phone to look at the date.

“Give me two week…” Grace replied.

“What!? No way… I want it tomorrow…” he replied to refuse.

“Samchon… I can’t. If you need the money, you have to wait for it or I can’t help you…” Grace said with determined.

He silent and in the end he reply

“Okay… I’ll wait. How can we contact?”

Grace looks around before she slowly says

“I won't see you anymore. I'll rent a locker and put the money in there. You can get the key at bungalow. I'll put it in Hyuk room... you know his favorite book? I’ll put in there…are you okay with that?”

“What? You want me to get the key from bungalow? No way I’m going there…!” he replied with uneasy.

“Then, where should I put the key? In the office?” Grace asked sarcastic.

Hyuk father scoff when she asked that.

“Just that place I can put it. Besides, that's your house. I think you know how to get in there without being captured. Aren't you?” Grace asked.

Hyuk father look at her before he nodded.

“Good… I have to leave now or someone will saw us…” Grace continues before she walks away from there.

Hyuk father look her going away with mixed feelings.

“How can I invade my own house?” he mutters with uneasy.

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You make really good stories i hope you'll making more :)
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Chapter 47: This is so sad, the pain of losing someone precious is really hard 😔 poor tae2
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Chapter 47: A sad chapter, i do feel their pain... 😢
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Chapter 46: Reading a story with good vibes is helping your reader emotionally to ease our stress. Its ok a little negative coz its part of the story but making them strong to fight the bad vibes is good to reader emotionally. GOOD JOB. Hoping for update and new story. I know you will end it soon at 50.
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