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Tiffany sat silently while Dami in conversation on the phone. Tiffany comes to meet Dami to give her answer about Dami offer before for her. After she's thinking, it's not wrong for her to help Dami. Besides, it's about the company she's work too.

“I’m sorry… there are problems with the last month project...” Dami said after hang up the phone.

Tiffany nodded with smiles.

“So, what is your answer? Are you willing to help me?” Dami asked.

Tiffany nodded and then she says

“... but I have condition...”

“Sure… anything…” Dami replied.

“I want to ask my friend that I trust to help me... she's not working here... but you still need to pay her...” Tiffany said.

“Oh… sure… that’s more convenient for me... I don't have to look for someone else...” Dami replied with ease.

“That’s great… so, when will we start?” Tiffany asked.

“Now…” Dami replied shortly.

“Now?” Tiffany asked with surprised.

“Yes, I want you to find any place in this building that we can meet and discuss it safely. If we don't have in here... try to find it out there and rent it. We need to make sure all the investigation is a secret.” Dami replied.

“I understand…” Tiffany said.

“Good… other thing, make sure everything that could be evidence, copied it and save it at the safe place. Do not put in the computer folder. They still can trace it.” Dami continues.

Tiffany nodded to answer her.

“By the way, Seunghyun can't join us, but he sends Seohyun to help. So, everything about the law or related to that... you can ask Seohyun.” Dami continue to explain.

“Got it…” Tiffany replied with serious.

“Okay, that’s all for now… I’ll inform you if any other things…” Dami said afterward.

“Arasso… I’ll try to find a place for us first…” Tiffany replied.

Suddenly, Dami phone is ringing. She saw Jiyong number and pick up it.

“Jiyong?” Dami asked.

Tiffany signal to Dami that her want to leave the office. Dami nodded and then wave her hand at her.

“Yes, it’s me…” Jiyong said.

“Why are you calling me?” Dami asked worried.

“Noona, I have something to ask…” Jiyong replied.

“What?” Dami asked curious.

“You know the entire company project, aren't you?” Jiyong asked.

“Yes…” Dami replied shortly.

“What about the future project? Did you also in charge of it?” Jiyong asked.

“Yes… why?” Dami asked confused.

“Hurm… can you check for me... if the company have any project about to build theme park?” Jiyong asked curiously.

“What? Theme park? Wait a sec…” Dami said while she’s walking toward her computer.

After that, she opens the company investor folder to find about the project. She's scrolling and searching, but she's found nothing related.

“Nope... we don't have any project to build a theme park.” Dami said afterward.

“Are you sure? Did you try to search in other folder too?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Yup, already done that... for the future project, our company just invests for the housing and buildings... nothing at all relate to the theme park... why are you asking me that?” Dami asked with strange.

“Hmm… nothing. I just wanna check…” Jiyong replied uneasy.

Dami felt something suspicious about that. She knows Jiyong will never ask her about the company project.

“By the way, where are you? Can you just tell me?” Dami asked with worried.

“Don’t worry, noona. I’m fine…” Jiyong replied.

“You know appa is looking for you…” Dami tell the truth.

“I know… how’s the house? Halabeoji?” Jiyong asked.

“Well… the house stills same… nothing changed in there… halabeoji is fine, but he still don’t know about you’re disappear…” Dami said.

Jiyong didn’t respond after Dami said that.

“When will you come back?” Dami asked curious.

“I don’t know noona… I think... I want to be here... free from them...” Jiyong replied with honest.

“You know you can't hide from them forever... you're still one of the heirs...” Dami tell him the reality.

“I know… but for a moment…let me be, please…” Jiyong said slowly.

“Arasso… I understand… but don’t forget to keep updating me. I want to make sure you’re fine… you know I have no one except you, Jiyong…” Dami said with sad.

“Don’t be sad noona… I’ll texting you…” Jiyong replied try to hold his emotion.

Suddenly, someone knock the door.

“I have to go now… please, text me later…” Dami said before they ended the conversation.

“Nae..” Jiyong said and then hang up the phone.

“Yes, coming…” Dami said afterward.

“Dami… tell me where is Hyuk?” suddenly her uncle, Kwon Hyuk father enter her office.

“I’m not sure…didn't he is in his office?” Dami asked.

“I didn’t see him there… but his assistant said he’s going to China…you're the one asked him to go...” her uncle said.

“What? No way… why I ask him to go there?” Dami asked furious.

“Then, why his assistant said that?” her uncle asked firm.

“Why don’t you ask your son? If you want to know why he’s going there… I have no answer…” Dami replied firm.

Her uncle stares at her for a while and then he suddenly asks

“Is it true that Jiyong is disappearing again?”

Dami didn’t respond the question. She just keeps silent and stares at her uncle with uneasy.

“Well… everyone already talks about his disappear… your appa should find him before the board meeting or…” her uncle didn’t finish his words.

“What? You want to pull his shareholder. Make him out from the company?” Dami asked firm.

Her uncle chuckles slowly before he says

“Hurm... not just him... you and your appa too... but... if you got along with me, I can consider keeping you in the company...”

Dami stunned after she heard that from him.

“Also… I know halabeoji tell you something before this... I saw you and him enter the reading room. If you can tell me what is it... then, we can work together in this company...,” her uncle said while smirk.

Dami stares at him with mixed feeling. She knows her uncle is trying to threaten her. However, she can't let him know out the account problem.

“Think about it….” Her uncle said before he walks out from the office.

“Such annoying old man” Dami mutter furiously.






Taeyeon is busying doing her works when Daesung and Sunny comes. Sooyoung signal them with toward Taeyeon table. Daesung grin, and then he signal Sunny to tease Taeyeon. Sunny chuckles and nodded to agree with him.

“Don't do anything stupid around me...” Taeyeon said without looking at them.

Then, she lifts her head and smiling widely toward her friends.

“Yah! How you know we’re here?” Daesung asked before his seat in front of her.

“I can’t tell you…” Taeyeon replied while lift her eyebrows.

“Yah… she noticed us from the window…” Sunny said while pointing to the window beside Taeyeon.

“That’s cheat…” Daesung said with pout.

Sunny and Taeyeon are laughing after they saw Daesung reaction.

“Here… foods for my friends…” Sooyoung said while put the foods on the table.

“Yah… move your works from here…” Daesung said while put the ledger books aside.

“Hey, don’t touch it…” Taeyeon said before she pat Daesung hand hard.

“Argh… it’s hurt…” Daesung grunt in pain.

“So, don’t touch my work here…” Taeyeon said.

“Arasso… let’s eat on the table beside…” Daesung said while take the food toward the side table.

“Do you want any drink?” Sooyoung asked.

“Can we have beer?” suddenly Sunny asked.

“At this hour?” Taeyeon asked surprised.

“I meet my friend today, so I want to drink. No one can stop me now…” Sunny said firm.

“Arasso… arasso… just drink what you want…” Daesung replied.

“Tae, will he come?” suddenly Sooyoung asked.

Taeyeon shake her head slowly before she says

“He has a work to do...”

“Who?” Sunny asked.

“Jiwoong oppa new helper…” Sooyoung replied.

“Oh… GD?” suddenly Daesung said.

“You know him?” Taeyeon asked surprised.

“You meet him?” Sooyoung asked curious.

Daesung nodded.

“I coincidentally met him at the community meeting... Jiwoong introduce him to the chief... but I didn't speak to them...” Daesung replied to answer them.

“How was him? How's is he looking? Good? Handsome?” Sooyoung asked excitedly.

Daesung chuckles after he heard that question.

“Is that what you want to know about him? I think we should get her someone...” Daesung said jokingly.

“Yah… tell me…” Sooyoung said while pat Daesung shoulder.

“Argh… stop hitting me!” Daesung said while rub his shoulder.

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