old love

please, feel my love
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Mrs. Kwon smiles with satisfy after she gets back the ring. Mr. Kwon looks at his wife and says

“Can we go now?”

“Sure…by the way, tell your wife… I still wait for her to apologies…” Mrs. Kwon said while looking at the bracelet and the ring on her hand.

After Mr. and Mrs. Kwon leave, halabeoji went to comfort Jiyong.

“I don't understand what your parents thinking... but I think you should go and comfort Taeyeon. I feel bad for her after what happened.” Halabeoji said with sad.

Jiyong nodded without saying anything.

After halbeoji get in his room, Dami pat Jiyong shoulder softly.

“I don't know how long she can bear with omma... but if you still want her to stay, please do something...” Dami said softly before she walks to her room.

Jiyong saw the maid leave there in hurry. He went to chase her until the stair. Jiyong grab her arm hard and asks

“I want to hear the truth…”

The butler that still there also looks at the maid and says

“I know madam force you to this, aren't you?”

The maid look at them with guilty before she nodded slowly.

“Tell me everything…” Jiyong said firmly.

After that, the maid asks them to go to a privacy place to talk. Jiyong and the butler follow her until they're arrived in the kitchen storage room.

“It’s true… madam ask me to lie about this. Young lady is telling the truth… but please don’t fire me… I’m doing this because madam willing to pay me… I just need money…,” the maid said while crying.

“Now you're crying. Don't you think about my wife feelings? You think she deserved to get a treat like this?” Jiyong asked with furious.

“I know young master… I feel bad for doing this to her… please… I have no choice…,” the maid said while begging.

“Anything else did my omma ask you to do?” Jiyong asked firm.

The maid nodded before she says

“She asked me to keep on eyes on her... tell her every action that young lady does in this bungalow....”

Jiyong sigh deeply. At that moment, he knew his mother really didn't let Taeyeon live easily. Jiyong feel sympathy and sad when he's thinking about his wife condition. Taeyeon didn't do anything wrong to get the bad treat from his family.

“What should we do now? I feel sorry for young lady…” suddenly the butler said with gloomy face.

Jiyong rub his face softly and then he looks at the maid and says

“I'll forgive you for now, but... promise me... do not harm my wife. If anything happen to her, you're the first one I will face, understand?”

The maid nodded and says

“Thank you, young master. I promise I won't harm her... but... what should I do about madam order?”

Jiyong silent for a while before his reply

“Act like you did an eye on her... just let her knows random things... at the same time, tell me if madam plans something on my wife. Okay?”

The maid nodded to agree with Jiyong.

“You’re lucky for not getting fired…,” the butler said with firm at the maid.

“Mr. Tan, I want to see the CCTV footage. Can you send me the copy?” Jiyong asked.

The butler nodded.

“I’ll send you right now…,” the butler said before he takes the maid with him to leave the room.

Jiyong take a deep breath before he walks toward his room to face Taeyeon.




Jiyong open the door slowly, but then he hears Taeyeon is on the phone with someone.

“Why you call me, omma?” Taeyeon asked while try to hide her crying voice.

“Hey, what’s wrong with your voice? Are you okay?” Mrs. Kim asked uneasy.

“Yeah, I just got flu yesterday” Taeyeon replied while wipe her tears on cheek.

Jiyong feel sad to hear Taeyeon act, as she’s fine.

“Aigoo… did you get medicine?” Mrs. Kim asked worried.

“Yup, Jiyong already give it to me…” Taeyeon replied.

“Thank god, he’s really take care of you…” Mrs. Kim said with relieve.

“Yes, you don’t have to worry. Jiyong is really care of me. His family too...” Taeyeon replied with emotion.

“Good to hear that…” Mrs. Kim said.

“Omma… I miss you…” suddenly Taeyeon said while her tears flow on her cheeks.

Mrs. Kim chuckles when Taeyeon said that.

“Hey, you already have your husband there, still missing me?” Mrs. Kim asked teasingly.

“I want to go home… to see you…” Taeyeon replied while wipe her tears.

“Aigoo…it's only been a few weeks... wait for me to go there. After harvest, I'll go there with oppa and Hayeon.” Mrs. Kim said to persuade Taeyeon.

“You want to come here?” Taeyeon asked with surprised.

“Yup, I want to see your place too...” Mrs. Kim replied.

Taeyeon hesitate for a while after her mother said that. She didn't know how to respond to forbid her to come.

“Oh…Yoona did come to our house last week. She came to give your wedding present after not attend it. Did she call you?” suddenly Mrs. Kim asked.

“No, she didn’t. But, I’ll call her later…” Taeyeon replied.

“Okay, I need to go sleep earlier. Tomorrow, I have to attend community meeting with oppa…” Mrs. Kim said.

“Arasso, omma… take care…” Taeyeon replied.

“Hey, you too… take care, okay?” Mrs. Kim said with worried.

Taeyeon try to smiles before her reply

“Nae… love you…”

After that, she ended the call before Mrs. Kim hear her crying voice.




Jiyong walks slowly to approach Taeyeon on the couch. When he there, he saw Taeyeon cover up her whole body with blanket. Jiyong hear her crying voice come from there. He breathes deeply before kneeling beside the couch.

“Dear…?” Jiyong call his wife softly.

However, no respond from her.

Jiyong move his hand to touch the blanket. He tries to pull the blanket away, but Taeyeon insisted by holding the blanket tight. Jiyong sigh before he softly says

“You mad at me?”

Still, no respond from her.

“I’m sorry…” Jiyong said to apologies.

After his apologies, Taeyeon open the blanket and look at him with upset.

Jiyong saw her swollen eyes and red nose effect from crying.

“Did you believe I'm stealing the ring from her?” suddenly Taeyeon asked with serious tone.

Jiyong shake his head to answer her.

“You think I should apologies to her?” Taeyeon continue asked.

Jiyong didn’t respond for a while before he softly says

“It's up to you...”

Taeyeon scoff softly when Jiyong said that.

“You know, your omma is accused me for stealing! Stealing! She thinks I'm so poor to make me stealing from her? She's too much! I'm not going to apologies for something I didn't do...! I'm not guilty and I don't want it!” Taeyeon said with angry.

“Arasso… okay, calm down…” Jiyong said softly while he rubs her hands.

“Now, I'm losing my ring again...! And my dignity? She's playing with my dignity...” Taeyeon keep blurt out her anger.

“Then, what you want me to do?” suddenly Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon look at him with mixed feeling after he asked that.

“You want me to against her and keep arguing? You know, it’s useless. She's my omma, what she's doing I know it's wrong. But, what can I say?” Jiyong asked with uneasy.

“I won't ask you to against your parents... I want you to reprove them. Tell what their wrong...is,” Taeyeon said.

“You think along this life I never do that? If I do that, you know what I get? Slapped...locked up in a room for a week...and mostly, I have been mentally abused. That's why I'm always running away but, they still can find me.” Jiyong replied by telling the truth.

Taeyeon saw Jiyong sad face after he said that.

“You know how hard for me to bear all these years...” Jiyong continue with sad.

Taeyeon continue stares at Jiyong eyes, and then she saw his eyes start to get teary.

“Oh God… Jiyong…” Taeyeon said while she went to hug his head.

“I'm sorry to bring you into my life...” Jiyong mutter slowly while he’s lean his head on her shoulder.

“No…no… don’t say that…please…” Taeyeon replied while her hand rubs his hair softly.

For a moment, nothing is coming out from their mouth. They just stay like that to healing each other feelings. Jiyong feel calm when Taeyeon hugs him, meanwhile Taeyeon feel ease after she know more about Jiyong.

“Will you bear this with me?” suddenly Jiyong asked to break the silent.

Taeyeon release her hug, and then she's holding his face with gentle. Taeyeon rub his both cheeks with her thumb softly before she says

“I'll do... that's why I agree to pretend to be your wife. I know how struggle for you to make decision to against them by marrying me... Not only that, I won't waste your struggle. Trust me, okay?”

Jiyong smiles and nodded to answering her.

“Before this, I don't have anyone to trust... but now, I already have someone I can trust... thank you.” Jiyong said before he went to kiss her cheek.

Taeyeon stunned after Jiyong kiss her but then she went to twist his ear for doing that.

“Argh…” Jiyong grunt in pain while holding his ear.

“Behave yourself if you don't want to get a bruise.” Taeyeon said while narrow her eyes.

“I'm just kissing my wife, is that wrong?” Jiyong asked to defend himself.

However, Taeyeon didn't respond him, but her face starts to get blush.

“Also, last night... who didn't let go of my arm? A

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