please, feel my love
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After making love, both of them spend their time in the bed. Taeyeon is playing with Jiyong fingers while Jiyong look at it. 

“You should have your bath before we bed...” Taeyeon said before she looks at him.

“Will you go with me?” Jiyong asked while smiles naughtily.

“You know I already have my bath…” Taeyeon replied while narrow her eyes.

“I know... but this time it's with me...” Jiyong said to tease his wife.

Taeyeon pout after he said that. Jiyong chuckles before he went to kiss her lips.

He continues playing to give kiss on her face. He starts from her cheek then he moves to her forehead, nose, and he ended it with her lips. Taeyeon enjoying the kiss while closing her eyes.

“It's true, I think we should go for honeymoon...” Jiyong suddenly said after the kiss.

“You think this suitable time to go for honeymoon? I have works to finish...” Taeyeon replied.

“What is it?” Jiyong asked curious.

Taeyeon hesitated to tell him the truth about the investigation, in the end, she told him with honest about what they have to face during they investigate.

“What? Why you didn’t tell me?” Jiyong asked with worried.

“…That's because you already have many things to handle... I don't want to trouble you more...” Taeyeon replied while she holds Jiyong face.

“But still…” Jiyong said with uneasy.

“Don’t worry… we can handle this… besides, Dami unnie is with us…” Taeyeon replied to comfort Jiyong.

“Okay… but be careful…” Jiyong said before he went to kiss her forehead.

“Yes, sir!” Taeyeon replied while she pinches his cheek softly.

“Should we have bath together?” suddenly Jiyong asked with smirk.

“No…” Taeyeon replied to refuse.

“Why? I just want to ask you to rub my back...” Jiyong said with innocent face.

Taeyeon narrow her eyes when Jiyong make that face.

Jiyong keep blinking his eyes try to persuade her.

In the end, Taeyeon went to pinch Jiyong both cheek and says

“Arasso… just rub the back…”

Jiyong nodded with happy.

“…but I don't mind if you want to do more than that...” Jiyong replied teasingly.

Taeyeon looks at him with chuckles after he said that to her.

After that, both of them went into the bathroom together.




Around two am, Taeyeon awake when she hears someone knock on the door. She looks beside and saw Jiyong is in deep sleep. Taeyeon get up from the bed before she went to open the door. After the door opened, she saw Mrs. Kwon is standing there with pale face.

“Eomeoni?” Taeyeon said with surprised.

“Jiyong…” Mrs. Kwon said with weak voice.

Taeyeon frown before she asks

“Eomeoni, are you okay?”

“I want Jiyong…,”Mrs. Kwon said with uneasy.

However, before Taeyeon could call Jiyong, Mrs. Kwon faint and Taeyeon quickly went to hold her.

“Jiyong…!” Taeyeon shouts with worried.

Jiyong moves after he heard someone call his name.

“Jiyong…!” Taeyeon shouts again.

Jiyong hurriedly get up from his lay, and then he saw Taeyeon at the door while his mother in her arms.

“What happen?” Jiyong asked worried while approaching them.

“I don't know…” Taeyeon replied while her eyes start to get teary.

In hurry, Jiyong bring his mother into the room before he laid her on the bed.

“Wait here… I’ll call Mr. Tan,” Jiyong said before he left the room in hurry.

Taeyeon look at her mother in law with mixed feelings. Suddenly, she felt weird when she's coming to their room alone. Taeyeon is wondering about Mr. Kwon presence.

Moment later, Jiyong comes back with the butler and Dami.

“Where is appa?” Dami asked when she noticed Mr. Kwon is not there.

“I don’t know…” Jiyong replied.

“I already call the ambulance.” The butler said.

Jiyong nodded before he went to sit beside the bed.

Taeyeon saw Jiyong worried face when he looks at his mother. Taeyeon went to comfort him by rub his shoulder softly.





Mrs. Kwon has been forwarded into the emergency room after arrival. Jiyong is that follows with the ambulance, stand in front of the emergency room with worry. Dami and Taeyeon come by the car after that.

“What the doctor said?” Dami asked after she’s arrive.

“Nothing yet,” Jiyong replied.

Taeyeon go to stand beside Jiyong while try to comfort him. Jiyong smiles slightly while him holding Taeyeon hand.

“By the way, where is appa?” Dami asked while frown.

“I don’t know… I just meet him after he comes back from work…” Jiyong replied.

“I’ll try to call him…” Dami said while she went to call Mr. Kwon.

After Dami left, Taeyeon look at her husband face before she slowly asks

“Are you okay?”

Jiyong nodded but his eyes show otherwise.

“Eomeoni will be fine…” Taeyeon replied while she Jiyong back softly.

Few minutes later, the doctor comes out and he went to approach them. Jiyong and Dami look at the doctor with uneasy.

“It's look like she's overdose. Did she take any depression pills or something?” the doctor asked.

All of them startled after the doctor said that.

“Today, she's got a gastric, so I take her to the clinic and the doctor gives her the medicine.” Jiyong replied.

“Yeah, I can notice that... but this pills is not her gastric medicine...we find it's sleeping pills... did she have insomnia?” the doctor asked again.

“I’m not sure…” Jiyong replied slowly.

“Me either…” Dami said with uneasy.

Taeyeon saw both of them looks stunned when the doctor keeps asking that.

“Hurm… okay, I understand. Anyhow, we have to take her to the ward for further inspection. We inform any update later...,” the doctor said before he left.

After the doctor left, nothing is coming out from their mouth. They just look at each other with mixed feelings.

“Did you hear anything from appa?” Jiyong asked.

Dami shake her head slowly.

“Where the hell he's going?” Jiyong muttered with furious.

Taeyeon saw Jiyong tense face and then she went to hold his hand.

“Let's go sit somewhere...” Taeyeon said softly.

“Yeah, besides, we still need to wait for them to place omma in the ward.” Dami said to agree with Taeyeon.




Mrs. Kwon awake after few hours. Her eyes stare at the unfamiliar ceiling before she got up to looks around. She saw Dami is sleeping on the chair beside her while her head lean on the bed. Meanwhile, in front of her, she saw Jiyong is sitting on the couch, sleeping while Taeyeon head's on his lap, also sleeping. Mrs. Kwon felt touched to see her child's is there for her.

“Omma?” Dami said when she feels the movement on the bed.

Mrs. Kwon looks at her without saying anything.

“Are you awake? Wait… I call the doctor…” Dami said before she goes out to get a nurse.

Jiyong open his eyes after he heard the door is opening by someone.

“Omma?” Jiyong said when he saw Mrs. Kwon is looking at him.

Taeyeon get up after she heard Jiyong voice. She saw Mrs. Kwon is already awake, then she and Jiyong get up to approach the bed.

“Are you okay, omma?” Jiyong asked worried.

Mrs. Kwon nodded without saying anything.

Afterward, Dami come back with nurse and the doctor.

The doctor went to check Mrs. Kwon condition before he asks

“Are you feeling better?”

Mrs. Kwon nodded.

“You feel like throwing up?” the doctor asked again.

Mrs. Kwon shakes her head slowly.

“So…did you know you take sleeping pills too much?” the doctor asked curious.

Mrs. Kwon didn’t answer him after that.

Dami and Jiyong look at her with worried. However, the doctor knows it and he doesn't ask her more.

“Thank God, you're lucky, we still can save you. I hope this will never happen again...for today, you have to stay here until we get the blood test result.” The doctor continues.

“Doctor, will she be fine?” suddenly Jiyong asked with worried.

“She'll be fine, but make sure this not happen again...” the doctor replied.

Suddenly, the door is open by someone. They saw Mr. Kwon is there while looking at them with mixed feelings.

“What happen?” he asked while look at Mrs. Kwon.

However, Mrs. Kwon just ignores him and went to lay back on the bed. All of them notice about it, but no one is saying anything.

“Is this her husband?” the doctor asked.

“Yes, I am…” Mr. Kwon replied.

“Great, I have something to talk with you…come,” the doctor said before he and Mr. Kwon leave the ward.

“Omma, you want to eat anything? I’ll go buy for you…” Jiyong asked after the nurse and the doctor leave.

Mrs. Kwon just shakes her h

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