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Taeyeon comeback with Dami after finish their works. She enters the room and notice Jiyong is already back when she hears the water comes from the bathroom. She goes to sit on the couch to release her tired while waiting for Jiyong to finish his bath. Few minutes later, she fell asleep and when Jiyong comes out, he saw Taeyeon is already back. Jiyong smiles while approaching her. He sat beside her and looks at her sleeping face.

“Dear, wake up…” Jiyong said softly while he touches her cheek.

“Give me one minute…” Taeyeon replied with closed eyes.

“Where have you been?” Jiyong asked.

Before this, when he calls Taeyeon, she's said she's riding a bus to go some place and will be back to the company. But, when he's going to attend a meeting outside, Taeyeon still didn't back yet when he go to find her at the secret room.

“I’m gone to the market…” Taeyeon replied still didn’t open her eyes.

“Market? What are you doing in there?” Jiyong asked curious.

Taeyeon open her eyes before she slowly says

“I find out... someone manipulated the company ledgers... that are why I have to find out by myself if the assets are true.”

Jiyong frown before he asks

“What do you mean?”

“I check... all the shop name and the building... that's a lie. They put it to cover up their fraud. You know what I and Yoona found when go to the address? Old building and nothing is in there. Also, they even put a random address and I didn't find any place with that address.” Taeyeon replied to explain.

“Is that so? Then, we should let the board know about these... did halabeoji know about this yet?” Jiyong asked with serious tone.

Taeyeon shake her head before she continues says

“Dami unnie want to get more evidence before we can take the action. If we're going to attack them now, they still can defend themselves by saying that was a mistake...”

Jiyong silent while thinking about what Taeyeon just said.

“Hey, stop frowning... don't worry. We can solve these matters...” Taeyeon said while smiling.

Jiyong feel mixed feeling after he knows that company is unstable and he have to save it. Suddenly, Taeyeon pull his face to look at her before she went to peck his lips.

“Don't think too the way, you know that you're still wearing the towel...” Taeyeon bashful said.

Jiyong chuckles after she said that. Then, he saw Taeyeon get up from the couch to go bathroom. He also gets up to go wear his pajama before he went to g meet his sister, Dami.




Jiyong knock the door but no one is answering from inside.

“Did she already sleep?” Jiyong muttered.

He tries to knock again, still no one answering. On that time, Hyuk that just come back saw Jiyong. He went to approach Jiyong and then says

“Did you search for Dami unnie? I saw her in the kitchen, eating.”

Jiyong look at him before he walks away from there.

“Hey, at least say thank you…” Hyuk muttered when Jiyong just leave without saying anything.

Then, Hyuk went to his room, but he stops for a while. He smirks when he notices Taeyeon is alone in the room. Hyuk slowly approach Jiyong room, and then he knocks it. For a moment, nothing heard from inside. Hyuk looks around before he touches the knob. However, before he opens the door, the door is already open from inside. He saw Taeyeon is standing there, wearing her pajama. Hyuk stunned when he saw her in that clothes.

“Yes?” Taeyeon asked when she saw Hyuk is standing there looking at her.

“Oh… you just showered?” Hyuk asked while stares at her wet hair.

“Yeah… what do you want?” Taeyeon asked with uneasy.

“Erm… I…” Hyuk stuttered while his mind blank after he saw Taeyeon.

“You are looking for Jiyong?” Taeyeon continue asked.

“Erm… no, I just… er…” Hyuk continue stuttered while try to find any topic to talk with her.

Taeyeon look at him with strange before she asks

“You have something to talk to me?”

Hyuk look at her before he nodded slowly.

Taeyeon didn’t say anything while wait for him to say something.

“Well… I thought... you can help me... to find suitable clothes for me to wear on halabeoji birthday party...” Hyuk said randomly.

Taeyeon frown when he said that.

“Me?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Yeah, you know how to match the color and know what colors are suit for me...can you?” Hyuk asked awkwardly.

Taeyeon look at him with uncomfortable.

“Also, my friend... has a boutique... we can go there if you want...” Hyuk continue try to persuade her.

Suddenly, Taeyeon think about Jiyong. She thought she wants to give him something to thank him for what he does before. When she heard Hyuk said about his friend boutique, Taeyeon think of something.

“Okay…” Taeyeon replied shortly.

Hyuk startled with her answer but he’s smiles afterward.

“Great…when you want to go?” Hyuk asked.

Taeyeon think for a while before she reply

“This weekend?”

“Good… I’ll tell my friend… it’s a deal, right?” Hyuk asked for confirmation.

“Yeah…” Taeyeon replied while show him her thumb up.

“Great…so… this weekend…” Hyuk said with smiles.

Afterward, Hyuk walks toward his room with happy. However, Taeyeon start to feel uneasy before she closed back the door. At the same time, no one are notice Mrs. Kwon presence where she's hear that conversation from her room door.

“This is interesting...” Mrs. Kwon muttered with smirk.





Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jiyong saw his sister is eating secretly. Jiyong approach her slowly before he teasingly surprised her.

“Huargh…!” Jiyong shout behind Dami.

“Argh…” Dami shout with surprised.

Jiyong chuckles while he went to face her.

However, he saw Dami choked face. Jiyong in hurry go to get the water and then give it to Dami.

“Yah! You want me to die?!” Dami said furiously.

“Sorry, noona…” Jiyong replied with guilty.

Dami keep pat her chest while try to calm.

“Noona, why you eating in here? What are you eating?” Jiyong asked while look into the bowl.

Dami smiles widely before she reply

“Taeyeon told me that she bring back eomeoni dishes. She says if I want to taste, ask the maid. They already hide it from omma...”

Dami eat the foods while smiling. Jiyong chuckles when he saw his sister behavior.

“You really like my mother in law cooking?” Jiyong asked.

“Yeah… especially, her kimchi…” Dami replied while munches the foods.

“Didn't you scare if omma find out you eating here?” Jiyong asked.

“That’s why I eat it at this hour, no one can notice it… if you want to know... I tell you this secret... before this, I eat in the store room. Ask Mr. Tan if you don't believe...” Dami replied while chuckles slowly.

Jiyong startled when he hears that from her.

“You did?” Jiyong asked with surprised.

Dami nodded proudly.

Jiyong shake his head while smiling.

“Yah! Why are you here? How you know I’m here?” suddenly Dami asked.

“Oh… I’m looking for you. Hyuk told me that you’re here, eating…” Jiyong replied.

“What? Hyuk saw me?” Dami asked surprised.

Jiyong nodded with chuckles.

“You think no one know…” Jiyong said teasingly.

Dami pout after she knows about that.

“I don’t mind, beside, I know he will never told anyone…” Dami replied before she’s continue eating.

“Yeah… hope so… by the way, I’m here to ask you for something…” Jiyong said slowly.

Dami lift her eyebrows without saying anything. She waits for Jiyong to continue his word while she munches the foods.

“I know Taeyeon is helping you now, but could you make sure she's safe? I don't want anything happened to her during this investigation.” Jiyong said with worried.

“Jiyong, you know that Taeyeon is our gem in this investigation. If anything happen to her, of course I'll the first one to make sure her safety. Besides, that's why I don't want anyone to know she's working with me.” Dami replied try to comfort Jiyong.

“I know… I trust you, noona. But... I'm still worried. You know I can't be with her all the time. When she's at home alone, I'm worried what will omma does to her. If she's working outside, what will she face during the investigation.” Jiyong said while rub his face.

Dami saw Jiyong worried face and then she asks

“I never thought you will behave like this, Jiyong. You really loved her, don't you?”

Jiyong chuckles slowly after Dami asked that.

“She's my wife, of course I have to take care of her...and I do love her...” Jiyong replied shyly.

“I'm glad you treat her in a better way... you didn't let your experience repeat. I'm happy for that...” suddenly Dami said with emotional.

“Noona, don't worry. I won't behave like appa... I know how to appreciate my precious...” Jiyong replied.

Dami nodded with smiles.

“About Taeyeon, you don't have to worry too much... trust her, she can take care of herself too...” Dami said with smiles.

“Arasso… thank you, noona. You know I love you too…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

“Yeah, I know…” Dami said while rolling her eyes.

Jiyong chuckles and then he excuses himself to back to his room.






Hyuk wait for Taeyeon at the boutique after he sends the boutique address to her. At the same time, he also tells Grace about his meeting with Taeyeon in there.

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