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After the lunch, Taeyeon asked Jiyong that she want to meet her friend, Sooyoung.

“Okay, let’s go…” Jiyong said.

“What?… you stay here… help oppa…” Taeyeon said try to make Jiyong stay there.

“Are you sure? You want to go there alone?” Jiyong asked uneasy.

“Yes, beside… Sooyoung asked me to look at her restaurant ledger…it’s take time…so, why don’t you stay here… get a rest… I’ll be back before sunset,” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

Jiyong feel uneasy to let his wife go alone, but in the end, he says

“Arasso… but take my car…”

“Oh no… I can take the truck…” Taeyeon replied try to refuse.

Jiyong narrow his eyes before he says

“Take my car, or you don't have to go...”

“Okay…okay…” Taeyeon replied while pout.

Jiyong chuckles when he saw Taeyeon face.

“Call me if you’re late…” Jiyong said.

“Nae~” Taeyeon replied cutely.

Jiyong went to pinch her cheek after she said that.

“Jiyong!” suddenly Mrs. Kim calls him from the backyard.

“Go…go… omma is calling you…” Taeyeon said while push Jiyong.

“Here the key…” Jiyong said while he handed the car key to Taeyeon.

After Taeyeon take the key, Jiyong went to see his mother in law. Taeyeon smirk teasingly after she saw Jiyong leaving.

In the backyard, Jiyong saw Mrs. Kim is washing the cabbage to make a kimchi. Jiyong went to help her but she stops him and says

“No...No... I can wash this, you and Tae go to peel the garlic,”

“Oh! Taeyeon is going to meet Sooyoung,” Jiyong replied.

“What? Aigoo… that girl… I already told her to help me…” Mrs. Kim said while shake her head.

“It’s okay, eomeoni… you have me. I’m doing everything for you…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

“Arassoo…there…... the garlic...” Mrs. Kim said while point to a basket of garlic under the gazebo.

Jiyong startled after he saw there are a lot of garlic he had to peel. Mrs. Kim chuckles after she saw Jiyong reaction.

“I’ll ask Hayeon to help you too…” Mrs. Kim continues.

Jiyong smiles at her before he went toward the gazebo.

While Jiyong is focusing on peeling the garlic, Mrs. Kim comes to seat beside him. She put the lettuce and carrots in front of her, before she reaches the knife in there. Jiyong smiles while doing his chore while Mrs. Kim look at him with mixed feelings.

“Did I trouble you? Sorry... Hayeon will be here later, she have to finish her assignment.” Mrs. Kim said softly.

“It’s okay, eomeoni… it's rarely for me get to do this...” Jiyong replied with smiles.

Afterward, no one is speaking while their hands are busy with the chore.

“Jiyong, I’m sorry for asking you like this…” suddenly Mrs. Kim, said to break the silent.

Jiyong didn’t say anything and let her finish her words.

“I know you're sorry for what just happened, but I still worried about Taeyeon.” Mrs. Kim continue slowly

Jiyong look at her after she said that.

“I know her... she does never tell anyone if she's hurt or offended. What just happened to her, she would keep it alone... For that reasons, I really want your promise to take care of her... even your parent treat her badly, you're still to be her protector...can you do that?” Mrs. Kim asked curiously.

Jiyong nodded to answer her.

“I’m sorry for my parent behavior… I know their act is inhuman but... I promise you... as long she's my wife... no one can harm her. Please trust me.” Jiyong replied softly.

Mrs. Kim look at Jiyong, try to find his sincere.

“Eomeoni, I know your family really take care each other... because of that, I love this family. It's affected me deeply when I'm stayed her before. Then, to compare with my family, it's not same. That's why, when I'm decided to marry Taeyeon, I want the loved still there for me. Her charm, make me wanna keep living... and give a hope to have my own happiness...” Jiyong continue try to convince her.

Mrs. Kim smiling before she says

“You really love my daughter, huh?”

Jiyong nodded shyly to answer her.

“That's great... as long you two have each other, I know, nothing can ruin your marriage. Keep hold tightly.” Mrs. Kim continues with smiles.





Taeyeon park the car at the back, near the restaurant. When she gets off from the car, Sooyoung already saw Taeyeon from the restaurant window. She hurriedly went to the door before she happily shouts Taeyeon name.

“Taeyeon…!” Sooyoung shouts from the door.

Taeyeon startled after she hear the voice, and then she shout back to her.

“Sooyoung…!” Taeyeon shout to her jokingly.

“Taeyeon…!” Sooyoung shout back teasingly.

“Sooyoung…!” Taeyeon continue to shout her name.

“Tae….!” Sooyoung continue to shouts again but this time, her mother shut .

“Yah! Are you going to shouts each other name like that?” Mrs. Choi asked while cover Sooyoung mouth.

All the customers that in the restaurant are laughing when they are see the scene. A moment later, Taeyeon approach them while still giggling.

“Imo…” Taeyeon greet Mrs. Choi.

“Hello, dear… come, let’s get in…” Mrs. Choi said while release Sooyoung mouth.

Sooyoung chuckles before she went to grab Taeyeon arm.

“What took you so long to come back? I thought you won't come back after marrying the chaebol...” Sooyoung asked before she and Taeyeon went to seat.

“Yah! This is my hometown, how come I won't back?” Taeyeon asked while chuckles.

“Hey, is that your car?” Sooyoung asked while pointing to the car outside the window.

“You think I have money to buy that car? No, it’s Jiyong…” Taeyeon replied.

“Wow… Daesung and Sunny should see the car…” Sooyoung said while looking at the car.

“Oh… we should call them…” Taeyeon replied.

However, Sooyoung shake her head with gloomy face.

“Daesung is already going back to Japan, last week. Sunny... she got an offer to work in Busan. She's already left, two weeks after your wedding. That's why I'm alone in here... I keep wandering to your family farm, to Sunny halmeoni house... sometimes, I visit Daesung parent... I hope I can marry chaebol same as you...” Sooyoung said with pout.

“Aigoo…what chaebol...didn't Mr. Jung, like you? Why don't you go out with him?” suddenly Mr. Choi said while bring the drink for them.

“Mr. Jung? Who is this guy?” Taeyeon asked teasingly.

“Omma…~” Sooyoung said while signal her mother to shut up.

“Tae, try to persuade her to go out with Mr. Jung. That man is already told her his truth feelings, but she... keeps playing push and pull with him.” Mrs. Choi said to tell the truth.

“Omma…!” Sooyoung said while pout.

Taeyeon chuckles when she heard that.

“Wow… this is new…So, tell me… who this Mr. Jung is?” Taeyeon asked curious.

Sooyoung look at her mother with firm, and then Mrs. Choi just lift her hands before she leave them there.

“Do not blame your omma… now, tell me…” Taeyeon continue asked.

Sooyoung sigh deeply before she says

“He's a new teacher from middle school. He always came to eat here, and... Sometime, ask me to accompany him around the village.”

Taeyeon look at her with excited before she continue asks

“So…what next? How did he tell you that he’s like you?”

Sooyoung look at Taeyeon with ashamed before she slowly reply

“Last week, after we send Daesung to the airport, we spend our time doing charity at the orphan. Then next day, he comes to the restaurant and tells me, he likes me...”

“Oh…my…God…! That's sweet... but cringe...” Taeyeon said while smiling.

“Yeah…! I thought so! It's weird when you get someone pop up in front of you and say he likes you...” Sooyoung replied while touch her face.

Taeyeon laughs when she saw Sooyoung reaction.

“Why are you laughing? What about you?  ” Sooyoung asked.

“What me?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Yeah you... what is your react when your husband tells you his feeling before?” Sooyoung asked curious.

Taeyeon silent for a while, try to remember when Jiyong confessed to her. In the end, she says

“Actually, I didn't remember if he has confessed or not... what happen now, it's happened...”

Sooyoung look at Taeyeon with mixed feelings.

“Hey, are you okay with him?” suddenly Sooyoung asked.

Taeyeon frown when the question being asked.

“Did I look not okay?” Taeyeon asked while chuckles.

“Seriously, are you happy with your marriage?” Soooyoung asked with concern.

Taeyeon smiles before she nodded to answer her.

“Glad to know that... if you need someone to talk, you know you have me... don't keep it alone... understand?” Sooyoung asked with concern.

“Arasso… thank you, chingu!” Taeyeon replied with smiles.

“Oh! I forgot about the ledgers... wait up...” suddenly Sooyoung said before she went to get the ledgers book.





Jiyong wait for Taeyeon comeback in the yard. He's playing with the rabbit while waiting for Taeyeon's arrival. After a few minutes, he saw the car entering the yard. Jiyong smiles and then he went to approach his wife.

“What are you doing out here?” Taeyeon asked after getting off the car.

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