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Jiyong stand in front of the door with mixed feelings. Mrs. Kim asked him to go and discuss with her by himself. He knew that Taeyeon already didn't want to see him, but he had no choice except to face her and ask for help.

Meanwhile, inside the room, Taeyeon can see someone's shadow under the door. She wanted to look out but when she knew Jiyong is still in the house, she decided not to go out until Jiyong leave.

From the stairs, Hayeon and Mrs. Kim are standing there while looking at Jiyong is statue in front of the Taeyeon room.

“Should we open the door for him?” Hayeon asked whispering.

“Let him be… besides, you know your unnie… she’ll be mad if she saw us with him,” Mrs. Kim replied with worried.

Then, they saw Jiyong is looking at them with uneasy face. Hayeon and Mrs. Kim smiles awkwardly, and then they signal him to knock the door. Jiyong nodded, but at the same time, he clears his throat to calm down himself. Jiyong knocks the door nervously. However, no one is answering from inside. He continues to knock the door before he says

“Taeyeon… it’s me…”

Taeyeon stunned after she heard Jiyong voice. She walks slowly toward the door, but she stops in the middle.

“What am I doing? This is my house… why I’m scared of him?” Taeyeon muttered slowly.

After few minutes, suddenly the door is open roughly. Jiyong startled, and then he saw Taeyeon furious face is looking at him.

“I say it clearly... get out from here...” Taeyeon said with firm.

“Taeyeon…” Jiyong try to call her name softly.

“Out…” Taeyeon said, still with furious.

“Please… let me say something…” Jiyong replied try to persuade her.

Abruptly, Taeyeon with rough push Jiyong to leave.

“Get out…!” Taeyeon shout with angry.

Mrs. Kim and Hayeon startled with Taeyeon sudden behavior. Jiyong pushed back roughly by Taeyeon. However, without a word, he let Taeyeon to keep pushing him.

“I don’t want to see you… out!” Taeyeon keep shout furiously.

Jiwoong is that still in living room also startled after he heard Taeyeon shouts. Then, he saw Jiyong is down the stairs while Taeyeon pushed him roughly. Behind them, Hayeon and Mrs. Kim just look at them without doing anything. Jiwoong signal his eyes to ask what happen, but both of them just shake their head to answer him.

After Jiyong is already out from the house, Taeyeon furiously says

“You can fool everyone, but not me... GD, oh... I shouldn't say that name... it should be...Ji...yong...”

After she said that, Taeyeon went up and go back into her room. Mrs. Kim, Hayeon and Jiwoong look at Jiyong with mixed feelings. They don't know what to do or saying after saw Taeyeon pushing him away from there.

Jiyong step back and then looking for Taeyeon room window.

“I know you're angry, but you have to listen to me too... I won't go until you talk to me...” Jiyong shouts to make sure his words reach Taeyeon.

“Jiyong... I don't think she will... you can come here after she calm...” Mrs. Kim said try to persuade Jiyong.

“No, ma’am… I don’t have time… I must speak to her today…or... ” Jiyong didn’t finish his words when remembering about his engagement.

“How long you’re going to wait? I know my daughter… she’s won’t let you speak…” Mrs. Kim said with uneasy.

“… but I have to… I will wait for her all night… until she’s let me talk to her.” Jiyong replied while his eyes on the window.

Hayeon feel sympathy when she saw Jiyong determined. She knew how stubborn Taeyeon could be, but she also needs to be fair for innocent Jiyong.

“Taeyeon… Please… let me speak…” Jiyong shouts try to persuade her.

Suddenly, Hayeon saw Taeyeon come out from the room, but she's went straight toward the attic. Moment later, she saw Taeyeon with Jiyong bag in her hand and she went toward him, outside.

“Here your stuff... now, get lost!” Taeyeon said while throw the bag roughly toward Jiyong.

Jiyong catch the bag, but when he wants to say something, Taeyeon already slams the door hard.

“No one will let him in again. Get it?” Taeyeon warn her family firmly before she went back into her room.

Jiwoong lift his shoulder before he went back into the living room. Meanwhile, Hayeon and Mrs. Kim feel pity toward Jiyong when he’s outside alone.

“You should ask him leave…” Mrs. Kim said to Hayeon.

“You already hear him… we can try to persuade unnie. At, least let her know the truth…” Hayeon said her thought.

Mrs. Kim sighs before she says

“You think she will listen to us? You know your unnie so well…”

“Not us... just you. You know she'll be listened to you well...” Hayeon replied with smirks.

“Oh now you want me to talk to her… no way, you have to come with me…” Mrs. Kim said before she pulls Hayeon hand.




All day, Jiyong waits to talk to Taeyeon. During that time, he went to help Jiwoong in the barn and backyard garden. At first, Jiwoong refuse to let him help, but Jiyong keep insisting on doing it, and he just let him be. Anyhow, Taeyeon can see all his behavior from her room window. She felt irate at him but inside her still feel something strange that make her feel sympathy for him. While she, secretly, peek Jiyong from the window, suddenly Mrs. Kim and Hayeon enter the room together. She saw Hayeon is carrying the apple pie, and she knew what their intent is.

“Before anyone speaks up, let me say it once...does not defend him, or I won't talk to you anymore...” Taeyeon said while looking at them.

Mrs. Kim and Hayeon chuckles awkwardly while looking at each other.

“Aigoo... why we want to do that... we know you're angry at him. I just want to give you taste the apple pie...” Mr. Kim said while give the apple pie to her.

Taeyeon look at them with suspicious eyes.

“By the way, what are you looking at?” suddenly Hayeon asked.

“Nothing,” Taeyeon replied shortly.

Hayeon smirk teasingly before she says

“Did someone be looking at GD oppa secretly?”

Taeyeon narrow her eyes after Hayeon said that.

“You wanna die?” Taeyeon asked firm.

“What? It’s true… you’re looking at GD oppa…” Hayeon said still keep teasing her.

“Okay… enough… Tae, I know you're mad at him, but he had his own reasons... could you, please, listen to what he's going to say?” Mrs. Kim asked softly while try to persuade her daughter.

“Omma…” Taeyeon said with uneasy.

“Unnie, I know you're hurt, it's because you liked him. It's not because of what just happened... you felt hurt because you know nothing, aren't you? So, just go and listen to what he's going to say. You're not lost anything to hear the truth.” Hayeon said softly.

Taeyeon is silent after what they said. She's agree that their words are true. She's not mad at him for what happened before, she felt hurt when Jiyong is leaving without explaining to her. In fact, after know his background, she felt betrayed.

“Eat that, you won't eat since he's here. I have nothing to say anymore... it does depend on you to think what the best... is but, I hope you give him a chance to speak with you.” Mrs. Kim said softly.

After that, she walks out from the room with mixed feelings.

“Unnie, sometimes, we can't see the kindness after the bad things his doing. So do GD oppa... you know he's kind, don't let your emotion regretting something after this...” Hayeon said before she leaves the room and let Taeyeon be alone.

After the dinner, Taeyeon saw Jiyong is still there. She can feel how Jiyong is really determined to talk with her. After that, she saw Jiyong is going into the barn, and then she decided to face him.




“Just say what you want to and then leave...” Taeyeon said while standing nearby the door.

Jiyong that playing with the horse, stunned when he saw her. Jiyong smiles slightly while walking to approach her.

“Don't get close to me... stay there...” Taeyeon said to stop him from getting close.

Jiyong stop his steps after she said that. He keep stares at her while try to hold his emotions. For a moment, nothing is coming out from his mouth. Jiyong just stares and his mind is already miserable while trying to arrange the words for her.

“If you don't have anything to say... then leave!” Taeyeon said and then walks away.

However, Jiyong stop her by calling her name.

“Taeyeon…” Jiyong said softly.

Taeyeon stop her steps and turn to look at him with serious face.

“So?” Taeyeon asked while she crossed her arms.

“Okay… I speak… but there are many words in my mind... I don't know how to start it...” Jiyong replied with unsure.

“How about starting with lying about your background?” Taeyeon asked sarcastic.

Jiyong stares at her when she said that. From there, he knew she's hurting when knowing the truth about him. In fact, he also felt guilty of not tell her soon.

“I’m sorry… I know I made a mistake for not telling you that but…” Jiyong pause his words for a while.

Taeyeon keep looking at him without saying anything.

“…I have my own reasons... I'm so sorry...” Jiyong replied with guilty

“What reason?” Taeyeon asked curious.

Jiyong hesitated for a while before he slowly says

“I admit I made a mistake for not telling you, but when I'm ready... I have no chance. In fact, after what my cousin and my appa do... I feel ashamed to face your family. I don't know what to do or say... but I'm here to help your family... and need your help too...”

Taeyeon stare at him try to believe for what he’s saying.

“Yes, I'm born in a rich family... but it doesn't mean I'm rich as them. I'm working here to run away from them. I want a normal life, with cared... love... that I got it from your family. Not only that, but I owe your family with that... that's why I'm here... to prove that I'm no with them.” Jiyong said try to make Taeyeon believe him.

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