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please, feel my love
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Jiyong start to feel uneasy when he didn't see Taeyeon presence in the ballroom. He looked at his mother and saw Taeyeon is not there and then his eyes wandering around to find her existence. Then, Jiyong asked permission to leave the conversation politely. He went toward Youngbae that talking with his colleagues.

“Bro, have you seen my wife?” Jiyong asked

“Your wife? I’m not sure… but the last I've seen, she’s gone out toward that door.” Youngbae replied while pointing to the door.

“Are you sure?” Jiyong asked to confirm.

“Yeah, I’m sure…because after that, Hyuk leave us and go to follow her.” Youngbae replied.

Jiyong start to feel uneasy when Youngbae mention Hyuk name.

“Okay, thanks!” Jiyong replied before he hurriedly went to the door.

When he goes out, Jiyong looks around but suddenly, his eyes saw someone is bent down in front of his wife. Jiyong pursed his lips while walking approaching them.

“What's going on here?” Jiyong asked with firm.

Both of them startled when Jiyong sudden voice greets them.

“Jiyong…” Taeyeon call his name after she saw him.

Wonshik get up and then turn around. He saw Jiyong is looking at him with furious eyes.

Jiyong frown after he saw that face. He knew that face, but then Jiyong went toward Taeyeon.

“Are you okay, dear?” Jiyong asked while he’s looking at her feet.

“Yeah, I’m fine…” Taeyeon replied.

Afterward, Jiyong take the shoe from Taeyeon hand before he helps her to wear it back.

“Sorry, eomeoni ask for the drink, but I went to the washroom and get ...” Taeyeon said try to explain, but before she's finish, Jiyong pull her and kiss her lips.

Jiyong kiss her passionately to show off to Wonshik that Taeyeon is belonged to him. Wonshik startled when he had to see the scene. He grips his fist before he left the area with resentful.

After Jiyong hear the steps leaving the place, Jiyong release his kiss from her before he says

“Let's go inside... we can take the drink for omma...”

Taeyeon feel strange with Jiyong after he kissed her like that. Anyhow, at the same time, her heart throbbing as if likes fireworks. Jiyong grab her hand and then both of them enter the ballroom together.

Inside the ballroom, Taeyeon go to get the drink for Mrs. Kwon, meanwhile Jiyong keep follow her around. After he saw Wonshik, Jiyong can't let his wife alone. He knew if either he does that, Wonshik or Hyuk will take advantage to get close to his wife.

“What took you so long?” Mrs. Kwon asked after Taeyeon give her drink.

“Sorry, eomeoni…” Taeyeon replied with guilty.

Suddenly, she saw Grace enters the ballroom alone. But, few minutes later, she noticed Hyuk come in the ballroom. Taeyeon look at Jiong beside her before she pull Jiyong and then whisper in his ear something.

“I have to tell you something…” Taeyeon said by whispering in his ear.

“What?” Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon looks around before she says

“I’ll tell you later…”

Jiyong frown after she said that.

Suddenly, the speakers start to make the sound of music. Jiyong smiles widely before he handed out his hand and says

“It's time... for halabeoji present...”

Taeyeon heard the speakers are playing por una cabeza music, and then she knew that's the hint for her to dance the tango. She's smiling while reach out to Jiyong.

Both of them are entering the dance floor together before take the tango position. Halabeoji and all the guest turn their attention toward the dance floor.

“Are you ready?” Jiyong asked.

Taeyeon nodded with nervous.

With Taeyeon hand on Jiyong shoulder, and Jiyong hand is holding Taeyeon, both of them start to move the steps slowly. They take steps just like how they practiced before. The butler is smiles widely when he sees them dancing.

All the eyes are on them, just like in the Scent of a Woman movie, when Al Pacino is dancing with Gabrielle Anwar.

Anyhow, the feeling inside them at that night is different from their practice before. Both of them didn't let go each other eyes while dancing. Taeyeon as usual will chuckle when Jiyong lay backs her. That night, seeing his wife chuckles it also make Jiyong feel desire toward her. When the dance is almost over, Jiyong place his head on her bare shoulder. He smelled his wife's scent while Taeyeon try to calm down when Jiyong breath hit her shoulder.

Finally, the music is end and the dance is stopped. Anyway, both of them are still hugging each other while they fell in each other scent. Halabeoji smiles widely before he starts to clap for them. After that, the other guests also are clapping their hands for their dance.

Jiyong and Taeyeon startled after hearing the clapping. They look at each other before smiles widely. Jiyong turn to look at halabeoji and then he shouts

“Happy birthday, halabeoji!”

Halabeoji show his thumb up to him and Taeyeon before his mouth to them “thank you”.

Afterward, the staff brings out the cake and then the parties continue with the dance and singing by the band.




After the dance, Mr. Kwon pulls Jiyong to have a conversation with his friends. He wants to take that opportunity to make sure all the board members are on Jiyong side. Besides, they look interest at Jiyong after what he's done to halabeoji on his birthday. When Jiyong is away, Taeyeon stay alone while eating the cake. Nevertheless, the moment later, Hyuk come to join her. At first, Taeyeon feel awkward after she's already known what exactly happened, but then she's take that time to digging his secret plan.

“How was the cake?” Hyuk asked before he sips his drink.

“Delicious…” Taeyeon replied shortly.

“So… you know how to dance…” Hyuk said with smiles.

“Not really, it took me a lot of practice... Mr. Tan, is the one helping me…” Taeyeon replied before eat the cake.

“Mr. Tan? I thought is Jiyong...” Hyuk said with smirk.

“Well… when he him, I'm not practice... I'm dancing...” Taeyeon replied sarcastic.

Hyuk smirk after she answers that.

“Brilliant…” Hyuk said while chuckles.

After that, no one is talking. Taeyeon is focusing at Jiyong while eating the cake, meanwhile Hyuk keep staring at Taeyeon while drinking.

“Can I ask you something?” suddenly Taeyeon asked.

“Sure…” Hyuk replied.

“Why you didn't join the conversation? Didn't your parent same as Jiyong parent? Want to create relation between the colleague and board members...” Taeyeon asked curious.

As her can see, Mr. Kwon keep asking Jiyong to keep joining him with his friends, meanwhile Dami is talking with her coworker. Mrs. Kwon is having fun with her foundation members. However, Hyuk just randomly wander around without intend to join them.

Hyuk chuckles with Taeyeon sudden question.

“I'm not like Jiyong... he's the real heirs... I'm the second... my appa... that one...” Hyuk said while pointing to his father that talking with his friend.

Taeyeon turn around to see the person Hyuk pointing.

“He’s just thinking himself... what he does just for him. I'm not his priority. But, I'm happy to not get stressed by him. I can handle myself...” Hyuk said while smiling.

Taeyeon look at him differently after he said that. After she married Jiyong, she never asked about Hyuk family. As she knew, only his uncle is stayed in the bungalow and Hyuk is his son.

“Doesn’t your life look so lonely? Didn't you?” Taeyeon asked hesitated.

Hyuk is silent for a while after Taeyeon asked that.

“You see me lonely?” suddenly Hyuk asked.

Taeyeon look at him but then she’s remember what she saw before.

“Nah… I don’t think you are lonely… I think you already have someone to fulfill your lonely...” Taeyeon said try to catch his attention.

The fact, she's make it. She saw Hyuk face change after she said like that.

“Did you know something?” Hyuk asked with suspicious.

“Why? Should I know something?” Taeyeon asked back teasingly.

Hyuk narrow his eyes with suspicious but then he saw Taeyeon chuckles while munches her cake.

“Why are you laughing?” Hyuk asked confused.

“Nothing… just want to laughs…” Taeyeon replied while smiling.

Jiyong that’s saw them from far start to feel jealous. He can see how his wife is smiling while talking to his cousin. At that time, Mrs. Kwon smirks when she saw Taeyeon is talking with Hyuk. That's why she's holding Grace from approaching them. Meanwhile, Grace start to feel jealous to see Hyuk is talking happily with Taeyeon.

After finish with her cake, Hyuk accompany Taeyeon to get a drink, and he asked the waiter to give the champagne to her. Wonshik that work as the waiter that night look at them with uneasy. After him saw Jiyong is kissing with her, now he had to see Taeyeon with another men. However, both of them are rich, not like him. Wonshik start to feel self-deprecating after he saw Taeyeon life is upper than he is.

“Are you sure you can drink this?” Wonshik asked before he gives the drink.

Hyuk frown when the waiter asked that to Taeyeon.

“You know him?” Hyuk asked curious.

Taeyeon nodded before she says

“My sunbae… from college,”

“Oh… I see… nice to meet you, Taeyeon’s sunbae…” Hyuk said to greet.

“I won’t give her the drink if she don’t want it…” Wonshik said firm.

“Really? You don’t drink?” Hyuk asked Taeyeon.

“Well… I drink but… just little...” Taeyeon replied.

“So, just give her the drink…” Hyuk said before he takes the glass from Wonshik hand.

Hyuk give the drink to Taeyeon before he asks

“Should we toast?”

“What for?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Our friendship…?” Hyuk said hesitated.

Taeyeon look with uneasy before she nodded.

After the toast, Hyuk sips the drink but when Taeyeon is about to sip it, suddenly one hand takes the drink from her. She turned and saw Jiyong is already drinks it for her.

“You know you can't drink...” Jiyong said after he finishes the drink.

Taeyeon smiles widely before she went to grab Jiyong arm.

Jiyong stare furiously at Hyuk an

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