worst day

please, feel my love
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“What?” Taeyeon asked with surprised.

“Yes, they don’t find it in his office…” Dami said with disappointed.

“How? Didn’t we see that file, aren’t we?” Taeyeon asked Jiyong.

Jiyong nodded.

“So? How come the file is missing? How he can hide it before they come? Did someone tell him?” Taeyeon keep asking.

However, no one is answering her.

Taeyeon start to feel irate after getting the news.

Suddenly, she gets up with angry and she decided to go meet Hyuk.

“I’m going to meet him…” Taeyeon said with angry.

Before that, Jiyong grab her arm and firmly says

“You won't go and no one should go...!”

“Ergh... didn't you see his playing around by doing this to us? He knew that we're in his office... that's why we should take that file before…!” Taeyeon said to burst out her anger.

“Are you trying to blame me?” suddenly, Jiyong asked after he gets offended with Taeyeon words.

“You think I'm blaming you now?” Taeyeon asked with irate.

Jiyong stares at Taeyeon with firm after she asked that.

“Taeyeon, that’s useless…” Dami said try to stop them from arguing.

“I have to face him…” Taeyeon said, keep insist on meeting Hyuk.

Jiyong pull her arm, and then he stares at her with firm.

“I don't want you to see him anymore. If you insist, then you have to face my fierce. Did you understand?” Jiyong asked while try to control his anger.

Taeyeon feel uneasy after Jiyong warn her like that. At that time, she can see Jiyong furious eyes are staring at her for the first time. She's know Jiyong is really angry. In the end, she just nodded to answer Jiyong.

“Good, now go back to seat and calm down yourself,” Jiyong said to give her command.

Taeyeon went back to her seat with gloomy face. Out of nowhere, she felt offended when Jiyong treat her like that. She knows Jiyong is trying to stop from doing stupid things but at the same time, she feels angry when their mission fails.

All of her friends saw them with mixed feelings. Suddenly, Dami get up and then she says

“I know everyone was upset about this news, but we still have time to get the proof. Besides, we already know what Hyuk is doing with the company money. So, this is our time... are we still together?”

All of them look at each other.

“Yeah, but... what could we do now? He's already know our mission...” Yoona asked with disappointed.

“Also, if he’s already known about mission... it's mean they already get prepared to hide their crime from us...where we want to get more evidence?” Seohyun asked with upset.

Dami sigh after she saw her colleague start to feel unmotivated. She knew they're disappointed for what just happen. Then, she looks at Jiyong and Taeyeon. That time, she can feel the worst environment in there. No one can encourage lifting the mood, but then Tiffany says

“I know everyone is upset right now...We're disappointed... but we can't give up like this. If he's already know, then it's easier for us to moves. Besides, do not forget... we still have chairman to support us. Please, don't give up.”

No one is respond to her words.

“Honestly, I love to works with all of you. As a team, I can feel enjoy and glad to meet all of you. For the first time... I meet friends that knowing each other with one vision. Still... we cooperate with ease. Please, don't give up. We still need to catch that culprit...” Tiffany continues before she wipes her tears.

Taeyeon, Yoona and Seohyun look at each other in tears after Tiffany said that. They know Tiffany words are right. They want to involve with the investigated because they want to help Dami. However, the bonding with them during the investigation that's more precious. At first, Yoona went to hugs Tiffany, before Seohyun and Taeyeon went to join the hugs. Dami smiles before she also joins them in the group hugs. Jiyong just stares at them with mixed feelings.

“Thank you for being here with me. I really owe big to all of you...” Dami said after the hugs.

“Fany was right. If he's already know, then let him be... we can focus to investigate freely without worried.” Yoona replied.

“Also, now he can know that we're unstoppable.” Seohyun said with firm.

“I'll make sure he's regret for his wrongdoing.” Taeyeon said in irate tone.

“So… can we continue our mission?” suddenly Tiffany asked.

“Yes!” All of them shout at the same time.

“Then… should we start over?” Seohyun asked.

“No need... we just continue what was interrupted before. I'll go see the developers on the list... Yoona, you go to get the info from the factories. Especially, the factory we went to before. Seohyun, look on the internet about the latest project for each developer and inform me that... okay?” Tiffany asked

“What about me?” suddenly Taeyeon asked.

Tiffany looks at her before she turns to look at Jiyong.

“I think I need you to be here, continuing to review the ledgers and the account.” Tiffany replied.

“Arasso…” Taeyeon said with uneasy.

“Then, I should leave now to meet the board director to explain for what just happened... Jiyong, come with me...” Dami said.

“Nae, noona…” Jiyong replied.

Afterward, all of them move to continue the works. Jiyong went to Taeyeon, and he noticed his wife is avoiding her eyes from see him. Jiyong sigh slowly before he says

“We need to talk... see you at home,”

Taeyeon didn't reply him but then, she can feel Jiyong kiss her head before he walks out from the room. Taeyeon sigh after Jiyong left the room. For a moment, she felt uneasy after what just happen between them.





Taeyeon arrive at home in the evening. She feels tired after what she had to face that day. While she's step on the stair, suddenly her eyes catch Mrs. Kwon glimpse nearby the swimming pool area. Taeyeon saw her mother-in-law is sitting on the chair while looking at her phone. After she's come back from the hospital, Taeyeon didn't get her chance to ask her condition when Mrs. Kwon keep stayed in her room alone. At the same time, after she knew about Mr. Kwon scandal, she felt sympathy to her mother-in-law. So, Taeyeon decided to greet her to find out if she's okay.

“Eomeoni…” Taeyeon call her softly after she’s approaching her.

Mrs. Kwon startled before she turn and saw Taeyeon stand nearby.

“What do you want?” she asked before she turns away from looking at her.

“Are you okay, eomeoni…?” Taeyeon asked worried.

“Did I’m look not okay?” she asked with annoy.

Taeyeon is silent for a while after she said that.

Mrs. Kwon look at her after she’s didn’t respond.

“You want me to be okay?” Mrs. Kwon continues asked.

Taeyeon nodded.

“Then leave this house…leave Jiyong… I hate to see you,” Mrs. Kwon continue while stare at her with irate.

Taeyeon sigh after she sad like that.

“You know that won't happen...” Taeyeon replied.

Mrs. Kwon gets up from the chair before she went to stand close to her.

“What make you confidently said that? Didn't you think anything could happen?” Mrs. Kwon asked try to threatening her.

“No matter what happen, I won't leave Jiyong.” Taeyeon replied with confident.

Mrs. Kwon scoffs before she says

“Heh... you still think Jiyong will stay beside you forever? You still think you can trust him?”

Taeyeon didn’t say anything afterward.

“He's a man. One day, he'll be walked away from your life even thought you did everything for him...” Mrs. Kwon said while she looks at the swimming pool.

Taeyeon saw her mother in law sad face when she said that.

“You think Jiyong is same with abeoji?” suddenly Taeyeon asked try to tell with honest.

Mrs. Kwon look at Taeyeon with stunned after she asked that.

“Isn't? You think Jiyong is same?” Taeyeon continues asked.

“What do you mean?” Mrs. Kwon asked with uneasy.

Taeyeon look at her for a while before she slowly says

“I know what happened between you and abeoji. I saw abeoji with women, unfortunately, it's not you.”

Mrs. Kwon heart starts to beat nervously after she said that.

“Where did you see him?” she asked firm.

“In restaurant...” Taeyeon replied with uneasy.

“You see that women face?” she continue asked while hold her anger.

Taeyeon nodded.

“Did you tell abeoji about this?” Mrs. Kwon asked while her emotion starts to blow up.

“I couldn't...” Taeyeon replied softly.

Suddenly, Mrs. Kwon take the glass from the table, and then she threw it with furious. Taeyeon startled before she went to stop her mother-in-law.

“Arrgggh….” Mrs. Kwon screamed as hard as she could to release her angry.

At the same time, Taeyeon embrace her while try to stop her from hurting herself.

“Eomeoni… please… calm down…” Taeyeon said softly while try to comfort her.

All the maid and the butler comes after they heard them. However, Taeyeon signal them to leave the place to prevent them from seeing Mrs. Kwon like that. However, they look at her with hesitated. Taeyeon insist because she knew she could handle her. Then, they leave the place with mixed feelings.

“Stupid woman!” Mrs. Kwon shouts with angry.

“Eomeoni, calm down…” Taeyeon said still embrace her.

Suddenly, Mrs. Kwon burst into tears. She's crying and shouting to let go her furious. Meanwhile, Taeyeon never let go of her embrace during that time. She knows that Mrs. Kwon have been hidden her feelings for a long time. She just let her until she feels Mrs. Kwon stop shouting. Taeyeon release Mrs. Kwon when she noticed her already calm but still in sobbing. Taeyeon went to face her and then she says

“Eomeoni... that's not your fault. Don't feel sad, please...”

Mrs. Kwon didn’t say anything while she’s sobbing.

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