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please, feel my love
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“From now... this is our room...” Jiyong said after both of them enter the room.

Taeyeon look around with impressed. Jiyong room is bigger than her house living room. There has king-size of bed in front of the large window. With small living room on the other side and the French doors leading to the balcony. Taeyeon take steps slowly until she saw the bathroom on the left side. She went into the bathroom and saw the bathtub and two sink with large mirror. Taeyeon walks out from the bathroom and then she asks

“Are you sure only you're that stay in this room? You don't share it with your cousin?”

Jiyong chuckles after Taeyeon asked that.

“Why you have to stay at our attic if you have this big nice room?” Taeyeon continue mutter while her eyes wandering around the room.

“Will you comfortable to stay here?” Jiyong asked with worried.

Taeyeon keep looking around before she says

“I have no problem with this place...but the people...”

Jiyong sigh slowly, and then he went to approach Taeyeon. He grabs her hands and look at her softly.

“I know my omma is a bit hot-tempered and can make people around feel offended. I hope you can be patient with her, will you?” Jiyong asked with hope.

Taeyeon stare into his eyes and she can see his uneasy while trying to make her understand his mother.

“Arasso... anyhow, she's still my mother-in-law... don't you worry about me... I can handle this...” Taeyeon replied try to comfort Jiyong.

“Thank you…” Jiyong said with smiles.

Afterward, Jiyong keep staring at her without saying anything. That night, for the first time, for them to stays in the same room. Before this, she let Jiyong sleep in the attic while she went to sleep with Hayeon with the excuse that she would miss her room after this. That's why Hayeon and Mrs. Kim didn't ask anything. But now, she's here, and she has to face it.

“So… where I'm going to sleep?” Taeyeon asked with uncomfortable.

“You can take the bed, while I'm okay to sleep on the couch...” Jiyong replied.

“Hurmm…” Taeyeon mutter with uneasy.

“Why?” Jiyong asked when he saw her want to say something.

“I think you should sleep on the bed... I can lie on the couch. The bed is so big for me, and I'm not comfortable to sleep there alone.” Taeyeon relied while looking at the bed.

Jiyong smirk teasingly before he asks

“Then, should we sleep there together?”

Taeyeon narrow her eyes and then she went to bite Jiyong arm.

“Argh…!” Jiyong grunt in pain.

“I'll bite you more if you dare to ask like that again...” Taeyeon said with firm.

“Okay… okay… I thought you bite people when you're drunk... so, I know it's your habit...” Jiyong said to more.

Taeyeon stares at him with firm before she pulls her luggage away from there. Jiyong chuckles slowly before he went to follow behind her.

“You can put your stuff in here...” Jiyong said while he opens the door beside the bathroom door.

Taeyeon gasp when she looks into the room. It's look like a big wardrobe. The dressing room is full of Jiyong clothes, coat, suite, blazer and accessory such as watch, glasses, belt and rings.

“You really have a lot of clothes, but you're wearing a shabby shirt at the farm.” Taeyeon said while looking at his accessory.

“You know these clothes not suit for the farm work...” Jiyong replied by standing beside her.

“Look... I'm just brought one big luggage for my clothes and small bag for my doll and books... and you...full of the room.” Taeyeon said while shake her head.

Jiyong chuckles when she said that.

“From now, this side... will be yours... I won't argue if you need more space for your stuffs.” Jiyong replied.

“You think my stuffs will be increase?” Taeyeon asked.

“I don’t know… just in case…” Jiyong replied while lift his shoulder.

“Okay, I want to unpack my stuff here… so anything you want to show me?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“Tomorrow I’ll show you the house… but now you can get a rest…” Jiyong replied.

“Great… by the way… did your family eat breakfast together?” Taeyeon asked.

“Depends... sometimes, if one of us have an earlier meeting we just skip the breakfast... but usually we will eat together if halabeoji presence, if not... mostly they just have a breakfast outside.” Jiyong replied.

“Can I cook in here?” Taeyeon asked.

“Ermm... I recommend not to... we have maids and just ask what you want to eat, they will make it for you...” Jiyong replied.

Taeyeon silent with gloomy face after Jiyong said that.

“…but... you still can cook if no one in the house... besides, I like if you can cook for me...” Jiyong said with smiles.

Taeyeon smiles after Jiyong mention that.

“Oh! I forgot to keep the side dish in the fridge...” suddenly Taeyeon said while went to get the bag.

However, Jiyong grab her arm and stop her.

“I’ll help that… you can unpack your stuffs…” Jiyong said try to stop Taeyeon from leaving the room.

“Arasso… Don't put it on the freeze side...” Taeyeon replied.

“Got it…” Jiyong said while he takes the bag and then walks toward the kitchen.




Jiyong look into the fridge and try to search the place to keep the side dish. Suddenly, one of the maid come to greet him.

“Young master? What are you doing?” she asked.

“Oh, Mrs. Tan… sorry if I disturbing you… I need to keep this side dish…” Jiyong said while point to the bag.

“Side dish?” the maid asked confused.

“My mother in law make it… can you keep this for me?” Jiyong asked

“Omo… I forgot that you’re married yesterday… sorry I didn’t come…” the maid said with sad.

“It’s okay. I know omma already forbid everyone to come... except the people close with halabeoji...” Jiyong replied.

The maid look at him with sympathy. All the maid know about the relation in Kwon family. Jiyong is the only one is close to them. He always helped and does some chore just to talk with somebody. Most of the people in the bungalow, they keep their live private in their room or outing. They rarely spend time in that bungalow except Jiyong and his halabeoji. That's why all the maid are close to Jiyong, and they will do anything for him if he asked.

“By the way, I’m sorry… we’re not finish to clean up your room… your omma…” the maid said but Jiyong interrupt her.

“I know… I understand, don’t worry… by the way, I’ll introduce you to my wife. I hope you can take care of her…” Jiyong replied.

“Sure… she’s your wife and our young lady…,” the maid said with smiles.

Jiyong smiles after she said that.

“Oh… here the dishes… make sure omma didn't see this, or she'll throw it away... okay?” Jiyong asked with uneasy.

“Don’t worry… I know how to hide this from her…” the maid replied while wink at him.

Jiyong chuckles after he saw that.

“Jiyong?” suddenly Dami voice greet from the door.

Jiyong turn and saw Dami smiling at him.

“What are you doing in here?” Dami asked while approaching them.

“Nothing…” Jiyong replied try to hide it from her.

Dami look at them with suspicious and then she smelled something nearby.

“I know this smell…” Dami said while her nose keep smell the scent.

Then, she saw the side dish in the bag.

“Omo…! Where did you get this?” Dami asked excitedly while bring out the side dish from the bag.

“Eomeoni gives it…” Jiyong replied.

“Oh God, thank you for her to pack this... I'm really craving to eat this once again after that dinner before.” Dami said with excited.

“You like it, huh?” Jiyong asked while smiling.

Dami nodded while her hands want to open the side dish. However, Jiyong stop her and says

“Nope… this is Taeyeon's, you have to ask her if you want to eat…”

“Oh! Taeyeon is already here?” Dami asked happily.

Jiyong nodded.

“Great…” Dami said with smiles.

“Remember… don’t let anyone know about this dish… especially…” Jiyong said but Dami interrupt him.

“Omma…yes, I know… don’t worry…” Dami said while rolling her eyes.

“Good… so, I’ll see you tomorrow…Mrs. Tan, help me keep this dish, okay?” Jiyong asked.

The maid nodded to answer him.

After that, Jiyong went back into his room.

“Mrs. Tan, can I taste a little?” Dami asked after Jiyong leave.

“Sorry, young lady…” the maid said before she take the side dish from there.

Dami pout with gloomy face while looking the side dish go.





Taeyeon awake earlier that day after she can't get a sleep in the new place. She peeks at the bed and saw Jiyong still in deep sleep. Taeyeon went to open half of the curtain to let the sunlight get in. Then, she gasps after she saw the garden scenery from the window.

“This is beautiful…” Taeyeon mutter slowly.

Afterward, she went to open the door and stand on the balcony to look at the garden scenery. She saw some gardeners are mowing the grass and watering the flowers. Suddenly, she saw a puppy playing alone in the garden. Taeyeon chuckles when she saw the puppy behavior. Then, Taeyeon get back inside to cleaning herself.

After taking her bath, she saw Jiyong still in his sleep. So, after she's wearing her clothes, she's decided to make Jiyong a breakfast. While she's walking outside the room, she saw there are several doors in the hallway. At the end of the hallway, she saw another living room, but with the TV on there. In the living room, Taeyeon saw a big picture of Kwon's family to hang on the wall. She saw halabeoji is sitting in the middle, on his right is Jiyong father and on the left is Jiyong uncle. Mrs. Kwon is sitting beside her husband, meanwhile, Dami, Jiyong and Hyuk are standing behind them. 

“Jiyong look so handsome in here…” Taeyeon mutter while smiling.

Apart from the picture, there is nothing interesting there. Taeye

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