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Mr. Kwon saw his wife is packing her luggage and then he asks

“Where are you going?”

“I'm leaving... I don't want to stay in here anymore.” Mrs. Kwon replied while she put her clothes into the luggage.

Mr. Kwon startled after she said that.

“What? You’re leaving now?” Mr. Kwon asked.

“Yes… I need a time to reflect myself for everything that happened. I know I'm the reasons for everything...” Mrs. Kwon said while crying.

Mr. Kwon is silent for a while before he went to approach his wife and then hold her both hands.

“Look at me…” Mr. Kwon said.

Mrs. Kwon didn’t look but Mr. Kwon lift her chin to make them stare into each other eye.

“I know we're felt guilty about that happened to Jiyong and Taeyeon. I understand that you also need time for us too... but listen to me... for me, you do a great job as my wife. However, I'm the one that made a mistake. I make you feel unsecure and that's why you're reacting when Jiyong protecting his wife more than you. In fact, the one that should make you secure is me... not our son. I'm so sorry for my behavior toward you and hurt you.” Mr. Kwon said while holds his emotion.

Mrs. Kwon continues her crying after her husband said like that.

“It's still not going to change my mind to leave from here...” Mrs. Kwon said while crying.

Mr. Kwon wipes his wife tears with his hand.

“If you insist, can you go after we go apologies to Taeyeon and her family? After that, I won't stop you if you're leaving...” Mr. Kwon said try to persuade his wife.

Mrs. Kwon looks at her husband and saw his hope in his eyes. In the end, Mrs. Kwon nodded to agree with him.

“Thank you…” Mr. Kwon said with smiles after he saw Mrs. Kwon nodded.

Meanwhile, in living room, halabeoji and Dami is talking about Hyuk father's case.

“So… what will happen to samchon? What the police said?” Dami asked.

“He's arrested for his criminal. Perhaps, Hyuk the sentence will be reduced because his father confessed to the crime he committed. For now, I have to hire a lawyer to handle the case. His money from Swiss account will be going back into the company.” Halabeoji said.

“That’s good… I hope that money will help us to cover up the postpone project,” Dami replied.

“It’s more than that… Also, about Grace…” halabeoji said but he stops his words.

“What happen to her?” Dami asked curious.

“She was fined for helping Hyuk and his father. Grace's father has bailed on her and it is likely that she will be sent abroad.” Halabeoji replied with upset.

Dami is silent after she heard that.

“It’s look like everything is almost done...” halabeoji said with ease.

“Right now, we have to focus on company. But… you think what will Jiyong do?” suddenly Dami asked.

“I’m not sure… but I hope he can come back to the company…” halabeoji said with uneasy.

“We just give him a time… I know Jiyong will be fine,” Dami replied to comfort her grandfather feelings.





Jiyong and Jiwoong are talking at outside the ward when Taeyeon awake. Mrs. Kim saw Taeyeon blinking her eyes and she start to calls her name.

“Taeyeon… dear…” Mrs. Kim said while she touches Taeyeon face.

Taeyeon frown while she’s trying to open her eyes slowly.

“Dear… can you hear me?” Mrs. Kim asked with uneasy.

Taeyeon look around with confused and then she’s trying to get up.

“Argh…” she’s grunt in pain.

“Stop moving… you just get surgery…” Mrs. Kim said while hold her body from moving.

“Omma…  it’s hurt,” Taeyeon said with weak voice.

“I know… get some rest… I’ll go call your husband,” Mrs. Kim said.

Taeyeon suddenly remember about her baby and then she asks

“Omma… how's my baby?” 

Mrs. Kim stunned while she saw Taeyeon touch her belly.

“It's the baby fine?” Taeyeon continue asked with worried.

“Tae… dear…” Mrs. Kim stuttered while try to explain to her.

Taeyeon saw her mother face changed after she asked about the baby. Then, with teary eyes, she asks

“Did something happen to the baby?”

Mrs. Kim went back to her and then she hugs her tightly. After Mrs. Kim hugs, Taeyeon crying wholehearted.

“I’m sorry, dear…” Mrs. Kim said slowly.

With that sorry, Taeyeon know she’s already losing the baby.

Jiyong and Jiwoong that heard Taeyeon voice hurriedly enter the ward. They saw Mrs. Kim is hugging Taeyeon while she's crying in her embrace. At that time, Jiyong know that Taeyeon is already known about what happened to the baby.

“My baby… omma…” Taeyeon said while crying.

Jiyong walks slowly toward them while try to hold his emotion.

Taeyeon saw Jiyong presence and then she asks

“Why you didn't save the baby?”

Jiyong didn’t said anything after she asked that. For a moment, he has no words to comfort her. His mind and his voice are stuck.

“I want my baby back…omma… Jiyong… help me… save the baby,” Taeyeon continue crying with upset.

“Calm down, dear…” Mrs. Kim said while rub Taeyeon hair softly.

For minutes, no one is talking. They just heard Taeyeon crying and shouting with frustrated. Jiyong that hold his tears, in the end cries when he saw his wife. Jiwoong just stand nearby look at them with mixed feelings.




After the doctor check up, the doctor said that Taeyeon wound would take time to heal. For a moment, she needs to stay in hospital for future treatment. When the doctor explains to Taeyeon about her condition and tells why they have abortion the baby. Jiyong saw Taeyeon is trying to accept the reason. However, her tears can't lie. At that moment, Jiyong knew that his wife really need all of his support to get out from her sadness after losing the baby.

After the doctor leave, Taeyeon went to lie on the bed and she closed her eyes. For a moment, she doesn't want anyone could see her in sadness. For her, what happened to her, nothing to do with the others. After what the doctor said, she knew it's her fault to make the baby gone. She can't even look at Jiyong after what happened. She's trying to accept the news by blaming herself for their losing the baby.

“Omma, I have to go back…you come with me?” Jiwoong asked.

Mrs. Kim looks at Taeyeon pale face before her reply

“I'll stay... she's need me right now,”

Jiwoog nodded before he turns to look at Taeyeon.

“Call me if you need anything. I’ll come with Hayeon next day,” Jiwoong said.

Mrs. Kim nodded.

“Let’s wait outside… ” Mrs. Kim said before both of them leave the ward.

An hour later, Jiyong come back to the ward after he went to buy fish porridge for Taeyeon. After he opens the ward door, he saw Taeyeon is looking blankly outside the window. Jiyong start to feel uneasy, but he's trying to control his emotion before approaching her.

“Hi, dear…” Jiyong said before he kisses her forehead.

He put the porridge on the side table before he continue says

“I'm bought you fish porridge... the doctor said if you want to get heal, you have to eat. Okay?”

However, no respond from her.

Jiyong look at his wife face and saw she’s trying to hold her tears. Jiyong went to sit on the bed while facing her. He grabs Taeyeon in both hands and says

“I’m here…,”

Taeyeon turn to look at him slowly but at that time, her tears start to flow on her cheeks.

“Just tell me anything… I’m here,” Jiyong continue while he wipes her tears.

“Ji…yong…” Taeyeon calls him with stuttered.

“Hmm…?” Jiyong replied while looking at her face.

“Are you... mad... at me... for...,” Taeyeon stuttered, but she didn't finish her words after she burst out of crying.

Jiyong shake his head slowly, and he understood what exactly she wanted to say. Afterward, he pulls her into his embrace and let Taeyeon crying on his shoulder. Taeyeon continue to cry while she's keep repeating her sorry for losing the baby.

“Shuh… don’t feel sorry… it’s not your fault…” Jiyong said to comfort her.

He rubs her hair softly but at the same time, he’s trying to hold his emotion.

“Eomeoni will mad at me for losing the baby...” Taeyeon said while crying.

“No… she won’t…” Jiyong said softly.

“It’s hurt…” Taeyeon said in sobbing.

“I know… please don't be suffering alone... you have me in here...” Jiyong replied still try to comfort her.

At that time, Mr. Kwon and Mrs. Kwon that just arrive to visit just stand at the door without intend to approach them. They saw both of them sadness but nothing they can do at that moment. In the end, both of them just went out back without visiting. Mrs. Kim that saw them went to approach.

“Why don’t you get in?” Mrs. Kim asked.

Both of them look at each other before Mr. Kwon reply

“I think we should come to visit her another time.”

Mrs. Kim noticed both of them face and then she nodded to understand the situation.

“Here… for Taeyeon.” Suddenly Mrs. Kwon said while she handed fruits in basket to Mrs. Kim.

“Thank you,” Mrs. Kim replied while she takes the basket.

“Also…” Mrs. Kwon tries to say something but she hesitated.

Mrs. Kim waits for her words but in the end, Mrs. Kwon says

“I'm praying for her to get well soon...”

Mrs. Kim smiles and nodded.

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