missing in action

please, feel my love
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When Jiyong arrive at the company, he went straight to find his wife at the ground floor. He knocks on the door and saw Yoona open it.

“Is Taeyeon in there?” Jiyong asked while look inside the room.

“No, she's going to property office.” Yoona replied.

“Huh? Why she’s going there?” Jiyong asked curious.

“I'm not sure, but I think it's related to her hometown land. She said her friend have problem... something like that...” Yoona replied with unsure.

Then, Jiyong remember about the agreement that Taeyeon show to him before.

“Oh… I know that… hurm… could you tell her to meet me after she's back? She didn't answer my call...” Jiyong said with uneasy.

“Oh... she's left her phone because it's charging. But, don't worry, I tell her after she comes back...” Yoona replied.

“Thank you…oh, here… cookies for everyone.” Jiyong said while handed the paper bag to Yoona.

“Omo… thank you…!” Yoona said excitedly while she takes the paper bag.

Afterward, Jiyong walk away from there with disappointed.

After not talking to his wife for hour, Jiyong feel his heart empty. He misses her and feels sorry for her too. That's why he bought Taeyeon favorite cookies to apologies to her. Now, he had to miss Taeyeon when she isn't there for him to see.

“Argh... Taeyeon... miss you,” Jiyong muttered in elevator.

“He’s looking for his wife?” suddenly Tiffany asked.

Yoona nodded.

“He gives us cookies…” Yoona replied while she put the paper bag on the table.

“Us? You think so?” Tiffany asked while chuckles.

“Yeah, of course it’s for Taeyeon but… we still can have it…” Yoona replied while smiling.

“Arasso…by the way, did she’s really went to property office?” suddenly Tiffany asked.

Yoona look at Tiffany with uneasy before she shakes her head slowly.

“So… where is she going?” Tiffany asked with curious.

Yoona look at Tiffany with guilty before she hesitated points her index finger up.

“Don’t say…” Tiffany didn’t finish her words.

Yoona nodded before she says

“It’s true... she's going into Hyuk office again.”

“Yah…! Why you didn’t tell me!?!” Tiffany asked with surprised.

“She warns me to not let anyone know…” Yoona replied with guilty.

“Then why we still here? Come, let's go find her before anyone could see...!” Tiffany said with furious.

After that, Tiffany pulls Yoona hand and both of them left the room in hurry.




On the other side, Taeyeon is secretly trying to go back into Hyuk office. She knows there are someone is looking at her, but she insisted on going in there. Taeyeon keep wandering on that level. She's pretending to send a file but when she saw no one is noticing her, Taeyeon took that time to barge in the office. Taeyeon went straight toward the rack and she pulls the books. However, nothing is happening. She noticed Hyuk already modify the rack. 

“Damn it!” Taeyeon muttered with angry.

Afterward, she decided to leave the office. She knows that Hyuk will never leave any evidence in his office anymore after what just happened.

However, on her way to go out from the level, coincidentally she saw Hyuk father just comes out from the elevator. Taeyeon rashly went to the stair exit to avoiding him. She step down the stair, but her steps stop after she hear Grace voice echo in that space.

“Why you come late?” Grace asked.

Taeyeon stops her steps afterward. She hesitated, if she should leave or not. In the end, she decided to eavesdrop on their conversation secretly.

“It’s not your matter…” Hyuk replied without looking at her.

“What do you mean, you wanna leave me?” Grace asked with uneasy.

“It’s true…I'm not interested to play push and pull again you... besides, I think you just want to revenge on what I'm doing to you before...” Hyuk replied without feel guilty.

Grace scoff slowly after he said that.

“So now you're pushing me away because of that?” Grace asked with irate.

“If you think that way… yeah, just because…” Hyuk replied.

Suddenly, Grace eyes start to get teary.

“Did you fall for her, aren't you?” suddenly Grace asked.

Hyuk frown before he asks


“Taeyeon…” Grace said while hold her emotion.

Hyuk chuckles before him reply

“Hurm... what should I say... to be honest... yeah. She had that quality to be my beloved.”

Taeyeon that heard that stunned with Hyuk honesty. Suddenly, she hears a slap from the other side.

Hyuk hold his cheek after grace slap him.

“You're horrible,” Grace said while her tears flow on her cheek.

Hyuk didn’t respond after he saw grace crying.

“Such a jerk…” Grace continues to curse him.

Then, she stomps Hyuk chest hardly non-stop. Her eyes continue flows her tears while inside her feel hurt. Hyuk just let her be while he bears his pain.

“I hate you...” Grace said while crying.

Taeyeon feel sympathy after she heard Grace crying. She knew what does it feel when the person we loved betrayed.

Grace wipes her tears and then she looks at Hyuk with furious.

“Fine! If this what you want... but, I won't be silent. Remember about your fraud file? You think I don't make any copy for that?” suddenly Grace said try to threaten him.

Hyuk face change after she said that

“Yea… I’m not stupid…” Grace continue while smirk evilly.

“What you want to do?” Hyuk asked with uneasy.

Grace scoff when she saw Hyuk start to worry.

“Well... we don't have any connection anymore... so, I can do what I want...” Grace replied try to irate Hyuk.

After that, she walks toward the door but Hyuk stop her by grabbing her arm.

“Where are you going?” Hyuk asked.

However, Grace just smirk without saying anything.

“Tell me, what you want to do?” Hyuk continue asked with uneasy.

“Simple... as long you're staying beside me, and we continue to ruin Jiyong marriage... that's the plan! Remember?” Grace asked with furious.

Hyuk silent for a while before he asks

“That's what you want?”

Grace nodded.

“Apart from the plan... you're my pet, do not leave me as long as I don't allow it... got it?” Grace asked with firm.

Hyuk didn’t respond her for a while.

“If you want to be safe, follow my words. No one will touch you.” Grace continues with confident.

“Arasso…” Hyuk replied slowly.

Afterward, Grace went to kiss Hyuk as if she didn't want to let go of him anymore.

Meanwhile, after the conversation, Taeyeon took that opportunity to find the copy at Grace place. She went to Jiyong office level and go to Grace desk to find the file copy.




Tiffany and Yoona are wandering around Hyuk office. They feel worried when they can't see Taeyeon anywhere. Yoona went to ask Hyuk assistant if Hyuk is in his office. However, the assistant said Hyuk is going to be late.

“You think she’s in there?” Yoona asked slowly.

“I don’t know… what should we do?” Tiffany asked.

Suddenly, they saw Hyuk is walking toward the office. Yoona and Tiffany in hurried walk away from there before Hyuk noticed their presence.

“Yah, Taeyeon… where are you…?” Tiffany muttered after she saw Hyuk enter the office.

“You want to wait here?” Yoona asked.

“Yes… what if Taeyeon need us?” Tiffany asked with worried.

Afterward, both of them continue wandering around the level but at the same time, their eyes are on Hyuk office. Half an hour later, nothing is happening. Yoona signal Tiffany, should they leave or not. In the end, Tiffany signals her to leave the level.

While waiting for elevator, suddenly someone approaching them and give a piece of paper. She goes after that without saying anything. Yoona and Tiffany look at each other with confused. Tiffany opens the paper and saw something it's written on it.


They have been eyeing you two from the beginning. Make sure you're safe. Miss Dami asked not to come again on this level.


Tiffany looks at Yoona before she says

“What should we do now?”

“If they are eyeing us, so they know no one is in the room…” Yoona suddenly said with suspicious.

After that, both of them rushing back into the ground floor with mixed feelings.

Both of them breathe faster after they're running toward the ground floor using the stairs. Anyhow, what that they have been suspicious is already happen. The room is a mess and all the documents scattered on the floor. Tiffany rashly went to the laptop, and then she noticed someone has downloaded the file from the laptop. Tiffany sighs with angry.

“They get the account file... argh...!” Tiffany said with furious.

“What should we do?” Yoona asked while looking at the mess.

“We need to tell Miss Dami and the others…” Tiffany replied.

Afterward, Yoona and Tiffany clean back the room and try to find if anything is missing.




Taeyeon arrive at Jiyong office level. She eavesdropping in Jiyong's office to make sure Jiyong didn't know her presence. Afterward, Taeyeon keep searching for the copy at Grace desk and drawers. She knew Grace made the copy for her to use it. However, she doesn't know where to look for it. After a few minutes, she found nothing. Then, she decided to go back to the ground floor. However, before she left, she saw Grace is comi

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