surprisingly truth

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Taeyeon is in the kitchen while preparing the dinner. On that day, Jiyong ask her to cook for him a beef soup. So, she asked for the maid to buy her beef and the ingredients. During her cooking, she also kept practicing the tango step. She has less than two weeks to study and remember it.  Although she is currently busy with the investigation, she also took some time to fulfill her job as Jiyong wife.

“Young lady, let us help you…” the maid said after Taeyeon asked them to seat and do not help her.

“No…no…I can do this…” Taeyeon replied.

“Young lady, we can’t just seat here and let you do everything…,” the maid said with uneasy.

“Why?” Taeyeon asked while she’s cutting the meat.

“Because you’re young lady…,” the maid replied with uneasy.

Taeyeon chuckles after she heard that.

“I don’t know how long I can use that title…” suddenly Taeyeon said slowly.

All the maid look at her with mixed feeling. After what they saw Mrs. Kwon done to her, they feel sympathy toward her. Besides, they know Taeyeon wouldn't retaliate against their madam. That's make them feel sorry for her.

“As long you’re our young lady, we’ll be here for you…” one of the maid said.

Taeyeon smiles before her jokingly reply

“I don't have money to pay you...”

“Young lady, don’t said like that… we understand you. Don’t worry, if you want us to help, just ask for it…” the other one said.

“Arasso…” Taeyeon said while chuckles.

Suddenly, her phone is ringing. She's smiling when she saw Jiyong name appear on the screen. She picks up and turns on the speaker.

“Hi, dear…” Jiyong greet lovely.

Taeyeon start to blush while all the maid look at her with smiles.

“Jiyong, I'm turning on the speaker. Please behave yourself...” Taeyeon said to warn him.

“Oh… hurm…” Jiyong said while whining cutely.

Taeyeon know Jiyong is trying to after she said that.

“I’m hanging up…” Taeyeon said.

“Okay…okay…I’ll stop…” Jiyong replied while chuckles.

“So… why you calling me?” Taeyeon asked.

“Of course I miss my wife…” Jiyong replied teasingly.

“Uwww….” All the maid give the same reaction.

“Jiyong…” Taeyeon call his name slowly.

Jiyong laughs before he reply

“Okay… I’m serious now…”

“Hurm…”Taeyeon said with sigh.

“Yes, I’m serious now… but I can’t say it if you still on loud speaker.” Jiyong replied with serious tone.

“Arasso… wait up…” Taeyeon said and she went to go wash her hands.

After that, she turns off the loud speaker before she says

“Okay, you can speak now…”

“I love you…” Jiyong replied while smiling.

“Seriously?” Taeyeon asked when Jiyong keep teasing her.

“Arasso…why my wife is so fierce?” Jiyong muttered but it can be hear by Taeyeon.

Taeyeon chuckles after she hears that.

“Now you’re laughing…,”Jiyong said while smiling.

“So… what do you want?” Taeyeon asked.

“Oh…you will be at home, right?” Jiyong asked.

“Yup…” Taeyeon replied shortly.

“You don’t have to go out, right?” Jiyong continue asked.

“Yeah, for now...” Taeyeon replied with hesitated.

“Great… wait for me… I have surprise for you…” Jiyong said excitedly.

Taeyeon frown before she asks

“What surprise?”

“Just wait…” Jiyong replied while chuckles.

“Okay…that’s all?” Taeyeon said with frown.

“Oh… another thing…” Jiyong replied but he didn’t continue his words.

Taeyeon is silent while waiting for him to continue.

“Dami noona asked, when you will go to pick up my tuxedo, she wants to follow you to the boutique...” Jiyong continues.

“Oh…! Anson text me that tux will be ready on this week. I'll tell unnie if I go there...” Taeyeon replied.

“Okiedokie…so, wait for me…” Jiyong said with smiles.

“Nae~” Taeyeon replied cutely.

After she ended the conversation, she saw the maid is already finish cutting the meat for her. Taeyeon sigh before she went back to continue her cooking.




After she's clean-up, Taeyeon went back into the kitchen to serve the dinner before Jiyong arrive. She's smiling while looking at the meat soup. She went to find a bowl but suddenly, Hyuk approach her and asks

“What are you doing?”

Taeyeon startled with Hyuk sudden presence.

“Yah! You startled me!” Taeyeon said while touch her chest.

Hyuk chuckles when he saw her reaction.

“What do you want?” Taeyeon asked afterward.

“Oh…Anson send me a suit picture... I want you take a look... is it okay?” Hyuk asked while he takes his phone from the pocket.

“Sure…” Taeyeon replied while waiting for him.

Hyuk open the picture, and then he went close to her to show it. Taeyeon take a look at the suit while Hyuk still holding his phone. She's feel uncomfortable to get close like that to him, but she's trying to give a gap between them. Hyuk keep smiling when he notices Taeyeon uneasy face and then he asks

“What do you think? It’s cool?”

“Yeah… it’s look good…” Taeyeon replied while her eyes still on the phone.

“What about the color?” Hyuk asked.

“Hurm… I think it’s nice…” Taeyeon replied.

Suddenly, Hyuk move his phone away from her before he says

“You look not focus what I'm saying...”

“Huh?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Did my presence bothering you?” Hyuk asked while pout.

Taeyeon chuckles slowly when she saw Hyuk making that face.

“Why are you smiling?” Hyuk asked while smiling at her.

“Nothing,” Taeyeon replied while shake her head.

At that time, Jiyong that just arrive saw Hyuk with his wife in the kitchen together. He starts to feel jealous and then he went to approach them.

“Something funny, want to share?” Jiyong asked sarcastic.

His eyes look furious while looking at them.

“Jiyong, you back!” Taeyeon said happily.

She went to hugs him, but Jiyong eyes still look furious at Hyuk. Taeyeon notice it and then she says

“He asked me to look at the suit picture that Anson send to him...”

Jiyong went to hug his wife shoulder but his eyes still on Hyuk.

Hyuk start to feel uncomfortable when Jiyong keep looking at him like that. In the end, he walks away from there but he stops in front of them and says

“Thank you…”

“Thank you…” Jiyong said to mock Hyuk after he left the kitchen.

Taeyeon chuckles slowly when she saw his husband behave childish. She went to hold his gloomy face and then says

“Hey, don't mock him...”

Jiyong look at her with gloomy face.

“Are you trying to defend him now?” Jiyong asked while pout.

“It's not like that... he's just asking me to look at the picture, that's all...” Taeyeon replied trying to explain to him.

“…by stands close like that?” Jiyong asked with jealous.

“Are you jealous, aren’t you?” Taeyeon asked teasingly.

“What? Why should I be jealous... he just stands close to my wife...” Jiyong replied sarcastic.

Taeyeon smiles before she went to pull his face, and then she pecks his lips. Jiyong try holds his smiles when Taeyeon does that.

“Are you okay now?” Taeyeon asked.

Jiyong still try to look gloomy, but then Taeyeon continue to peck his lips again.

“Okay now?” Taeyeon asked.

Jiyong starts to smiles and he went to hugs his wife.

“Argh... how can I get angry with this smol...” Jiyong said while hugging her.

“Smol?” Taeyeon asked while push him.

“Tiny and cute…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

Then, she’s smiling and went to hugs him again.

“You want to eat now or take a bath first?” Taeyeon asked while hugging.

“Both ain't either... come, I have a surprise for you...” Jiyong replied before his release the hugs.

He pulls Taeyeon hand to go out with him. They went to the car porch and then Jiyong ask Taeyeon to close her eyes.

“Close your eyes…” Jiyong said while his cover her eyes with his hand.

“What? Why?” Taeyeon asked while she's holding Jiyong arm.

“Don't peek...!” Jiyong replied to warn her.

“Arasso…” Taeyeon said still following his steps.

Moment later, they stop and then Jiyong says

“Now… you can open your eyes…”

Taeyeon blinking while open her eyes.

“Surprise…!” Jiyong said excitedly.

Taeyeon stunned after she saw a silver Bentley car is parked in front of her. She didn't say anything while looking at the car. Jiyong that saw his wife surprise face went to hugs her shoulder and says

“My token gift to you...”

Taeyeon look at him with speechless.

“I know, you always pour me with your token gift, now it's my turn...” Jiyong continue with smiles.

“…but, Jiyong…” Taeyeon hesitated while looking at hi

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