Last tear of rain

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After three year, one of the detective officer open back the case related about that man. The mysteries about the case continue after the detective find out that the man is innocent. He decided to help him but at the same time, the detective is trying to mend his past sin toward the man. Their story began after the detective bring the man to the eldercare home and meet to his family… What will happen next?


If you are lost in the dark,

Let me be your light,

If you have no one to grip,

Let me be your hold you,

No matter happen, my love is always for you...

Sorry for late update.... T.T


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Chapter 50: Epilogue pls...
tyeam0309 #2
Chapter 50: Unexpected twist, please i know you always end in 50 but since all chapters are too painful a epilogue will be highly appreciated. PLEASE.
taeyeon92 #3
Chapter 49: Noooo taeyeon ahhh! You and your jealousy jiyonggg! Im saddddd
Chapter 49: Noooooo 😭😭😭😭
soshifiedpixie #5
Chapter 48: are they really gonna divorce?😢
soshifiedpixie #6
Chapter 47: for some reason i like fights like this..... but ofcourse expecting them to be okay in the end😂
justgtae #7
Chapter 46: something sad will happen soon for taeyeon and jiyong?😔 His uncle is a really terrible person
soshifiedpixie #8
Chapter 45: oh noooo
tyeam0309 #9
Chapter 44: Authorinim pls update. You know I like all your stories.
soshifiedpixie #10
Chapter 40: Wooyoung is back! idk why but i kind of like it that he's mentioned again on the story😄