Oh My Beloved...!

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The destiny brings them together at the blind date. However, the first impression it's not good as what it can be, but the feelings still grow without realizing. She thinks, he's just goofing with her. Meanwhile, he thinks she's too hard. Yet, the meeting made them becomes a friend. After the first meeting, the fate always keeps coming across them and that makes them even closer as a bestie.




Jiyong is an assistant pilot that really travels a lot. He's enjoying his life with his close friends and been in a relationship several times, but never lasting due to his work factor. After that, he has never been in a serious relationship until one of his friends asks his help to go the blind date to replace him.


“In my life, I have no one to talk about this... except you...” – Kwon Jiyong


Taeyeon is a worker at books art gallery. As an executive officer, it has requires her to travel just to find good arts for the gallery. With her busy schedule, her mother start to get worried after all her friends already brag about their grandchild. To make sure, Taeyeon is getting married, her mother secretly ask her friend to set a blind date for her daughter. 


“I never thought that someone could listen to me like this...until you come...” – Kim Taeyeon

I'm sorry for not updating the story....
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tyeam0309 #1
Thank you. I enjoyed reading your story coz it's one of a kind. Though the heart break is too much in all your stories. Keep on writing GTAE please. Thank you.
Chapter 29: Here comes trouble.....
soshifiedpixie #3
Chapter 24: its going to be heartbreaking if she refuse and say no
soshifiedpixie #4
Chapter 22: no way the guys will have negative reaction to it🤨
KwonKimGDTae #5
Chapter 21: Finally together!!!! 💖
soshifiedpixie #6
Chapter 21: they're finally together!!!
alex_2019 #7
Chapter 20: ♥️♥️♥️
justgtae #8
Chapter 17: taeyeon better accept jiyong ㅠㅠ
soshifiedpixie #9
Chapter 17: finally jiyong!!! now its your turn taeyeon. whats your move???