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That day, Taeyeon went to Sooyoung restaurant a bit late. She's helping her mother make some food for the meeting village community.

“This is enough?” Taeyeon asked.

“Yeah… you can go now… I’ll ask Hayeon to help Jiwoong over there,” Mrs. Kim said.

“Arasso… don’t forget to remind Hayeon…” Taeyeon said while washing her hands.

After that, Taeyeon went to wear her shoes, and then she saw Jiyong is standing nearby the apple tree while staring at the home. Taeyeon walks out from the house and saw Jiyong pretending to look at the tree. She is smiling while approaching him.

“Did you have anything to say?” Taeyeon asked after approaching him.

“What make you think I have something to say?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Well, I saw you keep looking at the house… I assume you're waiting for someone… aren’t you?” Taeyeon asked with smiles.

Jiyong rub his hair to cover his shyness after Taeyeon caught him.

“Hurmm…. I just wanna say thank you for helping me wash my clothes before...” Jiyong said to thank you.

“Shouldn't you say thanks to the wash machine? I'm doing nothing... I just put it in there... and machine washes it...” Taeyeon replied jokingly.

Jiyong stunned for a while before he’s laughing.

“Okay… you got my joke…” Taeyeon said while laughing.

Mrs. Kim inside the house hears people laughing, when she looks from the window, she saw Taeyeon and Jiyong together. She felt strange to see both of them in good condition. As she knows, the never went so well like this before.

“So, you're going to town, huh? Jiwoong will send you?” Jiyong asked.

“No, oppa have to attend meeting with village people…” Taeyeon replied.

“I see…” Jiyong said slowly.

Taeyeon look at him and then suddenly she ask

“Will you walk with me to the bus stop?”

“Oh… sure… if you insist...” Jiyong said with surprised.

Taeyeon smiles and then she walks from there. Jiyong stunned with her smiles at him, but he's quickly going to follow her from behind.

Along walking toward the bus stop, nothing is coming out from both of them. Taeyeon walks in front, while Jiyong following her from behind silently.

“I saw you’re cleaning the garage... yesterday...” Taeyeon said to break the silent.

“It’s my work…” Jiyong replied.

After that, both of them are silent again.

“I saw seed sack is placed underneath. You moved it, right?” Taeyeon asked again.

Jiyong didn’t say anything about that.

“Anyway, thanks...” Taeyeon said slowly.

Jiyong smiles before he jokingly says

“Well... I don't want to see someone fell again...”

Taeyeon turn to look at him before she chuckles slowly.

“So you understand my joke...” Jiyong said while smiling.

Taeyeon shake her head while continue her walking afterward.




After Jiyong come back from sending Taeyeon, he saw two men in black suit are talking with Jiwoong. Jiyong hide himself from them as he assumes it's his father assistant guys are looking for him. However, he saw the men are arguing with Jiwoong about something. Then, he saw Mrs. Kim comes out from the house with the bucket of water, and she threw the water toward the men. Jiyong stunned with the current situation. He hesitated to appear, but before he approaches them, the guys in suit are already going to their car and leave the farm area.

“Omma, are you okay?” Jiwoong asked.

Mrs. Kim nodded while try to calm down.

Then, both of them saw Jiyong is walking toward them.

“Who are they?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Stupid persons...” Jiwoong replied with firm.

Jiyong look at him with confused.

“It's not like that...they are here to persuade us to sell the land... we already told them that we're not selling it... but they still keep insisting on coming and bother us here...” Mrs. Kim said to explain.

“Why don't you call a cop? Tell them that they're come here to disturb...” Jiyong asked.

“It's useless... before this, we're already done that but... they're from big company... so it's easier for people like them to get release...” Jiwoong said with disappointed.

Jiyong look at both of them and suddenly he’s remembering about his family company.

“Did you know which company is trying to buy your land?” Jiyong asked curious.

“We're not sure... but I think it's one of the big companies... lately, we saw them in news saying they are managing mega projects in the northern region.” Jiwoong replied try to remember.

Jiyong startled after he heard that. As he knows, Kwon's Company has bought land in the northern area, but he is not sure what for.

“Omma, I’m going to the meeting… I think they're also comes to persuade them again... Besides, the chief asks us to prepare a volunteer to take care of the area.” Jiwoong said afterward.

“Arasso… Hayeon! Bring out the foods…” Mrs. Kim shouts to call Hayeon inside the house.

Jiyong look at them for a while before he says to Jiwoong

“Can I come with you? Let me help you with the foods...”

“That’s great, oppa… besides, I have some work to be done by today...” Hayeon said with excited after she hear Jiyong words.

Mrs. Kim narrows her eyes after Hayeon said that.

“You're trying to avoid it, huh?” Mrs. Kim asked Hayeon.

Hayeon just chuckles and then she give the foods to Jiyong.

Jiwoong shake his head and then says

“Let’s go, GD”

“We go...” Jiyong said before he enters the truck to seat beside Jiwoong.

Mrs. Kim nodded and looks at the truck until disappear from her view.





Taeyeon still focusing on her audit until she’s saw Sooyoung come from the kitchen with furious.

“What happen?” Taeyeon asked Sooyoung.

Sooyoung frown while approaching her.

“Omma said that people still come to disturb us...” Sooyoung said with firm.

“What people?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“Few months ago, there are people from big company come to persuade village people to sell their land... they offer half price of the original price...” Sooyoung replied with firm.

“What?… That’s cheat!” Taeyeon said with firm.

“Yeah… I heard they're going to build a theme park here...” Sooyoung said with upset.

“No way… did anyone sell it?” Taeyeon asked.

“Of course no one will agree... but how long they can hold it... everyone needs money nowadays...” Sooyoung replied with mixed feelings.

“Yeah… no doubt…” Taeyeon replied slowly.

“Argh… I don’t care. As long I’m here… no one can take my land from me!” Sooyoung said determined.

“You go girl… I think, I should ask this matter to omma… I didn’t know about this…” Taeyeon said afterward.

“So…how’s the audit?” Sooyoung asked while looking at the ledger book in front her.

“I don't have any problem in these past two month account but...” Taeyeon said but she stops while looking for something to show to Sooyoung.

“What?” Sooyoung asked.

“… Look at this account…” Taeyeon said while give Sooyoung last month account.

Sooyoung look at it and saw some places marked by Taeyeon.

“What is this?” Sooyoung asked curious.

“The places that I marked it... there are no evidence that money has been used. So... I want to ask you if you have missed some receipt, or it really doesn't have anything to prove the expenses.” Taeyeon asked.

Sooyoung silent while keep staring at the account.

“I think I know what just happened here...” Sooyoung said slowly.

“What?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“Omma used to buy some food to help village people... if they're here and don't have enough money to pay, she didn't take the money from them... so, this is her way to cover up the things she's done...” Sooyoung said try to explain.

Taeyeon nodded.

“Arasso… then I’ll try to fix it later… you and your omma are same... generous...” Taeyeon said with smiles.

“I am…” Sooyoung said proudly.

Taeyeon chuckles before she continues her works.

“By the way, Hayeon told me that Jiwoong oppa got new helper…” suddenly Sooyoung mention about that.

“Hmm…” Taeyeon said without looking at her.

“Is he okay? Handsome? Hayeon told me that you're always arguing with him...” Sooyoung continue try to know more.

“Don't say you believe Hayeon... after all, he's the one who doesn't know how to work... oppa wanted a helper not student that he has to teach him...” Taeyeon replied.

“Hmmm… sound like you're not satisfied with him...” Sooyoung said while look at Taeyeon.

“Maybe…” Taeyeon replied shortly.

“Why don't I invite him to come here? Also, I can ask Daesung and Sunny to come's long time not to hang out with all of you...” suddenly Sooyoung give suggestion.

Daesung, Sunny, Sooyoung and Taeyeon are good friends from middle school. Except for Sunny because she in the same kindergarten. Every day, they would like to hang out at Sooyoung family restaurant, whether to do schoolwork or play. Their friendship lasted until the end of high school, but still manages to meet up if they're going back to their town.

“Did Daesung is here? I thought he's still working in Japan.” Taeyeon asked.

“I'm not sure... but I coincidentally meet him when buying the grocery. So, I ask when he came back... he said last month.” Sooyoung replied.

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