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Taeyeon eat her breakfast silently while her family members look at her with mixed feelings. Then, Mrs. Kim signals her eyes to Jiwoong for saying something. Jiwoong lift his shoulder to let know he doesn't have any idea what to say. Hayeon look at them with sigh before she says

“I already clean up the attic... GD oppa stuffs are still there... what should we do? Post to him?”

Taeyeon look at Hayeon after she said that.

“Should we keep it? Perhaps... he'll be back to take it...” Mrs. Kim said with hesitated.

“You think he still dares to come after what he's done to us?” suddenly Jiwoong asked uneasy.

 Taeyeon look at Jiwoong after he said that.

“I think... he is not planning for that. I'm sure he is not guilty.” Hayeon said try to comfort everyone feelings.

“Yeah… me too… GD is innocent... if he is one of them that want to buy this land... I don't think he is here to do all the chores with hard work. Look at the backyard garden... he's planting vegetables, in the barn... he's fixing the stable., grooming the horse... he's doing everything in here... why he had to waste his time to do that, if he wants to buy this land?” Mrs. Kim said to tell the fact.

“Then, why he has to hide his background? Why he didn’t tell us his real name?” Jiwoong asked curious.

“Perhaps... he has he own reasons... you think we will hire him if we know he's one of the Kwon's Legacy heirs? I don't think we will consider that... that's why he has to keep it secret...” Mrs. Kim replied.

“...but... at least, he can tell us his real name... now, I feel betrayed. I thought he can be my good friend.” Jiwoong replied with disappointed.

Hayeon look at her brother and then she slowly says

“Honestly, I feel that way too... I thought he will stay with, he's gone. Even, he didn't say anything before he goes... that's hurt.”

“If you're hurt... then tell me, what I should feel right now?” suddenly Taeyeon asked while trying to hold her emotion.

All of them turn to look at her.

“Should I be sad? Disappointed? Angry? I don't know what I feel right now...” Taeyeon continue but this time her eyes start to get teary.

“Tae…” Mrs. Kim calls her softly.

“After he goes... in these two days... I feel inside me, there… are something pulls me. It's look like my feeling keep running, but I don't know where to go... I'm curious to know why... why he's doing this... why he gives me some hope and then leave... without saying or explain anything...” Taeyeon said to release her upset feelings.

“You just being disappointed, Tae... I understand...” Mrs. Kim said while try to comfort her.

“No… I’m not disappointed… I’m happy, finally he’s gone…yeah… happy… That should be... he just a stranger...” Taeyeon said to denied her feelings.

All of them look at her with uneasy after saw her behavior. In the past two day, after Jiyong gone, they notice that Taeyeon is trying hard to deny for what just happen. She kept herself busy doing all the chores that Jiyong left. At night, she will go out to meet her friends and get back at lat night. They want to be with her and share her sadness, but Taeyeon will never do that. She's willing to share if she wanted it, but mostly she just kept it by herself.





Halabeoji invite all the family members are having breakfast together after Jiyong coming back. He looked at them one by one with mixed feelings. They think he's not aware what just happen in his family, but he knew about Jiyong disappear, what just happen in company, and he decided to reconciled them before he death.

“Jiyong, in these two weeks, get ready. You're going to be engaged with Choi Grace.” Suddenly Mrs. Kwon said.

Jiyong startled after he heard that. Dami also look at him with surprised.

“Engage?” Jiyong asked confused.

“Yes, engaged. You two had known since child, besides their family background also are good. We want to be part of their family.” Mrs. Kwon replied.

“Are you sure this is what you want? It's not because of their foundation?” suddenly Dami asked sarcastic.

“Dami! Mind your words…” Mr. Kwon said firmly.

“What? Is not true? You're not wanted to part of their family... you're just planning to use Jiyong and Grace for you to be part of their foundation... aren't you?” Dami asked with furious.

“It's still not your business... the one that will get engaged is Jiyong, not you. So, please shut up...” Mrs. Kwon replied with firm.

“I’m not going to do that…me and Grace just a friend... I don't think she will agree with this engagement.” Jiyong said try to refuse.

“You like it or not... the engagement will be arranged in these two weeks...” Mrs. Kwon replied while looking at Jiyong with furious.

“Shouldn't we discuss this? This is not a business... this is about Jiyong life...” suddenly halabeoji speak.

“Abeoji, Jiyong is my son. I know what I'm doing for him...” Mrs. Kwon replied.

Jiyong look at his halabeoji with gloomy when nobody can help him to stop the engagement.

Kwon Hyuk looks at Jiyong with irate after he's coming back, all the important project under him have been given to Jiyong. The director think Jiyong is more capable rather than him. Now, Jiyong will get Grace that he loves. Kwon Hyuk knows if the both family unite, the chance for them to get the company are big, because Grace's father are among the directors who have large shares in the company.

Suddenly, he's thinking something and then he says

“Samchon, remember that you still owe me a thank you...”

All of them look at Mr. Kwon and Hyuk.

Mr. Kwon looks at him with firm before he says

“We talk about this later...”

“Hurm... I don't think I have a time to, why don't I say it here? I think I know what I want...” Hyuk said while smirk at Jiyong.

“What are you talking?” Hyuk father asked confused.

“Something happen, dear?” Mrs. Kwon asked her husband.

Mr. Kwon shake his head and then he ask

“What do you want?”

“Remember the farm that we visit recently? I think I want that farm...” Hyuk said with wide smiles.

Jiyong startled after he heard that.

“Why you want that farm?” Jiyong asked try to make him uneasy, but in the truth, he's the one that unease.

“What farm?” halabeoji asked confused.

Mr. Kwon starts to feel uneasy after halabeoji asked that.

“Sorry... I can't afford that...we talk about this later...” Mr. Kwon replied try to stop the conversation.

“Nope... I already decided... I just wanna that farm... no matter what. If not... then, I have to say...” Hyuk said try to scared Mr. Kwon.

“Arasso… I’ll get it for you…” Mr. Kwon replied to shut Hyuk mouth from spill the truth.

Jiyong that hear the things start to feel uneasy. He knew what Hyuk plan is, but he insisted on stopping him.

Hyuk smiles widely while looking at Jiyong. He knew Jiyong will try to stop his father, but that's what his intent. He wanted to make them fighting and keep arguing with each other.

“You can't have that farm...” suddenly Jiyong said.

“What? Why?” Hyuk asked sarcastic.

Jiyong narrow his eyes when Hyuk doing that.

Mr. Kwon can see both of them reaction, and he knew Hyuk is trying to make Jiyong bother with him. Then, Mr. Kwon looks at them and says

“I won't try hard to get that farm... but if that Hyuk want, I'll try... but don't give a hope...besides, I don't think that farm is valuable for me to keep as an asset.”

Jiyong look at his father with upset after he said that. Meanwhile, Hyuk feel uneasy after Mr. Kwon is not on his side.

“Why that farm looks so important to both of you?” suddenly halabeoji asked.

However, no one could answer that for him.

“If no one could tell me… should I find out of it myself?” halabeoji asked.

Hyuk, Mr. Kwon and Jiyong feel uneasy after halabeoji said that.

“I’ll tell you… but not now… please, can we have breakfast in peace?” Mr. Kwon asked try to stop the conversation.

In the end, no one is talking.




Inside his room, Jiyong walks back and forth while thinking what he should do to save the farm. He then takes his phone and dialed Youngbae numbers.

“Yes, bro?” Youngbae greet.

“I need your help again…” Jiyong replied with serious.

“Is about the village land?” Youngbae asked curious.

“Nope, this time about the farm…” Jiyong replied.

“Which farm?” Youngbae asked.

“The farm that where I work before... I need you to tell me about this farm... how much does the owner have to pay to get ownership?” Jiyong asked curious.

“Hurm… I'm still at my house. Could you meet me in the office? We can talk that later... I need to look into the documents.” Youngbae replied.

“Arasso…” Jiyong said.

“By the way, did Seunghyun hyung call you?” suddenly Youngbae asked.

“No, why?” Jiyong asked.

“Hurm… I think you should call him. Recently, it's look like he had trouble.” Youngbae replied.

“Okay… thank you for telling me…” Jiyong said and then they ended the conversation.

Afterward, Jiyong is preparing himself before he went to the company.

However, before he left, Dami enters his room to talk with him.

“Are you going to agree with the engagement?” Dami asked curious.

“Then, you want me to against omma?” Jiyong asked uneasy.

“Yah! It’s your life… do something, Jiyong!” Dami said furiously.

“Tell me what am I going to do? Tell me?” Jiyong asked.

“I don’t know… but you have to refuse it…” Dami replied firm.

“Don't worry... I think Grace also don't want this happens...” Jiyong said try to comfort his feelings.

“What makes you so confident with her? Don't you know her? She's like you... why should she refuse to engage?” Dami asked with uncomfortable.

Jiyong chuckles after Dami said that.

“She like me? Ridiculous…” Jiyong replied to deny.

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