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After last night, both of them awake that morning with smiles. Taeyeon went to her wardrobe and then tries some clothes to look beautiful in front of Jiyong. Hayeon enter the room while wipe her hair, look at Taeyeon and the messy room.

“Did typhoon coming in this room?” Hayeon asked sarcastic.

However, Taeyeon just ignore her while looks at the clothes.

Hayeon look at her sister with strange and then Taeyeon suddenly asks

“Which clothes can make me pretty?”

“Anything as long you clean up this messy...” Hayeon replied while she went to get her shirt.

Taeyeon pout with Hayeon answer.

“What happen to you?” Hayeon asked curious.

Taeyeon smiles widely before she reply

“I feel something inside of me is flying...”

Hayeon look at her with weird and then she asks

“Something possessed you?”

“Perhaps…” Taeyeon replied while chuckles.

“Yah! Don’t try to scare me this morning…” Hayeon said with uneasy.

Taeyeon smiles widely before she went to choose purple long sleeve silk blouse.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jiyong and Jiwoong face each other awkwardly after Jiwoong caught him last night with Taeyeon.

“What's going on here?” Mrs. Kim asked after feel the awkwardness.

Jiyong just chuckles awkwardly while shake his head to answer her.

“I get to see a nice scene last night, omma...” Jiwoong suddenly said to tease.

“What scene?” Mrs. Kim asked curious.

“Well…” Jiwoong said slowly but then they hear Jiyong cough try to cover his embarrassment.

Jiwoong smirk when he saw Jiyong behavior.

“GD… are you okay?” Mrs. Kim asked worried.

“I’m fine…” Jiyong replied while wipe his mouth with tissue.

“Morning, everyone…” suddenly Taeyeon greet them with smiles.

Jiyong smiles after he saw her.

“Morning… it's look like someone in a good mood today...” Jiwoong said teasingly.

Taeyeon narrow her eyes and signal him to shut up.

“She’s behaving weirdly, omma... we need to get shaman or throw salt on her...” Hayeon said jokingly.

Taeyeon rolling her eyes after Hayeon said that. She then went to sit beside Jiyong while the others felt strange to see her sit there.

“Why are you sitting there?” Hayeon asked weird.

“What? Why? Is wrong to sit here?” Taeyeon asked before she gets the toast and jam.

Jiyong smiles while looking at her.

However, her family is not stupid not to understand her. They're just smiling and let them be happy. Besides, they know that the two of them not just like, but love each other.

“Aigoo... looks like a rainbow has appeared today...” Jiwoong said teasingly.

“Yeah, you’re right, oppa…I hope it didn't get cloudy...” Hayeon said to join teasing them.

“Okay, enough you two… let’s have breakfast…” Mrs. Kim said to stop them.

Taeyeon smiles widely while looking at them but at the same time, she can feel Jiyong hand is holding her hand under the table.




“So…what is going on between you two?” Mrs. Kim asked while she and Taeyeon are alone in the kitchen.

Taeyeon smiles widely try not to answer her mother.

“Should I ask oppa? I think he had something to say to me...” Mrs. Kim said teasingly.

“Omma no…!” Taeyeon said to stop her.

“Then, you want to share or not?” Mrs. Kim asked.

Taeyeon hesitated for a while before she says

“Arasso... I'll tell you...yeah... I admit I like him...”

“Okay, so you’re together?” Mrs. Kim asked excitedly.

Taeyeon nodded shyly.

“That’s great… but…” suddenly Mrs. Kim didn’t finish her words.

“What?” Taeyeon asked uneasy.

“Are you okay with his life now? You know, he just a helper... what he's doing now... I'm not sure if he's thinking about the future...” Mrs. Kim said with unsure.

Taeyeon silent for a while after her mother said that.

“Omma... we're not thinking that's far... we just had a fell to each other... besides, I accept him just because I like him... I don't need a reason to like a person... actually, he's already promised to tell me everything...” Taeyeon replied try to comfort her feelings.

“I'm just saying... if that what you think... it's up to you. As long, you're happy, dear. We know nothing about him, but I still think you should be careful... I don't want he to hurts you...” Mrs. Kim said softly try to advice her daughter.

“Don't worry omma... I think we shouldn't worry about that, aren't we?” Taeyeon asked with mixed feelings.

Mrs. Kim just lift her shoulder while smiles slightly. Then, Mrs. Kim saw Jiyong is approaching the window, and she's smiling before secretly leave the kitchen.

Taeyeon still wash the dish when her mind is already thinks about her mother words. Jiyong saw her from the window look at her with smiles.

“Until when are you going to wash the dishes?” Jiyong asked jokingly after his notice Taeyeon keep wipes the same plate.

Taeyeon startled when heard Jiyong voice. When she's look around, she saw Jiyong is standing at the window while smiling.

“What are you doing out there?” Taeyeon asked with smiles before she turns off the sink and went to him.

“Jiwoong is asking me to accompany him to take new seeds from the factory. So, I'll see you later... okay?” Jiyong asked before he pokes Taeyeon cheek gently.

Taeyeon chuckles and then nodded.

Before Jiyong left, Taeyeon hold his arm and she's ask

“About tonight... you remember, right? You know… I don't like to be cheated.”

Jiyong smiles while nodded.

“I know…See you…” Jiyong said before he left her there.

Taeyeon keep stares Jiyong walking away with mixed feelings. She felt unsure if she's ready to accept what will Jiyong tell her, or she's just afraid for something. However, Taeyeon determined to accept if what her mother told her is true.






Mr. Kwon stays in the car while waiting for Kwon Hyuk. After he gets the news about Jiyong, he is the one, want to go and bring him back home. Mr. Kwon knows that Jiyong would never against him if he was there. Moment later, Kwon Hyuk arrive with proud face. He enters the car and then says

“Samchon, you should thank me for finding him...”

“Take me there before I can thanks to you...” Mr. Kwon replied firmly.

“Arasso…my men will take us there…” Hyuk said before he signals the driver to go.

“Is there anyone know about this?” Mr. Kwon asked after the car moved.

“Nope… you want me to tell halabeoji?” Hyuk asked teasingly.

Mr. Kwon looks at him furiously before he says

“You should shut up your mouth. Make sure no one know about this trip either.”

“Arasso…by the way, why Jiyong is going to stay at the farm? Did he's really plotting something in there?” Hyuk asked curious.

“What do you mean?” Mr. Kwon asked curious.

“Well... I heard the news that the area will be used for a theme park project... So, I wonder if he was there for that...” Hyuk said try to baiting his uncle.

Mr. Kwon looks at him with uneasy after he said that.

“I don't think so... besides, that project is already canceled. Why he wanted to do it? The company has more projects if he is interested.” Mr. Kwon replied with firm.

“Yeah... but no one let me do it...” Hyuk said slowly with irate.

“What did you say?” Mr. Kwon asked.

“Oh… I think he’s really having an agenda to go there...” Hyuk continue to make Mr. Kwon doubt against Jiyong.

“Whatever it is... I must drag him to go back home... he's too much.” Mr. Kwon replied with furious.

Kwon Hyuk smiles widely after he saw his uncle angry face.




Few kilometers before they arrive, Mr. Kwon takes his phone and then dialed someone number.

“Who are you calling?” Hyuk asked.

“None of your business...” Mr. Kwon replied firm.

Hyuk mocks him after he said that.

“Hello…” Mr. Kwon greets.

“Yes?” the mafia with mustache answers.

 “Where are you?” Mr. Kwon asked.

“Nearby the farm…” he replied.

“Okay... wait for me there... and inform me after you see him...” Mr. Kwon said.

“Arasso…” he said before ended the conversation.

Meanwhile, at that time, the gang is already been told about Jiyong presence in the farm. So, they decided to guard the farm while waiting for Mr. Kwon arrival.

“Boss, why we didn't thinks to find him here? If not, we already end this job...” his teammate said with frustrates.

“You want to blame me now?” the leader asked.

“It’s not like that… Now, we can't get the full payment...” the fat one replied with disappointed.

“Why don't we just go get him? I'm tired to be waiting like this...,” the thin one asked.

“No, we can't... remember, we're here not to hurt anyone. Our job is to find him...” he replied while keep observing the house.

“Boss... looks! He's already back...,” the fat guy said when he saw Jiyong get off from the

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